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It's my stick— No! It's my stick.
And this went on for hours... haha
Note: this is an old photo before Kiko injured his knee.


If you hurt, I will heal you with some puppy love.


The one thing that is constant in my life is the deep love I feel for these two fluff boys.
A dog love is worth experiencing, will never find something as unique and pure as that.


Double boop boop kiko's snout 🐽


Have any plans for the weekend?
-they asked me, to which I responded. Yes, I do indeed. Nap all day and rock my cuteness while sleeping 🙈
Kiko can be very good at multitasking at times 😅


Us this weekend, home in bed and super bored.
As some of you may know Kiko had surgery and have been confined to bed for the next two months.
Which poor Watson is wondering why he has to be punished for his brother's silliness?
Kiko have been getting all kinds of extra love, extra attention and being spoiled with very delicious food.
I'm worried Watson might be planning on jumping out of the car window just to get all this attention for himself (bad joke).
We are all putting a lot of time and effort for a fast recovery on Kiko. Hoping that we all be able to enjoy the rest of the summer and make some fun memories therefore we don't have the accident as the only memory for this summer.
Harry on the other hand doesn't mind a bit to have everyone in bed cuddling and sleeping. After all he is a lazy cat and loves long naps.
Kiko and Watson are anxiously waiting to go camping, hiking, swimming.


Kiko looking at himself right now.
Saying "Why did you had to go say hi to that cow? Has it been worth all the pain and the two months confined in bed?" 🤔


A mix of happiness, silliness and some "I'm not ready to face the world yet" kind of mood.


Best thing in my little world are these two adventurous, fun and lovable golden boys.
Won't be able to hit the trails and go hiking for awhile. Kiko still can't walk properly and can't take him.
Still hopping and doing everything I can so he heals quickly and goes back to being that high energy dog I'm use to.
Can't wait to see him run wild and see him jump in the lake, he enjoys that so much.


Friends come and go. Best friends are there for you when going through a bad situation.
Thank you to everyone that have send Kiko messages wishing him a speedy recovery.
I just want you all to know I have read them all, comments in posts and direct messages as well.
I try to reply to all messages but it's hard to keep up with all of them.


That one perfect joyful moment


Thank you so much everyone for wishing Kiko a speedy recovery after seeing our insta stories.
It means a lot to us that you have him in your thoughts.
I hope to see his silly adorable smile again soon. And not that sad face he has right now.


We come to this world not knowing what life will be or where it will take us.
I will be forever grateful that life send me in a path that lead me to the most extraordinary friend (Watson my trust fall puppy).
So many things to be thankful for but I'm mostly thankful to him that is my light in my darkest moments.
Happiness has a name and that is "Watson".


I know someone who loves to play "peekaboo"
Hint: He is fluffy, red and absolutely adorable.
Do you know who he is? 🙈


It's very enjoyable having a weird silly dog, but it's even more pleasurable when you get to deal with two silly dogs.
It's always a great pleasure to photograph my two fluffy babies. There is laughter, joy and fun moments.
Not to mention how hard I laughed at Watson face 😂


The amazing warm feeling you sense in your chest the moment you put your arms around your dog could be described as one of the most beautiful feelings a human being can experience in their life.
For just a few seconds your body is relaxed. You get that rush of pure love going through you as you squeeze him/her harder.
And let's not forget how our hearts start beating faster of how happy that moment makes us feel.
That pleasure we feel when we hug our beautiful dogs can be quite addictive and the best part of our day.


Showing off his puppy butt 🍑


Double boop Watson's nose 👈🏼


Some of you already know who the golden in the photo is, his name is Kiko older brother to Watson and came to live with us when he was 4.
Kiko suffers from anxieties. I thought a lot of people were familiar with this. That animals can also suffer from PTSD or anxieties. But I was wrong.
Dogs can have anxieties. It's very common in rescued dogs who have had a bad and traumatic experience in life.
But also keep in mind that dogs that have never been in a bad situation can also have anxieties.
For example, your dog can be scared of thunder, fireworks or afraid of being alone.
If your dog cries a lot, barks and hurts him self while any of the events mention above are happening then he or she have anxiety problems.
Kiko's anxieties are different. He is not scared of thunder, fireworks or loud noises. He is constantly afraid of being alone and always afraid that I will abandon him because of his past experiences.
He have been a hard boy to handle in so many situations. His anxieties levels are high.
He barks at me and cries when we stop just for a moment while we are taking a walk in the park. I'm not allowed to stop for to long I have to be constantly moving for him to be okay.
When Kiko came to live with me the first few months were hard. He wasn't well trained and was hurting himself.
I then learned that because my dog had anxieties and he was afraid of being alone he was constantly licking his paws or back legs.
Because he was trying to comfort himself he will lick and lick leading to him having some weird wounds in his paws and back legs.
Kiko no longer licks his back legs but he does sometimes licks his paws and I've had to keep an eye on him when I notice his anxieties levels are high. Just to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.
Watson is a great help to Kiko. It keeps him company and Watson have thought him good manners. Making it a bit easy for me to try and train him.
Do your research if you think your dog suffers from anxieties or talk to your vet.
Look for signs of discomfort in your pet and help them heal emotionally and fiscally if they hurt themselves.
Thanks for for taking the time to read this.


Good things come in a box 📦
And big, big smiles too.


Way back when Watson was 7 weeks old and was giving me his very first "side eye" look 👀
I love him so much


Some cute puppy eyes and a bad hair day from Kiko to get you through your Monday 😉


Watson and Kiko my two inseparable fluffy boys.
All they do is show love and kindness.
The boys recently got two beautiful collars from @buddysdogwear and I'm definitely loving how adorable they look.


Just two friends enjoying each other's company and appreciating natures beauty. So simple, so serene and so perfect.
The weather has been absolutely crazy for the last couple weeks.
It's been warm one day and the next temperatures just go down.
Any else experienced any thing like this?


When your like, No!! Not ready to face the world yet...


Sharing your treats with your brother is not fun what's worst is sharing slaver 😅🙈


Smile!! It's Friday.
Kiko and his teefies 🙈


And before the day is over,
Happy #NationalSiblingDay
Siblings can be frustrating sometimes but we love them anyway 😉


Best friends stay weird,
Best friends have watermelon helmets 🙈
Watson was trying so hard to balance that watermelon in his head, while Kiko was all pro.


A weekend spent with friends is a good weekend.