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You're here for the kittens, aren't you?

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Wake me up when Monday is over.


When you wear your new fall cardigan even though it still feels like summer. #basicAF


Claritin, Allegra, and Benedryl... Relief for your itching, sneezing, and watery eyes.


This seems oddly familiar. #dejavu


Front row seats to the whisker show.


Even Benedryl and Claritin won't alleviate your Monday allergy.


Thanks for my new lock screen, Benadryl!


I'm probably going to get my naming privileges revoked for this, but it's in honor of all the cat allergy sufferers out there. (Especially my husband)
Meet the #AntihistamineKittens; Claritin, Allegra, Benadryl, and mama, Zyrtec.💊


Who else suddenly craves cookie dough ice cream?


The second best thing about fostering is watching the kittens grow into beautiful and cherished companions. {Tap picture to see Luna and Matilda today}


The kitten formerly known as Sprout, B. Sprout, Sproutacus, Sprouty, and Mr. Handsome now goes by Theo.


What a joy it has been watching the #CSAboxkittens grow and find families of their own. I have nearly 2000 more pictures and videos, so it won't be the last you see of them. I hope to have new kittens to share with you soon!


Butternut went home with her new family today. She will be an only pet, which I don't typically recommend for kittens, but Butternut is very people oriented and someone will always be home. Bonus: she has a tiny human to grow up with.


I ❤️ double adoptions! Heirloom and Sprout are together forever. They were adopted by @afiahbb and their new names are Oliver and Theo. Wishing this sweet family many happy years with these handsome boys!


I delivered Rutabaga to her new home tonight. Swipe to see who she is reunited with!
Rutabaga is the newest addition to @charlies_charm family. She is now named Lancia (after an Italian car) and her mama, Piston, immediately bathed her and then chased her around the house. I'm so happy these two will be together forever!


The kittens had their #spayandneuter surgery today. Everyone is recovering well and will be leaving for their forever homes very soon. All have adopters lined up, except for Butternut. If you are interested in adopting and are in the Philadelphia area or willing to travel here, let me know.


A Tail of Two Kitties.


When the sun moves, the kittens need to move with it. #LaborDay


When someone asks you A penny for your thoughts and you put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny? - George Carlin


Always stop to pick the flowers.


Hey Friday. We've been looking for you since Monday.


Butternut likes to have her dessert before dinner. {Toys are made by @polydactylcats, who is on her way to China today.}


For the first time in my foster career, I had a mama cat selected over any of her kittens.❤️ Sweet Kohlrabi has been adopted by my friend, @charlies_charm, and is now named Piston. She'll be living the pampered life in the slow lane.


The rescue I foster for, Providence Animal Center, has committed to transporting 20 cats and dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey every week for as long as necessary. Each transport will cost roughly $2000. I put a link in my bio if you would like to help @providence_ac help animals in need. Who knows, maybe my next litter of kittens will be wearing cowboy boots?


I'd wanna hang out with me.




Even better than a pot of gold.🌈


The view here is not bad.


Kitten basics 101: Teaching kittens appropriate places to scratch is one of the best lessons I can instill to prepare them for their forever families. This Pioneer Pet Scratching Post is my favorite and I always recommend it to adopters.


I started this fostering adventure with my daughter just over six years ago. Today, she's starting a journey of her own that I know she will excel at. Plus, a bonus foster room just opened up.