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Loving all the pet-in-a-blanket-to-look-like-a-seal captures for the #forphoquessake project. A project to request the Canadian Prime minister @justinjptrudeau to ban commercial and non-aboriginal seal hunting. Keep up the great work. 4 participants will be chosen to be featured in a 1.4 million audience.



Watson and Kiko my two inseparable fluffy boys.
All they do is show love and kindness.
The boys recently got two beautiful collars from @buddysdogwear and I'm definitely loving how adorable they look.


What not having any responsibilities and bills to pay looks like.
They just love.
#bigyawn #fluffycuddles
My deepest apologies. I had to take down the last video I post for personal reasons.


When your body says "it's time for bed" well it means it's time for a long long sleep.


Happy #EarthDay


Hi-five mommy it's the weekend.
Cuteness overload with puppy Watson and his adorable attitude.


How about an oldie for today's cuteness.
Watson was 4 months old in this photo and it was taken spring of 2015.
It's such a good feeling to look back at sweet memories like this one.


The very talented and lovely pet community tagged on this photo has come together to raise awareness on Seal hunting, a very unnecessary, cruel act that has been banned by several countries. We wish to ask the Prime Minister of Canada, #JustinTrudeau (@justinpjtrudeau) to ban this hunt.

Will you join us in this campaign by posting a photo of your pet wrapped up to look like a seal? Caption the name of the campaign #forphoquessake. Phoque is french for seal ;) Sign the petition on ifaw.org/seals. (Link in bio.) Please mention in the petition that you support this campaign #forphoquessake to ban the hunt.

We welcome you to browse the hashtag to see the most adorable results.
As thanks we’d like to offer 4 lucky random participants a feature of 1.4 million followers for 2 hrs, on April 30th, 2017.


At the end of the day there is something to look forward to, a long night of snuggles, cuddles and love from these three sweet babies.


Just two friends enjoying each other's company and appreciating natures beauty. So simple, so serene and so perfect.
The weather has been absolutely crazy for the last couple weeks.
It's been warm one day and the next temperatures just go down.
Any else experienced any thing like this?


When your like, No!! Not ready to face the world yet...


Sharing with your treats with your brother is not fun what's worst is sharing slaver 😅🙈


Smile!! It's Friday.
Kiko and his teefies 🙈


A morning that I get to wake up next to bae is a good way to start my day! 😉


A lot of our dear followers and friends really liked this Boomerang of Kiko and asked me if I could upload it as a post so it doesn't disappear after 24 hours like it does in our stories.
And because we love all you guys, here it is.
Have a great day and great night if you are in Europe.


Happy #NationalPetDay
Let's smile, play and love our dear four legged friends.
#ellenshow #edbyellen #edbypetsmart @edbyellen


And before the day is over,
Happy #NationalSiblingDay
Siblings can be frustrating sometimes but we love them anyway 😉


Best friends stay weird,
Best friends have watermelon helmets 🙈
Watson was trying so hard to balance that watermelon in his head, while Kiko was all pro.


A weekend spent with friends is a good weekend.


I can't seem to find sweet Kiko!
Could he be under the covers?
Oh yes there he is 🙈


Do you believe in heroes?
I do, I have one living under my roof. He is my hero in a way that he saves me every time I feel down about myself. He is the one living thing in this earth that can make me feel better with just existing.
I've heard before that heroes don't always wear capes or fly.
My hero just has four paws, a fluffy coat and wet nose.
He also has a special super power. He can make me or anyone that gets to meet him feel incredibly happy.
My hero saves me from my worst enemy I have, myself.
He lets me know that he loves me and all my weirdness and defects I have.
And yes my hero has a name. You all know him as Trust Fall Watson and he is super incredible 💛
Do you have a hero in your life?
#TheBestFourLeggedFriendIKnow #MyHero


A video of Watson with two of his favorite living creatures on this earth.
Watson hugging and doing trust falls with Kiko and Travis is the cutest thing. Love filming these moments. And I'm okay with always being behind the camera 😉 as long as I get to witness the cuteness.
Hope you enjoy the video.


Big hug and big smiles.
That's what Watson and Kiko are mostly about 😉


Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager.
I have an account (@rustedivory) I will be sharing photographs of Watson and kiko's wild side. More outdoor adventures and fun explorations.
Check it out and if you are curious how the name @rustedivory came to be check our last post their to find out 😉


Our kind of Friday night. Full of snuggles, warm blankets and nice rainy weather.


Loving the smell of the ocean and the cold breeze.
It sure is a place to feel peace.
Photo by @rustedivory


The sensation of having you close makes me feel safe, loved, wanted and protected.
All small and big creatures need the insurance that you will always be there for them. That when they close their eyes their surroundings are a save, happy place to be.