If you open your mouth too much without opening your eyes and be empathetic about the situation, you are not offering any solution.

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Regrann from @marcoslinols8694 - PEDIDO DE AJUDA.
Regrann from @frontcibeleteles - regram @projetoacolher
Precisamos comprar 2 butijões de gás.
Cada um custa 70,00.

Tios e tias, vcs podem ajudar??? Nosso fígado tbm acabou, nao temos nada para amanhã! - #regrann follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @naomicaprica_info - 🔴🔴🔴✅✅✅✅МЕГА СРОЧНОЕ !!! Под репост каждого !!! Огласка!!! @put_domoy_catsdogs with @get_repost

По всем вопросам волонтер приюта: 89258298089 София

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Regrann from @mustlovedogz54 - @Regranned from @elmanimaladvocacy - Chessie has been at the shelter for more than five years. 😞 She's long overdue for her #FureverHome! Please read about this beautiful girl below and #share or #adopt! #EveryLifeMatters #AnimalRescue #love
#Repost @pawsphilippines (@get_repost)
OPEN YOUR HEART FOR CHESSIE.❤️ Another heartbreaking story we have in the shelter is rescued dog Chessie who was a victim of hit-and-run. Sadly, she has been living at the shelter for more than five years now because no one has expressed interest in adopting her. Chessie doesn't ask for much, just having a comfortable bed will already make her very happy. Despite her disability, Chessie is a sociable dog that loves to interact as long as you give her time to warm up to you! Please watch our page for more updates on this sweet girl! You can also help us find her a suitable adopter by sharing this post so it can reach more people. For adoption inquiries, please email thank you very much.❤️🐾 #AdoptDontShop #iSupportPAWS #NGO #animalwelfare #animalshelter #animallover #aspin #manila #asia #philippines #PAWSphilippines - #regrann #picoftheday - #regrann follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann



Regrann from @maryamsanei44 - مجموعه طبق روال همیشکی داره کاراش انجام می شه.اگر ساپورت مالی بشیم که چه بهتر با انرژی بیشتر کارا انجام می شه،اگر حمایت نشیم بدهی رو بدهی و در نتیجه له شدن من و فشار روی تیمم.لطفا فراموش نکنید#نقاهتگاه-مریم-صانعی follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @maryamsanei44 - وضع مالیمون به خدا خوب نیست.چیکار کنم باور کنید؟#نقاهتگاه-مریم-صانعی follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @suzy_herwiyati - 🐈DONATION FOR POOR STREET KITTEN 🐈Kitten Selly is still very small about 3 months. His legs were stiff and hard to bend, many scratches were scratched as he walked. Looks like there is a broken leg part but not in the joints. On the sole of his foot I cleaned and I pressed it a little hard but did not scream in pain, hopefully kitten selly not experience paralysis. Quickly this kitten must be undergo akupuntur.Jika anyone want to help Selly, I want to bring this innocent child to vet to check his condition. Hopefully this cute and innocent child can be helped 🙏💔😢🙏💔🐅🐈😿 Kitten Selly masih sangat kecil usianya sekitar 3 bulan. Kakinya kaku sulit di tekuk banyak luka seperti goresan kemungkinan Selly mencoba berjalan mencari makan. Sepertinya bagian tulang kakinya ada yang patah tetapi bukan di bagian sendinya telapak kakinya aku bersihkam dan coba aku tekan dia tidak teriak kesakitan. Apabila ada yang berkenan membantu Selly aku mau membawa anak yang tidak berdosa ini ke doknyomie untuk memeriksakan kondisinya, semoga belum terlambat. Sskaligus membawa swety untuk ronsen bagian pinggulnya yang patah. karena pada waktu itu alat ronsen doknyomie sedang ada gangguan. Semoga anak yang lucu dan lolos ini bisa tertolong 🙏💔😢 #donationneeded #opendonation #poorkitten #rescued #streetcat #abandoned follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann



Regrann from @guyonankekinian - Si anying malah keenakan follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @maryamsanei44 - توران خانم رو یادتون هست عایا؟؟؟😁😀😗چگده ما فعالیم😁😁😁 follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


CALL (888)-452-7381
PLEASE HURRY!💔💚💔 follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann



Regrann from - LATEST PETITION
India - The sacred cows can be subject to cruelty, like acid attacks. In the state of Odisha, India two cows were found writhing in pain, with severe burns, after someone threw acid on them.
In the state of Karmana, five stray cows were attacked by acid in a week. Thankfully all of the cows have received veterinary care and are expected to make a recovery. .
In India, acids are sold with next to no regulation despite a ban. Please sign to urge the Indian government to end the sale of acid:
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Regrann from @donnamaria1961 - Statistics for Black Jaguar White Tiger continues to drop drastically.
In two days BJWT daily statistics of new followers was 2881. As of Saturday February 24,2018 his daily average is now 2,551.
Instead of gaining a single follower like he’s used to, he gained no new followers and lost -135 followers on Friday February 23rd.
His count right now for today has dropped by 79 followers.
At this rate, I think it’s safe to say, Black Jaguar White Tiger is no longer fooling as many people with his so called “RESCUES”. Rescue work is very costly, very time consuming, and the animals that get rescued legitimately from other Rescue Organizations around the world are very transparent, clearly obvious and very specific as to the details of the rescues.
Pulling a crying newborn cub with its umbilical cord still not detached, is a sign of a Cub being stolen from its nursing mothers warm body.
Don’t be fooled by the cuteness overload.
Eduardo has a collection of animals. Like a zoo has a collection of animals.
His foundation is fraudulently misleading good hearted hard working people to hand over their money to this fraudulent business of exploitation and misrepresentation.
Unfollowing BJWT is how we end this exploitation.
Instagram made Eduardo Serio with no Big Cat education famous.
Instagram can and is, taking him down.
National Geographic and Instagram have a WILDLIFE EXPLOITATION ALERT WHENEVER YOU CLICK THE HASHTAG #blackjaguarwhitetiger 🚨
you’re automatically redirected to the ALERT.
Why? Because Black Jaguar White Tiger is promoting exploitation of animals.
Caption by @donnamaria1961
Statistics by Social Blade
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Regrann from @cristinakitty11 - Elephant Tramples a Refugee Camp, and a Child is Killed
One child was killed and dozens of people were injured on Thursday when an elephant tore through a refugee camp in Bangladesh, home to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who have fled the conflict in Myanmar. The documentary filmmaker Shafiur Rahman posted the video on Twitter.
Tramplings have taken the lives of Rohingya refugees before. Since the makeshift Kutupalong-Balukhali camp sprung up on the edges of an elephant sanctuary, there have been numerous reports of trampling deaths. In October 2017, four refugees were killed nearby.
More than 585,000 people live in the camp and in the surrounding forested areas, according to the United Nations’ migration agency.
The refugee camp is in an important habitat for the endangered Asian elephant and is along a migration route for elephants traveling between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Much of the vegetation has been cleared to make more space for refugee shelters. (Source: NY Times) follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann



Regrann from @silverbird130887 - #Repost @_scorpione_62
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Regrann from @dogmeetsfamily - I almost missed Zane because he is so tiny and was the only one in his kennel at the time. He was crouched in the corner and as I looked closer, I saw how badly he was shaking. He wouldn't come over, and I just wanted to hold him. Poor little guy was terrified. He is a 2yo neutered #chihuahua who was found as a stray on 2/11. He is in need of a home, some love and security and is available now. Poor little buddy. 😢

Downey Animal Care Center
11258 S Garfield Ave
Southgate, CA 90242
(562) 940-6898

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Regrann from @jklamlam - Please add your voice to this petition‼️
Link in bio @cristinakitty11
Urge Trip Advisor to STOP promoting cruelty to animals! (link in bio)
Every year, tourists flock to Thailand and take pictures with cute baby elephants or take an elephant ride. Some facilities make elephants paint pictures or perform circus-style tricks. What many people aren’t aware of is the dark and ugly existences that these elephants endure in order to provide them with such an experience. Elephants exploited by the tourism industry are captive wild animals who have been beaten into submission and controlled through domination and fear.They are taken from their mothers when babies and forced through a horrific training process known as 'phajaan'/'the crush'. Typically, they are restrained in a small cage, beaten and abused until their spirits are broken so that they will accept a person riding on their back or other direct contact between tourists and elephants.
Today, #TripAdvisor profits from the world's cruelest wildlife attractions. You can help end this abuse by signing the petition in my bio. (Video from YouTube filmed at Phuket Zoo) follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @sohaykodernegi - Sizlerle başarıyoruz!
Bolu'dan tedavi için getirdiğimiz Beyaz'ı hatırladınız mı?
Tedavisi tamamlandı,kilo da aldı.Güzeller güzeli bir kız oldu artık 🤗
O da diğer arkadaşları ile bakımevimizde yaşıyor... follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann



Regrann from @silverbird130887 - #Repost
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HUMANS ARE THE ONLY ANIMAL THAT FORCIBLY CONFINE OTHER zoos, circuses, factory farms and "canned" well as hunt other animals, with weapons...and all of it is not needed...we are abusing and murdering the animals here for our own selfish, erroneous and misguided the rate of 70 billion a year, in the meat and dairy industry alone...and animals should not be confined for our amusement, either... it must all stop... IF WE WANT TO BECOME A CIVILIZED SPECIES....Animal Freedom Fighter follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from - @gezersemaRegrann from @pawsitivepawsrescues - Achilles update:
He completed his first of a series on surgeries last night. It was a 3 hour surgery. His necrotic facial parts were removed & a tooth. He does have a partial nose. The right part of his face is completely missing & currently has a wet/dry bandage in place until future skin graph surgeries are completed. (His surgery is posted live on our page & viewable). The first picture is what he looks like as of today. He will continue to look better as each surgery is completed.
Many are asking what happed to him. The honest answer is we don’t know. Can we speculate? Yes but we won’t. So let’s focus on the facts & what we do know. He was found on the side of the road in Mims, FL. According to Dr. V his injuries were around 5 days old. Once he was prepped for surgery last night & shaved down it became apparent he had old scar tissue all over his little body & also a previous fractured leg that was never treated. Whatever the cause of his injuries he has sustained MAJOR trauma that will require time, love & skilled medical professionals to correct.
Due to the overwhelming amount of calls Crystal Creek Animal Hospital has asked that we refrain from Vet donations being called in at this time. If u would like to make a donation to his medical care you may do so via PayPal at
We also ask that you please visit Crystal Creek FB Page & give them a 5 star rating. Their entire staff has gone above & beyond from staying 2 hours past shifts to input donations to completing his 1st surgery after hours yesterday from 730-1030pm. We have also created an Amazon wishlist. We currently have 30 other dogs in foster homes. We take on new cases each week and can always use the help with foster supplies. follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @jklamlam - Via @istandwithmypack
Despite what seemed a victory for wildlife protection on Jun 2016 when Tigre Temple was shut down and accused of illegally possessing and trafficking animals, notorious place will reopen this month – with 24 new tigers.
Wildlife officials raided this place in 2016 when they discovered tiger pelts, “energy drinks” made from tiger, amulets made from their skins and dozens of dead tiger cubs kept in a freezer and dozens more in jars.
How come that after all these atrocities this place will now legally operate under status of a Zoo?
And how come that these animal entertainment places in Thailand instead of shutting down are actually growing in business?
Out of 50 tiger-related attractions in Thailand, approximately eight new have opened in the past two years.
Around 1,500 tigers are kept in captivity.
Tiger cubs that grow too large for entertainment are killed and illegally sold for meat and parts.

Chinese and Vietnamese consumers believe that tiger penises and bones make you sexually stronger.
Since Thailand is a signatory of the CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, many are hoping that at convention’s next conference Thai parks officials will face tough questioning.
We can’t ask from Thailand to change their animal welfare laws but we can hold them on what they promised to deliver and that is to protect these Tigers.
We have to spread the word and share awareness everywhere, specially among Russian and Chinese travelers who are often visitors in places that use animals for entertainment.
Our travel agencies should NOT promote places that use animals in entertainment, petting zoo should not be a part of anyone’s tour.
If you love animals don’t be a part of their abuse.
#istandwithmypack #tigers #tiger #wildcats #wildanimals #animal animalkingdom #awareness #animalnews #wild #wildaid #racingextinction #istandwithmypack #nature #animals #animalright #sucess #animales #instatigers #heritage #thailand #tigertemple #sos #saveanimals #animalliberation follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann



Regrann from @littleloverescue - Hi, I’m Denzel. I was so excited when they told me someone was adopting me. I couldn’t wait to have a family. I was hoping we would go on some hikes and that they’d throw my ball for me sometimes. But I guess they changed their minds. I hope someone will want me. I promise I’m a good boy and I don’t need much. I’m an 8 yr old English shepherd and I’m good with other animals. follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @ch0cobo - Untuk disebarkan. Akhir pekan ini akan ada aksi bersama untuk mendukung gerakan Indonesia bebas daging anjing secara bersamaan di 5 kota besar di Indonesia.

Gerakan #DMFI yang saya & teman-teman koalisi lakukan secara step by step telah menghasilkan progress yang cukup membawa angin segar untuk menghentikan perdagangan dan bisnis kejam daging anjing, kucing dan yang tidak lazim lainnya.

Surat edaran pemerintah untuk larangan dan penegasan pengawasan transport HPR di provinsi DKI serta DIY, dukungan DPRD Solo, dan yg terakhir adalah komitmen dari walikota Tomohon untuk mengurangi sedikit demi sedikit penjualan daging anjing di sana.

Tolong tetap dukung kami. Weekend ini, kalau kamu sempat, datanglah dan show some support. Kita juga bs bicara lebih banyak dengan bertemu langsung

Detail acara silakan lihat kontak di bawah .

This Weekend ! The #DMFIweek for #DogMeatFreeIndonesia !
JOIN THE FORCE of the DOG MEAT FREE INDONESIA coalition! 5 activities in 5 cities!

Check the details below, mark your calendar and may the light force be with us. Together shall we fight the dark force!!! YOGYAKARTA
24 Februari, jam: 19.00 - end
Lokasi: Kedai Kebun Forum
Bentuk acara: Music event #JogjaBebasDagingAnjing #DMFI
CP: @animalfriendsjogja - 08562930912. -

25 Februari 2018, jam: 6 pagi
Kegiatan acara :
kumpul di Bahagia Bearing depan Candi Elektronik lalu LONGMARCH ke depan Bank MNC Sriwedari untuk tts petisi ke DPRD Surakarta dan ada photobooth DMFI
CP: @SahabatAnjingSurakarta - 081575751111. -

24 Februari (Pk 15.00 - selesai) Booth JAAN & 25 Februari (Acara Dog Run & Bazaar Pk 06 pagi-selesai) ft.
Lokasi: Scientia Square Park, Gading Serpong.
CP: @Jakartaanimalaidnetwork 08568913863. -

25 Februari 2018, jam: sekitar jam 12 siang
lokasi : Mall PVJ, kumpul setelah makan siang (sekitar 12.00)
CP: @jesse_crown 082121444996. -

25 Feb 2018, Jam: 6 pagi
Lokasi kumpul : DI DEPAN BEKAS MUSIUM MPU TANTULAR Jl. Raya Darmo (seberang kebun binatang surabaya)
CP: 081331351188. -

#DogMeatFreeIndonesia #DMFI #action #campaign #TogetherWeCan #BersamaKit


Regrann from @dogmeatfreeindonesia - YOGYAKARTA !!!!! Upcoming event.
Please #repost and #share this
Join and participate to support @dogmeatfreeindonesia 🐕🐕🐕

See more info on @animalfriendsjogja
@animalfriendsjogja X @dogmeatfreeindonesia coalition present: "BARK BACK!!! - Acoustic Night & Petition Signing for a DOG & CAT MEAT FREE INDONESIA!!" -

24 Feb 2018 | 7 - 11 PM @kedaikebunforum , Tirtodipuran No.3 Yogyakarta. -

Donation: 5K or more. -

Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Ballad, Possessive Rock & Cyberpunk Norak Disko. -

The Barkers:
Black Finit (YK)
Gabriela Fernandez (YK) @gebbiela
Lilith (YK) @lilithsic
Rasvan Aoki (SBY) @rasvanaoki
Fajar Merah (SOLO) @fajarmerah_
Tikus Atap (JKT-BDG) #tikusatap
and more. -

DMFI Petition Signing &
DMFI Photo Booth
AFJ Store Thrifty Shop & Merch
Woodcut Print on the spot by @rollingrollprint (bawa kaos warna terang + 10K) -

Tandatangani petisi Dog Meat Free Indonesia on the spot (dipandu volunteer AFJ) dan kamu jg bisa tunjukkan support terbaik kamu dengan mengambil spot foto paling ok dengan background #dogmeatfreeindonesia
Jangan lupa upload dan tag foto ke Instagram @dogmeatfreeindonesia dengan hashtag #DMFIweek #IndonesiaBebasDagingAnjing 😊 - - [Poster artwork by @ignadee ]
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Regrann from @waldo_ruben - Guys remember Dana!?... look at this miracle.. remember these rescues can’t save lives without our help. Every dollar counts. Please share and repost. Dana deserves our help. I’m so happy to see her doing so well. follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @s.o.s_cats - 🆘🆘🚨 Emergency Donation Needed for Hottie the Cat, Victim of Hot Water Flush 🙏🙏😭💔 🙋🙋Attention to World Wide Cat Lovers 🔊🔊🐈🐾
Introduce the poor calico stray cat namely Hottie. This cat suddenly appeared in the colony of cats Bojong Indah Station at lunch time with the condition almost all parts of the body full of blisters & bald blisters. A strong allegation that there's some devilish human threw the poor cat to the station. In addition, her body was very thin. Then Mr.Naim @naimdriverr.jkt0715 immediately fed the cat hence contacted meowmy @s.o.s_cats8 to seek medical help for the unfortunate cat (namely Hottie due to hot water flush Hehehe ). Next meowmy told Hottie to be taken directly to the clinic of Vet Yulia in Karang Tengah Ciledug.
In the video at slide 2 can be seen Hottie condition when first came to the station. Then in the video at slide 3 is showing Hottie condition after arrived at the clinic.
Whatsoever, if Cat Lovers fellow would like to set aside a little sustenance to help Hottie's medical treatment 🙏😿😢.
Incase anypawdy willing to help, feel free to transfer the money to account number BCA 4900293700 a/n. Katherine Ernawati or paypal link with email:
Thanks a bunch for ur attention
Kindly share (repost) it if U don't mind pawrents 😇🙏🙏.
#adoptablecats #adoptablekittens #kucingdomestik #catsofinstagram #catrescue #kittenrescue #strays #kittenofinstagram #adoptdontshop #animalrescue #animallover #soscats #soscatsrescue#donation #opendonation #donationneeded #soscatsdonation #catsindogram

Kucing ini tiba-tiba muncul di koloni kucing2 stasiun bojong indah pada jam makan siang dengan kondisi hampir seluruh bagian tubuh penuh luka melepuh & botak2. Dugaan kuat ada yang membuang kucing malang tersebut ke stasiun. Tambahan lagi tubuhnya sangat kurus. Lalu pak Naim @naimdriverr.jkt0715 segera memberi makan kucing tersebut & kontek meowmy @s.o.s_cats untuk meminta pertolongan medis bagi kucing malang tersebut (diberi nama Hottie karena korban siraman air panas hehehe). Selanjutnya meowmy menyuruh agar Hottie langsung dibawa (lanjutan capt


Regrann from @s.o.s_cats - (☆°♡°☆) ĞooĐ ̈́Evening Pawrents 😻🤗🐾
Happy TGI Friday ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪
Guess who misses baby Jeruk?? 🐈😍😽
Meowmy would like to give update news regarding her ♡(∩o∩)♡.
Early of Jan 2018 baby Jeruk was planned to be vaccinated after deworming 2 times, but early morning ahead of schedule to Vet, she suddenly got high fever & weak. Her appetite decreased & only want to drink. Immediately meowmy take her to Vet for reviewing due to still traumatized with virus outbreak at home 😫😵🙈🙈. Apparently when examined, near the suturing of the former amputation there was a large swelling that contains pus (abscess) 😱😰. According to Vet, the abscess could appear because baby Jeruk managed to paralyzed so automatic lower body near the amputation stitches often rub against the floor. In addition, baby Jeruk also exposed scabbies on the sidelines of the back foot fingers and both the ears.
Can be seen on the video at slide 1 the process of removal of pus by Vet Magda by sucked using a needleless shot. Then on slide 2 showed the pictures when baby Jeruk was undergoing treatment at the clinic.
In this case, Praise the cost of clinic baby Jeruk received help personally from bunda R & mbak AA 🙏😇😽💕.
On slide 3 described the total clinic receipt including the full vaccination cost (F3 + F4 + Rabies). Next, the vaccine book of baby Jeruk can be seen on slide 4. Meanwhile, personal donations for baby Jeruk can be seen in slide 5. So the calculation of baby Jeruk's donation summary report as follows:
Total clinic receipt on slide 3: IDR 1,645,000.00
Total donations coming in slide 5:
From Local Bank (BCA): IDR 700,000k
Donation shortage >>>>: IDR 945,000
The shortage of donation Meowmy take excess of baby Kelly donation of IDR 1,482,120.
Thus the remaining balance of excess donation baby Kelly >>> IDR 537.120.
In conclusion, herewith the update we can convey.
#adoptablecats #adoptablekittens #adopsikucing #kucingdomestik #catsofinstagram #catrescue #kittenrescue #strays #kittenofinstagram #adoptdontshop #animalrescue #animallover #soscats #soscatsrescue#donation #opendonation #donationneeded #soscatsdonation

For caption in bhs Indonesia please re


Regrann from @lion_hearted_gurl - I get messages threatening my life often and @instagram never seems to care yet when I posted the businesses associated with BJWT (see last pic) and their 990 form my post was removed for violating community guidelines??? This is all PUBLIC records. Anyone can find this information online
Watch this post get removed because Eduardo will send his army over here to report me. It would ruin his reputation for the world to know BJWT was a registered LLC before they became a charity. Kinda blows the whole rescuing Cielo story
#samsonandsolomon #blackjaguarwhitetiger #papabearchronicles #bjwtfacts #savanahcat follow ➡️ @vox_silentii - #regrann


Regrann from @a_lallie_ - SWIPE ACROSS for more 💔😢 .
Venezuela’s socialist economy has collapsed. Their currency is practically worthless. They are in a hyperinflation crisis. Food prices have skyrocketed and food is scarce. People, children and animals are starving. Where is the world?
In our countries, we have so much food that a lot of it just gets thrown away as trash. How are we throwing away food while #Venezuela is starving?
I’m fundraising to help the starving Zulia Metropolitan Zoo animals in #Maracaibo (link in my @a_lallie_ bio, thank you to everyone who has donated) but naturally my heart breaks for the people and the children too not to mention all the starving pets and street animals.
Where are all the world governments? Where are the wealthy celebrities? Where are the billionaires? Why are the people and animals being left to suffer? I’ve read stories of heartbroken mothers giving up their children to orphanages as they feel that’s the only way they’ll get fed and not die.
Also I’ve noticed that @BlackJaguarWhiteTiger has now deleted his ignorant comments that I shared a few days ago about how #Venezuelans should feed the starving zoo animals themselves and that even poor people should share. Finally seen these images @EduardoSerio? Finally realised how heartless you sound?
The sad truth is that a lot of people who have money don’t have a heart and a lot of people who have a heart don’t have money. #SOSVenezuela #Help
Caption @a_lallie_ #a_lallie_
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Regrann from @realbjwtwatchdog - Eddie knows who Watchdog is. He refers to us as THE haters. It is kind of ironic how anyone who questions his ethics is automatically labeled as a hater, while he spews obscenities at the same group of people. If Eddie had nothing to hide, he'd have legitimate answers for people's questions. Nearly every question it seems, results in getting blocked. "Why do you always have so many cubs? Why is that tiger in a house? Where is the cubs mother? Where do they go when they get older? Where's Billy?" All of these questions and more, merit a blocking from Serio. He has no interest in answering your questions, because a) his fans will do it for him, and b) he doesn't want more people to catch on to what he's doing, and start asking questions themselves. It's a carefully calculated plan. Now that he's unable to delete comments, it seems he's reached a bump in the road.
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Regrann from @nom_aly - ‪🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 ‪Cats being transported for slaughter. In Guangdong this double decker bus was coming from Zhanjiang to Shenzhen: Lic plate: N 09123. Alert is circulating for all available activists to intercept at each toll station & to report to provincial authorities

车上写是湛江至深圳,车牌:鄂N 09123双层大巴车,潜江发车11:00开往深圳,请大家拨打电话,要求交通警察进行在收费口拦截。
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Regrann from @volkankocpatilikoy - Baktığım yüzlerce can için haftasonuna mama yollarmısınız birer kilo alsanız yüzlerce kilo olur ve kimsenin bütçesini sarsmaz..özellikle yavrulara yaş mama çok acildir..lütfen arkadaşlar yetemiyorum ne yapacağımı mama kumbarasından patiliköy ü seçerek direk bize kilosu 3.30 kuruştan mama yollayabilirsiniz..bugünden sipariş verirseniz haftasonunu atlatırız lütfen destek..700 can bakıyoruz ve gönüllüyüz acil ihtiyaçlar var herkes ucundan tutsa sorun kalmaz
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Regrann from @nom_aly - A Pet Pig That Was Newly Adopted By A Canadian Couple Was Later Killed And Eaten By Them 2/23/18
The owners are not facing any charges.
Canadians everywhere are outraged after a newly adopted pet pig was killed and eaten by its owners.
Molly was a three-year-old Vietnamese potbelly pig who arrived at the BC SPCA after being saved during a cruelty investigation. She was nursed back to health by staff and was later adopted by a Vancouver Island couple on Jan. 19.
Almost a month later on Feb 16., locals discovered Molly had been killed and eaten. Brandee McKee, an acquaintance of the owners and also a pet pig owner, says the couple did not know how to take care of Molly properly and eventually decided to send her to the slaughter for food.
The owners are currently not facing charges. The BC SPCA says that since animals are considered property by law, the owners who adopt them are given the full legal rights to that animal, whether it’s a dog, cat or pig.
“The reality is, it’s not illegal to kill your own animal in Canada,”adds the BC SCPA “Someone can take a gun and shoot their dog in the head and as long as the dog dies instantly, unfortunately there’s no law against that.”
Investigators were sent to the property to determine whether Molly was killed in a humane manner. Since they concluded that her killing was indeed carried out humanely and that she didn’t suffer, no charges were given to the owners.
What’s even harder to stomach is that the owners made a social media opportunity after Molly’s killing. They posted photos of themselves seasoning the meat and preparing to eat it on Snapchat, causing an outrage online.

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