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Violet, 2005-2017. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. (Dr. Suess). 💜 She was the best. 💜


I hired my assistant 12 years ago today! We celebrated by me letting her make me a bacon waffle. #gotchaday


Jazz legging because I’m not budging from this perfect spot! (We have really good friends 😊)


Heartfelt thanks for everyone’s comments, we’re slowly working through them and are feeling the love. Many folks have asked how they can help or if they can send us anything. We sincerely appreciate the offers, but ask that if you want to do something please consider donating to @livelikeroofoundation. They assist dogs with cancer and their families or rescue by offering care packages, support, and financial assistance. It’s an organization we know well and they do such good work. They always need donations of toys, treats, and money. Check out their website and Amazon Wishlist. Thank you! 💜


Hi friends - Violet’s assistant here. I have bad news to share, Violet has cancer. We’re doing everything we can but it’s aggressive. We’ll be taking a step away from things so we can quietly enjoy our remaining time together and to give her extra spoiling (ice cream every day!). Unfortunately this means we won’t be attending #PugsTakeDC in a few weeks and probably won’t be posting as much (or be able to respond to messages). Thank you for understanding and, most especially, for loving my sweet V. 💜


Don’t worry, we didn’t step on the M! (If you do, you fail your first exam. Not that we’re taking classes as we obvi already have our PhDs in #puglife). Ps. #GoBlue! 💛💙


Close up of the illustration that the amazing @inkpug did of me, @timmyopug, our beloved city, and PIZZA! Link in my bio to buy these buttons/magnets to support pug rescue! ・・・
@violet_pug and @timmyopug support @michiganpugrescue "Pug Luv"! These extremely photogenic Chicagoans are the perfect proof that it's a beautiful thing to #AdoptASeniorDog!

The full Famous Pug button set is here: -- $7 from each set goes to rescues chosen by the pugs, including Michigan Pug Rescue!


#tbt to teaching Jazz Leg 501 at @uofmichigan.


We're so excited to be part of this awesome pug fundraiser that our uber-talented friend @inkpug created! Use link in my bio to buy pins/magnets of me and my friends and support some great rescues (see list below)!
Famous, cute, AND creative! 😍 We got to collaborate with @chubbsthewampug , @hamiltonpug & @realrufuspug , @violet_pug & @timmyopug, @pugdashians, @minniemaxpugs, and @otisthepugwalsh on their very own button designs to benefit rescues! *link in bio*

They're in our Etsy shop until 10/31, and each set will send $7 ($1 each) to these paw-picked rescues: • Ohio Pug Rescue (chosen by Hamilton & Rufus)
• Tiny Paws Pug Rescue (Minnie & Max)
• Michigan Pug Rescue (Violet & Timmy O'Pug)
• Pacific Pug Rescue (Chubbs the Wampug)
• Pug Rescue of New England (Milo & Otis the Pug Walsh)
• Pug Rescue of New England (The Pugdashians)
• Animal Haven (Inkpug)

We'll give you a closer look at each pug's artwork all week! Thank you very much to our wonderful puglebrities for making this project possible!


Beer brunching!


Go Cubs Go!!! 🎤 #tbt #flythew @cubs


UPDATE: it was a Tooth Fairy fail on the private jet so we have to walk on our walk. 😥


I lost a tooth today so I'm expecting a private jet under my pillow tonight. (Hint hint, Tooth Fairy).


So much for Sunday funday. #assistantfail


Triple-expert level high-five! (Don't try this at home!).


#tbt to my agility pug days! I liked to do it nakey!


Sorry can't walk, I look too good here.


I always feel extra fierce by a dramatic wall. 💪 (📸 @zilkerbark)


Shopping! Pug work never ends.


Sigh, isn't @timmyopug so handsome???


Will light up for treats! #tbt


Sorry I've been MIA, I've been working hard on my couch dent. #dedication


Don't forget to high-five your physical therapist!


#tbt to a soggy dramatic lookaway. Soggy and sandy is one of my fav looks, cuz obvi.


I was considering asking for a space shuttle, but I'm really more of a private jet kinda girl. ✈️


Cider mill pugging!


Jack is the biggest pug I've ever met! -- with @therealpugoliver, Cat, Jack, and @timmyopug


The holiday weekend has started! (Thanks for the pug friendly service, @tripelroot)


#tbt to visiting Minneapolis last Labor Day. Soooo many lakes and I didn't get to swim in any of them. 😫 #assistantfail


I think you all know this walk is over.