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Find your own perfect spot in the Nissan Rogue. 😺
See link in bio....
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#tbt - Custom pumpkin painted by @thecatreporter back in 2015. 🎃
Click the link in my profile to see over 60 more famous kitty pumpkins she painted.
How cool would a Roo @roothekangaroocat pumpkin be to add to the collection? 😻
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Just for the record, the rips in these jeans were here before me! 🐾
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Watching the leaves fall 🍃 🍁🍂


This is how our humans watch football....covered in cats! 🐈🐈🐈
All bathroom and drink breaks have been postponed til we feel like getting up! 😺🏈
Shout out your favorite college football team! 📣📣
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Fan favorite pic 😺


#tbt to last week....Window with a view!
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Goodnight! 😽🌙


When you hear a knock at the door 🚪


Nap time? No, LAPtime!
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Pet me, no wait, let me give you a bath, actually, go ahead and just keep petting me.
Volume up for purr therapy. 😺


An air conditioned cat "perch" in sunny L.A. ☀️
Loving the height and the Hollywood Hills view!
Can't say what I'm doing here....yet... I'll be adding to Instagram stories later with another famous cat most of you know & probably follow. 😺
Who is your favorite non-profit/no-kill rescue/shelter in L.A.?
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Love my carrier & my pink blanket! 💞
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With all the wildlife here in Michigan, rabies is a serious concern, especially because it's fatal once an animal develops clinical signs. 🦇
To help protect cats from rabies, I've teamed up with the PUREVAX®️ team to spread awareness about the importance of vaccination. PUREVAX Feline Rabies vaccines are the only rabies vaccines made specifically for cats. 🐈Knowledge is a powerful tool, so please take a moment to click the link in my bio for more info. 🐾
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To clean or not to clean....that is the question. Open discussion. I want to especially hear from veterinarians and vet techs.
Mama was told at a visit in December that I should get a cleaning which requires being put under anesthesia which has risks of its own. That makes her very nervous. After this pic was taken we went for another vet visit and one of the techs just scraped off the tarter/plaque visible in this pic with her nail.
All pet parents are nervous about their fur baby having to be put under so my question is.... I'm 8 years old, my chompers look and work well (just ask my little human's toys he leave around and I hunt as trophies for mama...nerf darts are a favorite) so how necessary is it to have this tooth cleaning procedure? Is it possible to do it with less risk than being put under just like a surgical procedure? Halo had hers done when her first eye had to come out from Glaucoma otherwise she would've had the same question for her. Are there safer ways to protect against decay or what could turn into a bad tooth or worse? Or it up there on the importance list to where the benefits of having the cleaning far outweigh the risks of general anesthesia? What do stray cats do who live outdoors for 20 years? Mama had a neighbor in FL who has 5 indoor/outdoor kitties that she took in in 1995 as kittens/strays and they're all alive and well with never having to go to a vet. She feeds cheap store bought food, use cheap litter (or outdoors), and they're 22 years old.
Anyway, what are your thoughts and experiences on feline tooth cleaning and the risks associated?
Thanks in advance for your input! 😽😽


And all this time the humans thought it was the kids draining the battery 😹😼📱
Did you see that rollover combo move? 🐾
.....for those asking, the app is called Paw Me. @gameforcats is their IG. The app hasn't had an update in forever but the developer should stay with it because we LOVE this game more than similar ones out there. We're not sure what happened to them. ❤️ the game though! Roo even plays (video coming soon)!
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Ever wonder what I'd look like in black & white?
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"Number 2" can mean many things.... The # of kitties in this picture, and of course there's "going" number 2. 💩😷
It’s also the # of months 1 @littergenie Standard Refill lasts for 1 cat... 2 months! 🐈 = 🗓️🗓️ These pawsome bags have 7 layers, locking in smells & germs, keeping our noses happy. 👃= 😃

Litter Genie regularly donates pails and money to cat rescues & shelters around the country. 🐾Follow them on @LitterGenie to see lots of adoption photos! 😺 🐾
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Microchips, TNR, Collars!
Know what makes me sad? Kitties who sneak out or run away.... but worse, when they don't have a microchip, collar, and are not spayed/neutered. Mama stopped today to pick up a kitty who had been hit by a car in front of a school campus w/ an elementary, middle, and high school. He was already deceased and had likely been hit last night. She's done this before for a few reasons. It's hurtful/sad for kids to see animals lying roadside (esp in front of a school) and she takes them to a nearby vet who will scan for a microchip in hopes she can bring someone closure if the kitty has a human. If no human comes forward (yes she searches everywhere for missing cat notices) the kitty will at least be cremated and not just left on the road to disintegrate.
This kitty had no collar, wasn't neutered, and didn't have a microchip. He was likely a stray but there are so many stories of lost and found pets with no identification and mama wants to drive in the importance of wearing a safety breakaway collar with an ID tag and microchipping your pet so you can be reunited. Equally, if not more important is spaying and neutering. This poor kitty was probably part of a stray colony, a colony that will grow larger and larger if our humans don't help. There are TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs just about everywhere. Please consider volunteering some time to this very important cause to keep more and more strays from being born homeless.
The recent hurricanes bring to light another reason why microchipping is so helpful even if your pet never goes outside. We never know how natural disasters or other unforeseen events may affect us where we furbabies might wander away from home. We want to be reunited with our humans so please make sure we have a way to get back to you if we get lost.
Our thoughts and purrayers are with those affected by the recent storms and other tragic events happening in various places. 🙏😽
Thanks for listening! XOXO
Love, Venus
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Monday mood


Ah, Sunday! 😺😺


So many friends are finding their forever homes this weekend with @petsmartcharities National Adoption Weekend at @petsmart! 🐕🐈🐩
I was adopted & found my forever home back in 2009 from this dairy farm where I was a stray. 😸🏡 So today, in support of pets who are looking for their forever homes, I'm taking over @PetSmart's IG stories - follow along as I share my visit to my local Petsmart with some of the adoptable pets I made friends with. Looking for a friend? Don't forget to stop by any PetSmart this weekend for PetSmart Charities #NationalAdoptionWeekend! 😺😻
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Rabies is a fatal virus with no cure or treatment once signs are present. Knowledge is key, so I've teamed up with the PUREVAX®️ team to help educate cat owners about the importance of vaccines. PUREVAX Feline Rabies vaccines are the only rabies vaccines made specifically for cats. To learn more, visit the link in my bio.
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Hoping this video brings a little sunshine & positive distraction to the clouds of uncertainty ahead to all in Hurricane Irma's path especially the islands and our friends and family back in South Florida! 🙏
We may not live there anymore but are with you in spirit! 😽
🔇 Sound off because of loud TV (Weather Channel) in the background.


Labor? Not familiar with that term.... w/ @roothekangaroocat 💤
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Where in the world are it morning, afternoon, or evening? 🌍🌎🌏
It's afternoon & a beautiful 68 degrees here in Michigan at the Thunder over Michigan air show. 😺😽
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A sunbathing cat is a happy cat! 😺☀️
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