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Watson the original "trust fall" dog and therapy dog to his best furry friend Kiko. Both brothers here to love and inspire others. •watdotki@gmail.com


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Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager.
I have an account (@rustedivory) I will be sharing photographs of Watson and kiko's wild side. More outdoor adventures and fun explorations.
Check it out and if you are curious how the name @rustedivory came to be check our last post their to find out 😉


Our kind of Friday night. Full of snuggles, warm blankets and nice rainy weather.


Loving the smell of the ocean and the cold breeze.
It sure is a place to feel peace.
Photo by @rustedivory


The sensation of having you close makes me feel safe, loved, wanted and protected.
All small and big creatures need the insurance that you will always be there for them. That when they close their eyes their surroundings are a save, happy place to be.


Saying goodbye to beautiful Newport OR after nine days of being here.
It was a fun adventure and now we are on our way to look for more somewhere else up the coast.
Beach towel from @sand_cloud #savethefishies



Getting through Monday can be rough. But we made it through and that's what it counts 😉


Capturing unexpected moments sometimes turn out to be the most memorable of all.


I have the thought that every four legged friend in the world is special in some way.
They might be the most goofy creatures you have ever encountered. They might be the most well behaved or the most crazy.
But they all have one thing in common. They all have the ability to make us humans smile, laugh and most importantly they make our hearts happy.
I have a special friend or two...
See I was lucky to have meet two goofy golden retriever boys. They make life so much fun, happy and interesting.
They both have a name and you most likely all ready know them.
Watson and Kiko, my two special boys. Why? You may ask.
Watson is out of the ordinary to my eyes because he have the amazing talent that only with his presence in any room in the house he makes my heart jump with so much joy. He can calm my anxieties and depression by doing a trust fall into my arms. That is always the best.
Kiko is unique in a different way. He is the most goofy golden with the most crazy smile I've ever meet.
Even though Kiko has the ability to make my anxieties worse when he is anxious I couldn't imagine life without him.
This beautiful extraordinary creature teach me that life isn't perfect. That weird is in fact something to embrace and not hide.
He also have taught me that even when life starts rough in some way there is always light and hope along the way.
I will always be grateful for my two unusual, extraordinary four legged friends.
I will love to read your story and know why is it that you think your fluffy friend is unique to you.
I thought of doing this so I can feel more connected with our beloved friends and followers here in Instagram.
Knowing a little bit about your fluffy friends is a great way to connect with other animal lovers out there.
Can't wait to read what you wrote.


After a long adventurous Monday the boys are up for a good quality cuddle time and long rest.


What being wild and free feels like.
Last night after ten hours of road trip we finally made it to Newport OR.
We can't wait to explore this beautiful place.


Having a long rest before our long drive tomorrow.
We will be spending 10 days on the Oregon coast.
It will be Watson's first time to see the ocean. So I'm super excited about what this cute puppy will do.
Hope to take some fun photos of our adventures and be able to share them with you all.



Smile it's Friday 😄


When I'm having a bad day these two goofy pups are the best remedy to make my days happy.


A post dedicated to all beautiful, strong women out there.
By beautiful I mean your mind and soul, not what you look on the out side.
And by strong, I mean that you are courageous just by waking up every day and facing all the hard obstacles that life puts in front of you.
Here is a post to lift you up a little and to let you know that you are worth a lot more then you think.
Happy #internationalwomensday


They sure love that window in the room upstairs.
It's a nice feeling when I witness little moments like this. It tells me that if we really want to we can all get along and live in harmony with others even if that others are different then you.
Every day my four legged friends teach me something. They might not be able to speak but if I pay close attention I will realize how much they have to say.
It's incredible how they try to connect with other individuals and how they show all kinds of emotions.
Let's always remember that our furry friends do in fact have feelings.
They are also capable of sometimes connect with his or her humans and feel your pain or joy.
Animals are incredible, sensitive, beautiful creatures and will be always grateful to have them in my life.
Hoping you all starting your week wonderfully and that we managed to put a smile on your face.


We are the kind of living creatures that stays at home all weekend watching movies and cuddling because we're broke 😜💸


We are looking forward to the beautiful spring days
I want to take the time to thank you for all the love you have shown towards Kiko and Watson. It brings me so much joy to know that the photos and stories can inspire individuals all over the world.
I know Watson and Kiko will continue to touch the hearts of others and teach us about unconditional love and friendship.
Also, I always find the time to read every single comment (unless they get lost) you write. Sometimes I can reply to every single one, sometimes I don't.
It's always important to me that our followers feel a special connection with us and to let them know we take the time to read what they wrote.
You all are amazing and if we manage to put a smile on your face, you all manage to put a smile on mine with all the lovely comments you write and for that I thank you 😘
Hope you have a fantastic day!!!



They say that if you see Kiko smile it can be contagious 😉
Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


Some of my favorite series of photos that I've taken all together in one beautiful collage.
Big thank you to @inkifi_instagram for this beautiful frame.
Definitely worth to take a look at the amazing work they do at @inkifi_instagram 😉


Trust fall Watson!!
He will literally do a trust fall for anyone even his brother Kiko. Even if Kiko catches him while he is laying down.
The trust is big 😉
Hope this video makes your Monday morning slightly better.
#trustfallwatson #watkivideos


This is kiko's safe place. Why? Dont know exactly.
I just know that he loves laying in that bed, sometimes stares out the window watching the time go by.
That is the place where he feels less stressed or anxious and having his best friend Watson is always great.
It saddens me at times when I take him out and some people seem to see this weird dog with issues.
When all I see is a dog who had a hard start in life and it's so eager to love the people around him.
If only those who judge knew the sweet boy he really is and the big kind heart he actually has.
Because of Kiko I've learned that every person has a story. You never know what kind of pain they maybe enduring. It's not good to quickly jump to judge someone.
It's crazy how your pets teach you about life sometimes without even knowing it.
For that and so much more I'm grateful to have my two balls of fur, Kiko and Watson.


You might think this is a cute sweet photo.
But all Harry the cat can think of is
"Stinky puppy paws, but I love it" 🙈


Three sweet little balls of fluff cuddling.
Something to sweetness up your Friday 😉


Sharing something a bit different today.
A photo expressing that no matter how odd and weird I may be I will always have the love of my beloved four legged friend.
He will never judge who I am but accept me, my craziness and follow along with me no matter what.
Let's be thankful for having these amazing creatures existing on earth.
And be thankful that they fill our hearts with joy, love and teach us that there is in fact kindness in this world.
All thanks to them!!


A cute story to make your Monday a little better.
Some of you read Kiko's story in our feed not to long ago. And Learned that Kiko wasn't with me for three long years and I thought I wasn't going to see him again.
Also know that Watson is like kiko's therapy dog. Watson helps Kiko with his anxieties and teach him to trust other dogs. That life can be fun and joyful if you get out there learn how to love and trust.
I put together a little video showing the strong bond that these two golden retriever brothers have and how their friendship and love for each other is everything.
Hope you enjoy this video and hope it inspired you as well.


Clean puppy Watson -
Special shampoo and conditioner for canines from @iodogs


When Kiko is more ready for the weekend then I am 🙈