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Halo update: This is a #fbf pic from just a couple weeks ago before the left eye had to be removed. When her fur grows back from Tuesday's surgery I'll post a current pic of her. Right now it would just make everyone sad. I'm happy to report though that she's finally getting around and showing big improvement. The first couple days had me worried because she wasn't bouncing back like when the first eye was removed. I guess that's the difference between coming back with partial sight to coming back with none at all.
We still have a long way to go with her understanding/trusting my verbal guidance but once she stopped resisting my light tugs on the leash (to take her out for a walk) we navigated down the porch steps together and down the walkway to the grass. It's still a challenge for her to figure out which way back home is (or she's just being stubborn and fighting me) but I'm giving her lots of time to just lead me around so she can sniff and feel her way. Inside she is navigating much better than I expected.
Her biggest downer right now is the cone which I give her breaks from especially when I need her to get up and move (like going outside). I need to leave it on though so she doesn't paw at the surgical site. Once the cone is back on she acts like it immobilizes her which it doesn't. She's a Shiba and "drama" is their middle name. I have to pick her up to take her to her bed even though she can easily find her food/water on her own w/o it on πŸ˜‚! She's a character! πŸ•
When some of the neighbors came over when I had her out last night she was so happy with her tail curled back around and wagging. I know now that she will be just fine after as much time as she needs to adjust to the blind life.
Thank you to everyone who shared your experiences and sent love and encouragement. 😘Reading stories of your blind dogs (esp those who weren't born blind and lost their vision) were very helpful in lifting my spirits and hope. πŸ’ž
Next week I'll start posting regularly again. It's just been a long couple weeks. Happy that the worst is behind and she's improving more daily.
Thanks again for all your support!


Halo is home resting & Venus wasted no time stepping in to comfort & protect her. It's amazing how they know when something is wrong.
If you missed the last post, Halo had her 2nd eye removed today due to primary glaucoma leading to an extreme overnight change in pressures we've been managing with drops. All of the sudden it went from the drops being a life changer to the glaucoma progressing in hyper speed overnight spiking pressure & causing pain. The last post gives more details & like always, I want to use our unfortunate incident to spread awareness about this nasty disease. Please please please google glaucoma in cats/dogs & become familiar with the symptoms which are extremely subtle & hard to notice in early stages. Often times by the time you notice something it's too late. It's different from humans & the way we can manage it & keep it at bay for years.
I want to give a big thank you to Animal Emergency Center Rochester & staff for taking such good care of her again as an emergency when the eye specialist couldn't fit her in & also for being so patient & understanding, taking extra time to explain everything. It's over now & she can just put it behind her & recover.
Another big thank you to all of you for sending love, positive vibes, prayers, & for sharing your own stories of this same scenario happening to you and how your blind dog is thriving. We needed that encouragement because we feel so bad for her. 😒😿
You guys are the best & made this a whole lot easier to deal with today with all the love. 😘😽
We are prepared to give her the extra attention she'll need while adjusting to being blind & navigating around the house.
Again, please familiarize yourself with glaucoma especially if you have a breed who is known for being genetically predisposed. Shiba Inus aren't on those lists but just about everyone we've been to says they see it in Shibas all the time so even if your dog isn't on the list know the signs anyway. Don't dismiss a watery eye for seasonal allergies. It could be as simple as that or the start of glaucoma. Better to check pressures and catch it early if it is the onset of glaucoma.
Thanks again everyone!


Halo is at the emergency vet with her 2nd battle with glaucoma. Back in September she had to have her right eye removed and the biopsy revealed it was primary glaucoma meaning it's hereditary & that inevitably we'd be right here dealing with the other eye. 😿
She's going to be sedated and the eye fully examined to determine the best course of action for this eye. From what we can tell (which has progressed so quickly in a matter of days just like last time), the vision is now gone during the day too (it was just a night a couple weeks ago) and she'll likely have to have this eye removed as well. She wasn't in pain until today and last week I proactively made an appt with the eye specialist because I knew we were getting close & needed to create a plan of action for when things got bad (which is when vision is totally lost). The appt was for 4:30 today. We didn't make it because of her waking up panting with pain and no vision at all. We brought her to emergency so she didn't have to suffer all day. This is how fast this awful disease progresses. Unlike people, pets can go from doing ok and managing with pressure drops to ending up at emergency within a weekend!
Please read up on glaucoma and become familiar with the signs/symptoms. Many mistake a wet eye for seasonal allergies and it could be glaucoma. Cats can get glaucoma too so this isn't just for dog owners. Better to check and be safe than sorry.
So now we wait.... we will update as soon as we know more.
UPDATE: pressures were in the 80's & there is no vision so enucleation (eye removal) will be performed just like 9 months ago. Unfortunately that's just the way glaucoma ends most times. She will be pain free and back home tonight. This ordeal will finally be over and she can start acclimating to getting around without vision. Thank you all for all the love and well wishes! 😘😽


Shout out to my best friend Roo @roothekangaroocat for #nationalbestfriendday πŸ’ž


Mama how can you work at a time like this?! #petme #ineedattention #humpday #allplaynowork


#fbf photo courtesy of @florida_humane_society where Roo, my adopted brother was taken in as a kitten after a passerby witnessed someone throw him in a bag and into a lake. The passerby rescued him and brought him to Florida Humane Society where he was adopted out (shortly after this photo) but returned by that family 3 years later. In 2014 my humans saw him at the same shelter and gave him his forever home. To read more of his story go the the first post on his account @roothekangaroocat . It starts out sad but definitely has a happy ending. 😺🐾
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Fun fact Friday: Did you know my line is solid w/ no break right down to my collar?
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#tbt. Just me and a catnip banana I borrowed from @professor_pouncey whose Dad took this pic πŸ“·


Well hi! 😺😺


Who here noticed my whiskers were all white on one side and all black on the other (except for the one rogue white one)? 😺


Sunday!! 😸😸




#fbf 2015 foster babies. Took in very pregnant feral mama so she could safely have her babies. She couldn't be socialized (I tried hard over a 10 week period) so she was spayed and released back to her colony when kittens weaned. All kittens were adopted through @goodkarmapetrescue . Moo-Moo, Nugget, & Monkey.... all girls 😺
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Put your paws in the air & wave 'em like ya just don't care! 🐾🐾
....My adopted bro, @roothekangaroocat
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Kitty massage or fluffing up human pillow to lay down??
This is from 2012
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Did you know that @roothekangaroocat is my adopted brother?
We LOVE knowing that because outwardly we are "different", we inspire others who look "different" to own their uniqueness. 😺
Roo was born with radial hypoplasia & our humans adopted him in 2014 when he was 3 years old. His story is on his Instagram account starting at the first post if you want to read it. It starts off sad but has a very happy ending which was a new beginning for him!
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When 1 of your eyes matches the color of your apples.... 🍏


I did not know woodpeckers ate apples.....til just now. 🍎🍏
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Goodnight! 😽😽
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Happy Mother's Day to all Moms everywhere! Here is a pic of my real birth mama behind my lilac torti sis. Mama was a dark tortoiseshell like most of my coat is. Isn't she beautiful? My human mama didn't know about this picture until 2014. Until then she didn't know what my birth mama looked like.
Happy Mother's Day Moms!! Enjoy your special day! πŸ˜ΊπŸ’πŸ’ž


Keyboard up.....hello weekend!! 😺😺
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