Let's stand united against animal cruelties and injustices, be kind and be humane

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@Regranned from @thepuertoricodogfund - Repost form our friend @sonashe1 🇵🇷 doing his part to clean up Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria @thedodofollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


@Regranned from @vegantake0ver - Speak your mind. Don't hold back the truth for no one. It will set you free. I used to have this problem. Now I have no problem shutting that bacon talk down immediately making the person sound like a clown by telling people all the reasons we need to go vegan. Many times they are soon copping pleas since they have no excuse to eat animals other than greed. All excuses are easily shut down and the tables can easily be turned. Be proud and confident. Going vegan isn't a diet. It's about what's right and wrong. It's taking a stand for something. It's having discipline instead of taking the easy way out. I'm so happy I turned vegan 6 years ago. I just wish I was raised a vegan. I'm excited to see the future generations of vegan babies and what impact they make in the world 🙏🙏 #vegantakeoverfollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


@Regranned from @veganicecream4life - Vegan party 🎉💚 RepostBy @leonard7activista7: "Hoy #lunesSinCarme #MeatFreeMonday
We all have that one friend. 💚
Via @yazminluv_ #vegan #veganlife @unlim_likes #unlimlikes #vegetarian #veganfoodshare #veggie #vegansofig #veganism #vegansofinstagram #healthyfood #whatveganseat #plantbased #crueltyfree #healthyeating #vegansnacks #yummy #organic #superfood #goodfood #veg #easyveg #ifICanDoItSoCanYou #foodshare #nutrition #foodie #vegansrockfollow==> @vox_silentii


@Regranned from @r_pilram - I am very angry and sad, I am tired of so much abuse, and the things we see every day become unbearable. I am tired of seeing that these miserable ones are retaliating with the animals for having shit lives.
This woman cut her dog’s leg because she ate some ducks. I saw the video and broke my soul with the screams of the dog, and this woman as if nothing. What the fuck is wrong with the people who do these things?
I do not want to allow these subjects to walk free through life without paying for all the pain that animals feel. I want this woman to go to prison for doing this to this little dog. I want in this country of savages to stop torturing the animals.
I’m tired of everything, I do not stop crying when I see these things and what we do for animals never reaches because these people are the majority. Let’s do something please, unless this woman goes to jail, let’s seek justice for this little dog!
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@Regranned from @jklamlam - MUFASA'S RESCUE ❤️ #animalrescue #happyending #mufasa #beautiful #adoptdontshopfollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


RESCUED!!! 🙏🙏@Regranned from @helpbanyulin - Poor mother dog and her pup at a dog meat market in Kunming China.

This video is circulating between rescue groups in the hope someone can try and save the dogs , it's extra sad to see a mother and baby getting sold for their meat.

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@Regranned from @helpbanyulin - 2017.09.24 Dogs rescued from kunming meat market
A Mama and her puppy was sold to the market in a sack this morning. Mama was so petrified she held her child in her mouth she wouldnt dare let go, in the truck there were other dogs also being sold for their meat.

The heartbreaking footage was shared widely throughout rescue groups and they have confirmed the rescue group in Kunming brought all the dogs on the truck to save them.

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@Regranned from @christian_joshuapale - 😍😍😍
Metamorphosis Mbak Prajna. Mbak Prajna direscue oleh salah satu cat rescuer YuniErlina taon lalu saat Mbak Prajna masih puppy dan mengidap scabies di hampir 3/4 badannya.

Awal masuk Animals Hope Shelter anaknya takut dan introvert banget ciri khas anak stray yg lama idup di jalan.

Tapi sekarang hmmm, tukang jailin Mbak Asokka dan manjanya minta ampun.... Terima kasih kepada pelapor kasus ini dan para donatur yang membantu proses kesembuhannya.

Pengobatan dan perawatan Mbak Prajna langsung dibawah penanganan gw dan murni menggunakan obat herbal tanpa ada suntikan selama dirawat.

Asupan berupa transfector factor plus dan spray dari Squid Trick or Treat Barkery rutin sehari 2 kali dilakukan.

Akhirnya bulunya lebat, udah disteril dan vaksin dan siap utk diadopt.follow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


@Regranned from @helpbanyulin - Isn't it about time they ended the fur trade?😳 #fur #fuckfur #fox #articfox #fashion #lopez #furcoat #coat #winter #furhag #animals #animalrights #vegan #govegan #crueltyfree #fauxfollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


@Regranned from @jklamlam - PETITION ALLERT!! 🆘 CANADA PLEASE SHARE THESE BABIES @callstoaction
Take action, petition link 👇
for #AnimalJustice.

Sign your name to end roadside and backyard zoos in Canada 🇨🇦
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@Regranned from @worldanimalnews - Just a couple of pigs taking their kitty for a! 😻🐖-
Via: @dp4k.m -
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This is to stop the horns from growing @Regranned from @lebanese_vegans - If you consume animal products, you paying for this.
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@Regranned from @respectanimalrights - Captive 🐬 don’t have an escape route to buffer their ongoing torment, but we as consumers do. ⠀
#DontBuyATicket →⠀
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@Regranned from @pandapry - .
این #خرس به مدت پنج سال در زنجیر و #اسارت بوده 😢 #سگ های #شکاری رو به سمت خرس حمله ور میکردن، یک #مسابقه سنتی در #اوکراین 😨
Credits: thedodo
فالو کنید👇👇
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@Regranned from @christian_joshuapale - 😍😍😍
Methamorphosis of Mas Karuna Jr.
From ugly dog turns to be a hot young boy!
Udah disteril dan siap utk open adopt bersama emaknya Mbak Sukla.
Contact me if you are ready to open your heart to adopt them.
If you want to help us by donate via paypal and our id is: [email protected]
Our bank account is in our bio.
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@Regranned from @joannad74 - @Regranned//follow ↪↪ @helpbanyulin - Poor mother dog and her pup at a dog meat market in Kunming China.
This video is circulating between rescue groups in the hope someone can try and save the dogs , it's extra sad to see a mother and baby getting sold for their meat.

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@Regranned from @jakartaanimalaidnetwork - URGENT! WE NEED YOUR HELP! 😥

As we explained in a previous post we desperately need to move due to the neighbors who cant tolerate us anymore & unfortunately need to move ASAP.

We have been given until Sept but since we have a lack of funds to make our new place ready, we will need to nego fiats with the neighbors hoping they will let us stay until October.

We are very lucky that a supporter has rented a big piece of land for us for the upcoming 5 years, however, there is still nothing on the land & we need to make it ready within 2 months.

For JAAN its a monthly struggle to pay all our bills, feed our animals & keep our programs running. We cant afford the additional costs of moving & building a new shelter/ HQ thats why we need your help! Priority No. 1 for now is to build a wall.

Here are the top priorities:
- Materials to build a wall
- Funds to install electricity, pay for workmen etc
- Gate for the entrance
- Trees, plants etc. are also very welcome since part of the land has NO trees & therefor is extremely hot.

If you can donate materials please email [email protected] & if you can help by giving a donation please transfer to either:

Sundari / 071 213 6241
Jaringan Bantuan Satwa Jakarta / 127 000 519 7619
(please mention donation for new shelter). ANY help is much appreciated & sharing this post is also much appreciated! UNTUK BAHASA INDONESIA silakan cek FB PAGE KAMI. Thank you! 🙏
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@Regranned from @jakartaanimalaidnetwork - Update on Gunung Agung animals: The amazing Emergency Rescue Team is patrolling around the evacuated areas in Gunung Agung. All humans have fled the area because of the high volcano eruption alert. They had to leave behind everything including their beloved birds, dogs, cats & cows etc.
The team is currently feeding, watering & comforting as many animals as they can. We are also in desperate NEED of long distance radio transmitters as well as food for the animals. Please donate to help! 🙏🏼
Tim Penyelamat yang menakjubkan ini berpatroli di sekitar daerah-daerah yang telah terevakuasi di Gunung Agung. Semua penduduk telah meninggalkan area tersebut karena bahaya erupsi tinggi meletusnya gunung. Mereka terpaksa meninggalkan peliharaan kesayangan mereka seperti burung-burung, anjing, kucing, dan sapi.
Tim kami sedang memberi makan, air, dan menyamankan sebanyak mungkin hewan yang terjangkau.
Kami berharap erupsi gunung ini minor.
Kami juga teramat sangat membutuhkan radio jarak jauh dan juga persediaan makanan bagi hewan-hewan disini. Tolong berdonasi untuk membantu kami 🙏🏼
Jl Haji Hasan 48, Cijantung
(a truck will leave asap to Bali full of supplies)
Contact Merry 0812 1945 8876 / Femke 08131 4962608
Jl Simpang Brawijaya 23, Dau Malang
Contact Warno 08133 8249154
BALI: 66 Jl Bidadari, Seminyak
Contact Larry 0821 4554 4493 at all adresses between 15.00 - 18.00 daily

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@Regranned from @el_rey_del_corrido - For badass videos follow @el_rey_del_corrido👈👈
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@Regranned from @belinda_vegan - @Regranned from @jane_doe7x - The life of a dairy cow is profoundly sad. She is born to be exploited and killed when no longer profitable.
She will is forcibly impregnated every year of her shortened life, motherhood is short lived. Her babies are stolen from her in order to sell her milk to humans. Her female babies will be fed milk replacer and will become dairy cows too. Her male babies are worthless to the dairy industry because they will never produce milk. They will be shot or bludgeoned to death not long after birth, or they will be sent to the slaughterhouse at 4-6 months old tone processed into veal.
Dairy cows are sent to the slaughterhouse at approximately 4 years old, when her overworked body can take no more she's dealt her final blow. Naturally cows live to be 20-25 years old.
Literally everything is taken from them. Their dignity, their freedom, their individuality, their babies, and in a final violent attack, their lives.
Unable to stand they are dragged in chains. Torture techniques are used to try to get them to stand, beaten, kicked, prodded and even water-hosed in their airways to get them to stand.
In the final scene of this clip the worker is heard saying "up or die". She never got got up. Their fate is in your hands.
They are not machines, property or sources of food. Freedom is the birthright of every sentient being.
Veganism means justice.

SUPPORT @torontocowsave @torontopigsave @torontochickensave @manchesterpigsave @irishanimalsave
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@Regranned from @askpatinefestir - @Regranned from @canakkale_kedileri - KLINIKDE
Bu çocuk muhtemelen kanser. Çan'ın köyünde bulmuşlar orda klinik yok ! Merkez'e gelip tedavi olması gerek. Nakil ve tedavi sponsorları aranıyor. Bulursak ben sorumluluk alabilirim, desteksiz hareket edemeyecek kadar yük'üm ağır. - #regrannfollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


@Regranned from @callstoaction - Action @helpanimalsindia
Sign your name to end dog meat in India.
⚠️Petition link @actionpetition
Just Be Friendly took in 19 dogs from the jaws of certain death and cruelty and are being treated by vets until they can recover.
JBF writes: Dog Meat Trade is very popular in places like Mizoram and Nagaland where hundreds of dogs are killed brutally for meat and trade. The cruelty level crosses all limits of humanity.
They catch the stray dogs, When they finally arrive at the dog meat markets, injured, dehydrated and exhausted, they are forced to watch in terror as other dogs are bludgeoned to death or thrown still alive into boiling water to remove their skins.
Take action - Your contribution is needed. The situation is such that we cannot even imagine. Every day hundreds of dogs are brutally killed for trade.
Donate through and mention “stop the dog meat trade” ....
... or if in India through
More photos -
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@Regranned from @_scorpione_62 - @Regranned from @anetek300 - 🆘🆘🆘#Repost @friendsofthefamilyrescue (@get_repost)
TUESDAY DEADLINE! K5, five month old male retriever mix. Super darling and sweet! Owner dumped! This baby will be killed TUESDAY, Sept 26 at 9am! Big Spring, Texas 432 264 2372. [email protected] #puppy #puppylove #black #blackdog #retriever #baby #boy #cute #abandoned #help #texas #bigspring #friends #dogs #dog #dogsofinstagram #doglovers #dogoftheday #adoptdontshop #foster #rescue #love #home #family #great @black_dog_rescue @theadoptableones @cute.dogs.of.ig @lostpawsoftexas_dogsfollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann


@Regranned from @worldanimalnews - 🚨🚨🚨GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM FACES MAJOR WORLDWIDE CRITICISM!!! The #Guggenheimmuseum in #NewYork is facing accusations of animal cruelty over an upcoming show that includes an arena where live reptiles and insects will “devour each other” and a video that shows dogs strapped to treadmills.-
The exhibit called “Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World.” features over 150 pieces of art by more than 70 artists. However, three pieces in particular have attracted criticism by animal activists. -
The piece that has the most negative press is “Dogs That Cannot Touch Each Other,” which is a video showing four pairs of pit bull type dogs tethered to treadmills, facing each other. This is similar to techniques sometimes used to train fighting dogs.-
Animal welfare activists say that the video itself is unethical because of how it was created, and the way it depicts #pitbulls. The #dogs were originally filmed at a live exhibit in #Beijing in 2003.-
Sign the petition🖊👉 -
Via: @animaljusticeproject -
VIDEO: Boycott Guggenheim -
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@Regranned from @maratje.sarai - *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/23/17 *** at #BROOKLYN ACC 🚨CECE, Chester and Grape need vet care🚨FOSTERIBG INCLUDES VET CARE🚨RESCUES TO FOSTER THROUGH (link in bio): 🚨
My name is CECE. My Animal ID #A1125660 I am a 7 year old #browntabby & #white girl. I have #mammary #cysts in my left nipples (to be basic). 🚨I need to see a vet🚨I HAVE A GOOD PROGNOSIS🚨💕Cece is described as friendly, affectionate, mellow and quiet.💕energetic, quiet, friendly, social, sweet, affectionate💕🚩CECE's PAGE IS HERE, PLEDGES ARE STARTED: 🚩💕BEGINNER HOME💕
My name is CHESTER. My Animal ID #A1125608 I am a 10 YEAR old boy with a neuter #waiver due to having #asthma. 🆘I NEED TO SEE A VET FOR MY ASTHMA🆘💕laid back, quiet💕closes his eyes and tolerates petting on his head and along his body as long as you go slowly. 💕🚩CHESTER HAS PLEDGES STARTED, HIS PAGE IS HERE: 🚩💕EXPERIENCED HOME, ADULT ONLY💕
My name is GRAPE. My Animal ID #A1125396 I am a 2 year old spayed white girl. My right #cornea is scratched. 🚨I NEED TO SEE A VET🚨I'm fairly certain Grape can't see very well, and they're cornering her and forcing her to submit to the bear claw. 😿Reaction to cage door opening: Grape flinches and becomes alert. 😿💕laid back, quiet, independent, afraid💕🚩Pledges are now starting, Grape's page is here:🚩💕EXPERIENCED HOME, ADULT ONLY.💕
Email [email protected] for help with fostering or adopting.
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@Regranned from @maratje.sarai - *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/23/17 *** at #MANHATTAN ACC 🚨Brooklyn must be reserved by a RESCUE by NOON on 9.23🚨RESCUES can be emailed here: 🚨
Fostering is free, and Brooklyn is just a scared little girl who needs a quiet home.
My name is BROOKLYN. My Animal ID #A1123035 I am a 2 year old #black girl who was spayed recently before I was brought to the ACC. 😿😾I was netted for hissing😾😿
💕quiet, bold, independent💕affectionate, anxious around strangers💕
🚨They are keeping her cage covered at the ACC. 🚨"Brooklyn was eating by the front. 👉🏽She hisses when approached, but continues to eat. 👈🏽👉🏽Reaction when softly spoken to: Brooklyn ignores the assessor and continues to eat. 👈🏽👉🏽Reaction to cage door opening: Brooklyn retreats to the back and starts to growl, lip licking. 👈🏽👉🏽Reaction to touch: Brooklyn focuses on the plastic hand and hisses and growls. She sniffs the hand and allows brief touch, but quickly shifts away to avoid further contact. 👈🏽🚨When petting was attempted again, she hisses and growls louder. 🚨
Brooklyn has appropriate boundaries and she expresses her boundaries appropriately. The ACC is not respecting them. According to her owner, Brooklyn is affectionate and she's shy and anxious around strangers. Her owner got a new roommate, and Brooklyn ended up at the ACC. SO
Brooklyn needs an EXPERIENCED FOSTER, ADULT ONLY who knows how to give her space while also interacting with her in a meaningful way. She shouldn't die just because she's anxious and shy at the ACC.
FOSTERING IS FREE AND PROVIDES BEHAVIORAL SUPPORT. Brooklyn doesn't mind having baths, her nails trimmed, being brushed, being woken up. She's a good cat. She deserves a chance.
Contact a rescue tonight!
Email [email protected] for help with fostering.
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@Regranned from @maratje.sarai - *** TO BE DESTROYED 09/23/17 *** at #BROOKLYN ACC 🆘Bubble must be reserved by a RESCUE by NOON on 9.23🆘PLEASE EMAIL A RESCUE ON THIS LIST: 🆘Bubble is healthy, she is just very scared!😿🆘
My name is BUBBLE. My Animal ID #A1124782 I am an 8 YEAR old spayed #white girl. 💕Bubbles plays with a high energy level and can become exuberant. Typically, she is friendly and playful but also independent.💕Bubbles loves her scratching post💕
😿Bubbles was netted and sedated for her exam😿 She is afraid of the bear claw and avoids it. "She tolerates petting with the bear-claw along her head and body, turning her head to watch the claw with wide eyes. She gets out of her box and moves away from the bear-claw slowly, body low and tail down."
From that point on, Bubbles became very adamant about her space, she charged to the front of her kennel when they came back with the bear claw, she growled and hissed whenever they walked by, and swatted the wall (notice NEVER THE PERSON, which is telling), when they'd open the door to her kennel.
💕😿lively, independent, afraid😿💕Bubbles is very afraid at the ACC and must be FOSTERED THROUGH A RESCUE (experienced home, adult only).
Email [email protected] for help with fostering.
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@Regranned from - Seekor harimau putih langka mati secara mengenaskan di India. Hewan unik tersebut diketahui meregang nyawa setelah dikeroyok oleh harimau Bengal di Taman Biologi Bannerghatta di Negara Bagian Karnatka, India Selatan.

Dilansir laman Okezone dari Mirror, hewan berbulu putih bernama Shreyas itu dikeroyok karena ulah ceroboh penjaga kebun binatang atau pawangnya sendiri. Sang pawang saat itu, diketahui lupa menutup pintu kandang milik hewan berusia 9 tahun itu yang memang sengaja dipisahkan dengan harimau lainnya.

Akibat hal tersebut, sekelompok harimau bengal melakukan invasi ke kandang harimau putih. Shreyas sempat mencoba melarikan diri bersama dengan seekor harimau putih lain yang bernama Amar ke kandang sebelah. Namun, Shreyas mengalami luka cukup parah di bagian rahang dan kaki hingga mengganggu pergerakannya.

Para petugas kebun binatang yang mendapati kejadian tersebut mencoba menyelamatkan Shreyas dengan mengalihkan perhatian sekawanan harimau bengal tersebut. Namun, upaya itu tak langsung membuahkan hasil karena para harimau terus sibuk mengaum dan menggigiti serta mencakar tubuh si putih yang malang.

Petugas pun tak menyerah hingga akhirnya upaya mereka membuahkan hasil dan para harimau bengal itu bersedia melepaskan Shreyas. Si putih langsung mendapatkan perawatan atas luka-lukanya, namun sayangnya ia mati sehari kemudian.

Sekelompok harimau bengal yang melakukan penyerangan juga terluka dan telah mendapatkan perawatan. Kini pihak otoritas berwenang tengah menyelidiki insiden yang sangat disayangkan tersebut.

"Kami juga telah mengajukan penyelidikan untuk mencari tahu mengapa kecelakaan semacam itu bisa terjadi. Seharusnya ini tidak terjadi dan orang-orang yang dianggap lalai harus menerima konsekuensi atas insiden ini. Para harimau Bengal yang terluka juga telah diobati," terang Kepala Pelindung Konservatorium Hutan India, C Jayaram. (Source: Okezone)

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@Regranned from @red0668 - #Repost @susiequesie68 (@get_repost)
OMG!!! Want to adopt in NYC or surrounding area, read below!! Don't miss this offer Please share far and wide and repost! Tell your friends!! 🐕❤️ Thanks

Credit to @savingthedogz
INTERESTED ADOPTERS READ!!!!Repost @erindogovich (@get_repost)
..IN MY CHAT GROUPS ON FACEBOOK. ..WYNNE GUGLIELMO SAID THIS "🔵MY offer stands: I will pay ACC adoption fees for any dog on the kill list. Facebook messenger me or send me a direct message on Twitter🔵
If you want to adopt she pay your Adoption fee ...She has done it before and she will do it again. That’s how much she cares.
❤❤❤ ** FOSTERS & ADOPTERS NEEDED RIGHT NOW ** TBD 9-22-17 8 Dogs AT RISK 🐕 - Publicly adoptable dogs can be RESERVED via if you can get to the NYC ACC "in person" within 48 hours to complete the adoption process and bring home your dog. 🐕
If you cannot get to the shelter in person, please message URGENTPODR.ORG 📧 email [email protected] ⭐@urgentdeathrowdogs ⭐ for assistance with filling out applications with rescues to foster or adopt both publicly adoptable or Rescue Only dogs. 🔆OR YOU CAN APPLY TO RESCUES INDEPENDENTLY if you are confident.
The general rule is to foster you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with and to adopt you will have to be in the general NE US area; NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA). 🔆 ✔#Pledge#Tag#Share#Foster#Adopt✔Save a life! Thank you for caring.❤ 🔆 🔆
#newyork #newjersey #virginia #connecticut #Pennsylvania #Vermont #maryland #rhodeisland #maine #washintondc #newengland #massachusetts #urgent #dogs #save #rescue #adopt #foster #brooklyn #manhattan #statenisland #newyorkstate #instarepost20 #Repost @jelly.bean1313 with • • •follow==> @vox_silentii


@Regranned from @worldanimalnews - 🚨🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS on #WorldRhinoDay! Via: @careforwild -
A Successful Rescue by the amazing @CareForWild team of a female Black rhino went smoothly. She is approximately 18 months of age and has already been weaned. However, she is in a compromised condition and is covered in ticks. The next 24 hours are critical! To help with her care, please consider donating through their official website 🙏🌍👉 -
Thank you for helping to save Rhinos from extinction in the wild! ❤️🦏❤️- @worldanimalnews @peace_4animalsfollow==> @vox_silentii - #regrann