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Sunday squeaks


They like to turn up sometimes, but mostly, they do this.



Frank Gallagher: Employee of the Month


Welcome back, Friday!


Being this cute is exhausting. (Pillow by @xenotees)



Kittens: Alexa, we’re bored.
Alexa: Ordering cardboard boxes.


Fiona had her spay surgery today, so that she never has to worry about having kittens again. As amazing as it is to watch most mom cats nurture their babies, it is a pretty miserable 4+ months for them. I’ve received quite a few DM’s recently about when the ideal time to let your cat have kittens is and the answer is NEVER! The world is already overpopulated with unwanted cats. If you want to experience a birth or a mama with babies, become a foster. Don’t make your beloved pet go through this ordeal which could lead to many complications for the mother and/or kittens. #SpayAndNeuter


I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. -MLK Jr



Kittens are a bowl of fun


Carl and his cactus.


When you find out it’s #KissAGingerDay.



Ian, the mighty tail hunter.


Ian and Frank have opted not to wear collars, but they are pretty easy to tell apart. Ian has the darker coat and a classic (swirl) pattern, Frank is the lighter one and has a mackerel (striped) pattern. Lip (not pictured) is wearing a light blue collar for now and is the largest of the three gingers with swirls on his sides and stripes on his back.


Debbie’s morning beauty routine. (I can not handle those eyelashes😍)



Putting the fun in dysfunctional. #ShamelessKittens


The best thing about fostering is falling head over heels in love with every new kitten I bring home.


The view here is not bad.



He wouldn’t be the first Gallagher that woke up and didn’t know where he was. #ShamelessKittens


I’m no Derek Shepherd, but it’s always a beautiful day to save lives.


Life before Netflix. #TheRoyalKittens


We’re having a snow day in Philly, so here’s a throwback of Sophie (now Lucy) experiencing her first storm. Lucy was adopted three years ago with her adorable ginger brother, George, by @daimone.


I love when I get a Butternut in my CSA box.


New year, new hashtag. (Same adorable kittens)

I recently discovered that you can follow hashtags so that the things you want to see in your feed will show up in your feed. I’m going to start using #veggiedayz 👈🏼 tap and you will have the option to follow along if you’d like.


Happy New Year! Here’s to another 365 days of kittens parties. (Featuring @misoamazing and the #BentoBoxKittens)


My final litter of the year proved that everyone is #NutsAboutKittens. Mama Macadamia was adopted earlier this week by a very sweet family. Hazelnut (now #Hazelthegr8) was adopted by @rvtechs and Peanut and Cashew (now Travis and Trevor) were adopted by @taylorrrose_. I’m thrilled to report that I have gotten happy updates from Walnut, (now Misty) Brazil, (now Oscar) Pistachio, (now Aurelia) and Pecan’s (now Piper) adopters and everyone is madly in love with their new family member!❤️ Happy New Year all! I’m grateful for all of the support and to have you be a part of this journey with me.
PS: @lovemeowsite wrote an article about this nutty bunch. Be sure to check out the link in their bio!


What a sweet little group the #AntihistamineKittens were. Allegra was adopted by a wonderful @providence_ac volunteer and renamed Haley. Mama Zyrtec was adopted by @jessicagraaemusic and @seanfiorephoto and renamed Persephone. I haven’t heard from Claritin or Benadryl’s family, but somehow I doubt they kept their names.


The #CSAboxkittens started as a joke in a post I made about my IG handle having absolutely nothing to do with kittens. I couldn’t have loved these guys more and only wish there had been another 15 kittens to name after vegetables. Mama Kohlrabi (now Piston) and Rutabaga (now Lancia) were adopted together by @charlies_charm. Heirloom and Sprout are now named Oliver and Theo and were adopted by @afiahbb and @bilalmsajid. Butternut was adopted by a very nice family who is not on instagram.


My daughter and I found Finnegan outside over the summer. We brought him home and our family quickly fell in love with him. After being neutered and he recovered from a limp, Finnegan found a family of his very own.


Perry, Parker, Phoebe, and Mama Pearl were pulled from a high kill shelter by @providence_ac. I only fostered them for a short time, while they recovered from sickness and gained some much needed weight. This sweet Siamese family is the perfect example of why you don’t need to go to a breeder. #adoptdontshop