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#fbf This is Cheeto. He was found wandering along side a busy road so we took him in & fostered him. He was adopted out through @catsexclusive..... little fluff ball! 😻
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One of my favorite #fbf pics to share of me and my adopted bro @roothekangaroocat πŸΎπŸ’ž
Happy Friday everyone!


When you wake up & realize your human has cleaned the carpet with @stainmaster Carpet Pet Stain Remover, leaving it stain free and purrrfectly soft! 😸😸#CarPETales #CleanandProtect #Sponsored


Never before shared video for #tbt & #blackcatappreciationday of my most emotional & memorable rescue ever of @trey_plus_trenton .
I've never shared this video because of the graphic nature of Trey's injury however,
This is after 5 hours of traps being set up & relocated all over this golf course waiting to spot what we were told was an injured cat who was accidentally run over with a golf cart. I wasn't prepared to see a 3 legged cat with a leg literally ripped off but that's what happened. I rushed out of the house so fast & worried because it was a HUGE country club with many different courses inside knowing time was so critical that I ran out w/o any paper/liner or covers for the traps. I always have supplies in the car except this time because I had just detailed my car & had taken everything out. I tried to get Mama cat to spay her but she was too smart &I was worried having seen the gaping hole on Trey where there was once a leg. I knew he needed immediate vet care & every hour was critical.
Anyway, with the help of so many of you we, along with the support of @goodkarmapetrescue , & an excellent surgical/vet staff (who worked tirelessly through 3 surgeries & almost 2 weeks of hospitalization), were able to save his life & get them both neutered and vaccinated.
Both of these boys were feral but were able to be socialized & adopted out together to the same wonderful home. We even got to deliver them to their new humans on our drive from Florida to Michigan when we moved. We became very attached to them. Trenton (the black one) is one of the most snuggly cats I've ever encountered with a STRONG purr motor. He followed me everywhere & I mean everywhere once I gained his trust! He literally turned to mush one day with a few head scratches. 😻 Goodbyes are always hard when you foster but knowing they're going to the purrrfect home eases the pain a bit.
Please check out the black cats when you are looking to adopt. For some reason they get skipped over but in my experience black cats are among the sweetest & most affectionate.


It's black cat appreciation day so here's a #tbt of @trey_plus_trenton which is my most emotional and memorable rescue to date. They were feral but both became socialized with a little time and patience.
Trey had to be rescued because of a very serious injury and I got lucky enough to trap them both at the same time in the same trap (after a 5 hour stalk) because Trenton (black cat) was always right behind Trey protecting him. I may post the video (debating because it shows Trey's injury which may be hard for some people to see even though he's perfectly fine today).
I've never shared it but in honor of black cats today I'm going to share a couple more black kitty rescues.
Black cats are some of the most affectionate cats but for some reason they get skipped over at shelters and rescues. 😿
Please consider adopting a black cat if you're looking to add to your fur family. 😺😺
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The snuggle is real! πŸ’ž
@roothekangaroocat @venustwofacecat
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#fbf to 2015..... @cricketkittycatmastermind & @care1082 going all out as @venustwofacecat & @pudgethecat at the #catvidfest πŸ‘―
You gals looked purrrrfect!! 😽😽


#tbt around 2013... top of 7 foot cat tower


πŸ•πŸ• Halo update: Halo, who lost both eyes to glaucoma (one in Sept '16 & one June '17) is doing fantastic!
She's mastered the back steps and front steps to go for walks, ventures a little further each week now getting enough confidence to go past our property, and for the first time since losing her second eye, went up the stairs to the 2nd story yesterday where she slept every night til the 2nd enucleation.
She loves being out back (no fence yet so she's on a lead) learning her way and laying in the grass. She's much more confident and adventurous outdoors because she knows there are less things she can bump into. When she goes down our walkway you wouldn't even know she's blind without looking at her.
If you aren't familiar with glaucoma please learn about it. Halo is a Shiba Inu. πŸ•
They are not formally on the list of breeds known to be predisposed to glaucoma but the amount of cases of Shibas with glaucoma I know about say otherwise. Even if your dog isn't "on the list" you should familiarize yourself with this condition. Symptoms often present only when it's too late and people often mistake the symptoms as seasonal allergies.
If you are dealing with or have dealt with glaucoma in your pet please share your story here so we can spread awareness and hopefully save others from being caught off guard by sharing our experiences. Thanks for the continued well wishes! 😽😽
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It's #internationalcatday ....and playtime for me & my adopted bro Roo @roothekangaroocat ! Roo was born with radialhypoplasia but it doesn't stop him from playing! Ginger was too busy napping to play. πŸ’€
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Treats that are yummy and fun = double win! 😺
These Squeeze Up treats by @hartzpets are paw lickin' good! πŸ˜‹πŸΎ
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πŸ™€ My real life birth mama & litter mate sister #fbf 2009πŸ’ž
If you saw yesterday's #tbt kitten pic you'll see my sis sitting behind me but you only see part of her body. The post just before this one shows her split face like mine.
Mama had never seen this pic or my sister's forward facing pic (last post) before 2014 when someone sent it to her. She knew I had a lilac torti sibling but never saw a full pic. She also didn't know what mama looked like, only my siblings. For more details see the post just before this one of my sister.
Isn't my sister cute and my mama beautiful?😺😺
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πŸ™€ My real life litter mate sister for this #fbf 2009πŸ’ž
If you saw yesterday's #tbt kitten pic you'll see my sis sitting behind me but you only see part of her body.
Mama had never seen this pic before 2014 when someone sent it to her. She knew I had a lilac torti sibling but never saw a full pic.
When she adopted me from this dairy farm her friend picked me up, took me to the vet for a health check, and my humans made arrangements to fly up from FL to get me. Mama had to work so my human Dad made the trip and met mama's friend at the airport with me. We got on a plane an hour later to go to FL. So my humans have never been to the dairy farm or even Statesville, NC.
Many people ask what happened to the rest of the litter. The answer is they don't know. My humans weren't involved in rescue back then so just like most who look to adopt a pet, they chose one (me), not the whole litter BUT....mama says if she had made the trip and gone to the farm instead of her friend driving me to the airport, she swears she would've figured out a way to take my whole family back!
My humans didn't become involved in rescue til 2 years later so at the time, this was just a matter of adopting a pet (me), not a rescue mission like she does today. If she had it all to do over again, she would've figured out how to get time off work and actually go to the farm to smuggle my whole family back but that's because she has a rescuer mentality now.
Back then they chose me because half of me looked like Ginger and half of me looked like Mojo and I looked like I could be their offspring (Mojo passed in 2014 from Cardiomyopathy, he was a gorgeous tuxedo). 😿
Another question commonly asked is what my parents looked like. My birth mama was a dark torti and nobody knows for sure about my birth dad. Most think he must have been an orange tabby.
If you want to see a pic of my birth mama with my sis put MORE PICS in the comments and I'll post more. 😺😺
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Goodnight! πŸŒ™
#tbt with my adopted brother Roo 😻@roothekangaroocat 😽😽


Go Tigers! ⚾️⚾️
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#tbt - where I was born..... 2009
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#sharkweek squad 🦈🦈


Sharks are friends, not food! 🦈😹


Caption this


Because Monday!
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It's officially been a year since we said goodbye to South Florida and became Michiganders. It's also been a year since we finished our fostering @trey_plus_trenton by having the privilege to personally transport them to their new owners in Central Florida on our drive to Michigan with all of our pets on board also, all safely crated.
It started out as a trip but became a special journey with a bittersweet goodbye for us and an enthusiastic hello for their new owners making it a happy ending and new beginning at the same time.
We miss these 2 lil boys but couldn't be happier that they found their forever purrrfect home with the best new parents ever! πŸ€—
Happy 1 year adoptiversary boys! We miss you! XOXO 😽😘
Shared from @trey_plus_trenton -- Go to their account to see lots more pics and their very special 1 year post as we couldn't get the multi-pic post to share or fit their story in their post with ours. 😺😺
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Caturday shenanigans with @roothekangaroocat 😹
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Late night study sesh...cancelled on account of feline obstruction 🐈🐈
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As a matter of fact, yes, I am sitting in your chair!
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Friends forever! πŸˆπŸ•
3 weeks post surgery and Halo's fur has grown back in a lot! See all 4 pics πŸ’žπŸ‘­
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#tbt 2009 Born on a dairy farm 😺
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Today is National Different Colored Eyes Day! πŸ’šπŸ’™
It also "could" be my birthday because I was born in July, my humans just aren't sure which day since I was born as a stray on a farm. Wouldn't that be pawsome?! Shout out to all the celebs we know with heterochromia which can be complete (like me), partial, or central.
It can be hereditary (like mine) or caused by a disease, syndrome, or even injury to the iris (as was in David Bowie's case).
Some of the most famous are:
@davidbowie , @katebosworth , @elizberkley , @joshhenderson , @henrycavill , @maxscherzer31 , @mschwimer44 , @kiefersutherland , @janeseymour , @aliceeve , Mila Kunis (@aplusk ), Christopher Walken, Dan Aykroyd, and of course kitty celebs.....yours truly, @richard_kitty , @sis.twins , & @gataquimera!
If I forgot any or if you know the accounts for the celebs whose names aren't tags, tag away in the comments please! Post pics and tag #nationaldifferentcoloredeyesday
Let's see all those gorgeous heterochromic, odd eyed beauties! πŸ’šπŸ’™
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When the way you're sitting makes you look like a butterball turkey πŸ¦ƒ, not a cat 🐈!
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