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Vegas, 2018 A name like Vegas invokes curiosity and intrigue. She is a 14 year-old Greyhound that was adopted as a puppy. She was never raced, which is fairly unusual for these graceful dogs. She was a good sport about being photographed, most dogs are, particularly when food is involved.

This a personal project on the character and beauty of dogs and you are seeing it develop as I work through this #yearofthedog

Thanks for sharing your your dog pictures with me and for your suggestions, I’m touched by your outreach and kind words about this work. I wish I could travel to every place suggested and photograph all of the incredible dogs. Give me time, I’m just getting started - #greyhound


Vegas, 2018
The hardest thing for me is to get a dog to just stand there and look at me. They all want to do dog things, like sit, lay down, play, run and jump.
I get it.
What I’m after is that moment, that pause, a connection that can say so much about the soul and spirit of an animal.
We had spent the better part of two hours with Vegas, a very spirited 14 year-old Greyhound.
There was this moment where she was alone on my backdrop and looked back to see her owner for just a second. Just a little reassurance that he would be ok while she posed for us.

Thanks again for following along.

#yearofthedog #greyhound


Archie, 2017 Archie is my friend’s Gordon Setter, a puppy at the time and lightning fast. I’m old and slow, working in medium format where the odds are always against you. Archie likes to track things way up in trees or telephone poles. Things he can’t always get to unless they happen to be a photographer with a medium format camera. Thanks @chrisallensc for sharing your boy with me.

More to come, Thanks for writing, for your kind words and for your comments.




Mercy, 2017 This is the photograph of Mercy, the spectacular Briard featured on @natgeo yesterday. When she came into our studio I was overwhelmed and honestly didn’t really know where to begin placing the lights. There’s a lot of hair to match her personality.

Yesterday we photographed two dogs, one a 14 year-old Greyhound that was a real joy to work with. So more to come, I look forward to sharing the photographs with you as we go forward with this project.

Thanks for writing and for your comments.


Mercy, 2017 I’m spending this Year of the Dog by photographing dogs, mostly by commission by private owners. Mercy is a Briard, a beautiful almost alien-like creature. They are an ancient French breed of sheep herding dog owned by everyone from Napoleon to Thomas Jefferson.
Thanks so sending me your dog pictures and suggestions, I’m touched by your outreach and kind words about this work. I wish I could travel to every place suggested and photograph all of the incredible animals. #yearofthedog


Sisters, 2018 Henney is 4 years old and and Pippa just 5 months. We photographed these two yesterday in our pop-up studio. It looks pretty calm and serene here, further evidence that photographs don’t always reveal the truth. And in deference to the overwhelming interest in breeds, these two are German Shorthaired Pointers. @anneboonehouse courtesy #TheUnleashedStudio



Rue, 2017
Another look at Rue, a small dog, close to the ground with a tongue nearly too big for his head. I don’t think it fits entirely in his mouth.


Luka, 2017 Luka got over one million likes on @natgeo, I’m totally overwhelmed by the incredible support of this new work. Luka’s owner had people coming up to her over the weekend, telling her that she needed to see the dog on Instagram that looked just like hers. Famous Luka, couldn’t have happened to nicer dog. 
#dogsofinstagram #greatdane #doglover


Ellie, 2017 I’m humbled by all the kind words I’ve received on this new work. Thanks for sending me your photographs and thoughts. I’m glad you like Dogs, cause that’s what you’re gettin for awhile. I’ll be posting more backstory and behind the scenes on my Facebook page. Follow along there if you like more. I can’t believe I’m even on a Facebook. Have a great weekend. #dogsofinstagram #yearofthedog



Ed, 2018
We just photographed Ed for a new friend in our pop-up studio on Saturday. We delivered a 44x60” print to @havensfineframing yesterday. If you look carefully, you can see the skilled hands of @callieshell holding the print. I can’t wait to see how Ed responds to a 5 foot tall image of himself. If you are in Charleston, you can see a print of Ed at our show tonight at @fritzporterchs, he might even be there for the opening.
#yearofthedog #dogsofinstagram


Ellie Mae, 2017

I’m honored to have my new work with dogs featured at Link in my bio, thanks for the support. #dogsofinstagram #yearofthedog


Brooklyn, 2017 Never underestimate the Underdog.
Brooklyn is a rescued “bait dog,” used to teach fighting dogs to be aggressive. Her teeth were ground down so she couldn’t fight back. She lives a great life now on the beach in South Carolina. #dogsofinstagram #yearofthedog #underdog



Graham, 2017
I’m now working in the studio trying to discover my inner Irving Penn. Much of my time is spent with dogs.

@doodle_graham #yearofthedog #dogsofinstagram #doodle


I’m back. Join us February 8th for new work. @fritzporterchs #yearofthedog


Last look for Total Eclipse,
Atlantic Ocean as seen from Sullivans Island, SC



Twins, Eclipse
Sullivans Island, SC


Col. Bruce Hampton passed away last night on his 70th birthday after collapsing on stage during the encore of his own celebration.
of course there was the time I found him in my kitchen. #colbrucehampton


Happy 25th Anniversary to Sullivan’s Island landmark Dunleavy’s Pub. This morning Bill Dunleavy and Chris Cordaro -both Sullivans Island landmarks in their own right - hung a new sign. @dunleavyspub #sullivansisland



photo by @callieshell
From the cover of the May 4, 2009 edition of Time Magazine.
President Barack Obama walks along the Colonnade back to the West Wing of the White House during his first 100 days in office.

This photograph and others by an incredible group of artists are being offered for the first time in a flash sale by @soulcatcherstudio
A link to the sale is in my profile


I don’t often get asked to participate in flash sales but I’m thrilled to let you know that I will have two images represented by @soulcatcherstudio in a few days. This one of a Clouded Leopard is one of my favorites and will be featured with the work of some great artists. Thanks ! @natgeocreative


Happy Halloween from our home to yours.

#TrickorTrump or #HappyHilloween

#election2016 #halloween


Practicing for the inevitable as we wait for the power to fail. #hurricanematthew on the way to us in South Carolina. @callieshell photo


My first album cover for @stoplightobservations
Toogoodoo hits the record bins of the internets today. I’m proud of these fine lads and honored to have made this portrait for them.

#stoplightobservations #toogoodo


Footsteps and Paw prints, Sullivan's Island, South Carolina


Selfie, Monster Cafe, @universalorlando


Backstage at the Paramount Theater @look3festival with @debwillisphoto


Standing ovation for photographer @franslanting at LOOK3 #look3festival @look3festival


Foggy mountain morning, Caesar's Head.
Cleveland, South Carolina


Wishing everyone safe travels this weekend.


Spokane River, Spokane, Washington.