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So as you all know, yesterday I went to London and visited TCR Primark & I kinda couldn't resist buying the goodies that they had in there... the things I got are:
15 Pack set of Harry Potter Christmas cards: £1
Harry Potter wrapping paper: £1.50
3 set of shoe liners with spells on them: £2.50
Four pack of Harry Potter baubles: £4 (@kp.nutz picked these up for me and I got them yesterday)
Harry Potter Christmas jumper blanket: £6
Harry Potter Potion lights: £8 (my absolute favourites!!)
Harry Potter robe with glasses & wand: £15
Harry Potter Christmas jumper duvet set: £18!
I absolutely LOVE every single item and I'm honestly just so excited about it all! My new bedding will go up on November 1st (or sooner if I have no self control) and will be the new backdrop for most of my photos until Christmas!
What's your favourite item out of everything I got? (A full blog post is coming Wednesday) have you got any of this? I'd love to see what you guys think!!


Good morning! The Platform Nine & Three Quarters shop @ Kings Cross had such an aesthetic display yesterday, I couldn't not take a picture😍😍


So a History of Magic at @britishlibrary was absolutely incredible! There were so many amazing things to look at including illustrations and handwritten notes by the queen, J.K Rowling herself! It was absolutely phenomenal & if you've got tickets you're going to love it!!
They also have a gift shop which had pretty normal HP items in - funkos, books, scarves so I didn't get any of them and decided to get a bookmark (like I need anymore, right?) a badge & my sister got me this pencil!😍😍


I am VERY excited right now!
Unfortunately you can't take photos of the exhibition but I have gift shop photos that I'll post later. Have a great day!⚡️


Apart from Lupin, Ginny is the one that I have wanted for a long time and I'm so happy that she's finally out as a funko (though it took long enough🤔🤔)
How are you guys spending your weekend?
I'll be going to the Harry Potter exhibition at @britishlibrary tomorrow which I'm excited about and then I'll probably do some shopping! Whatever you're doing, I hope you have a wonderful weekend😙😙


Well @bloomsburypublishing are continuing to be the gift that keeps on giving. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this book already - Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favourites out of the series (not to mention we're introduced to my favourite character, Sirius!) and the illustrations by Jim Kay are absolutely incredible! The Knight Bus is 100% my favourite illustration from the book!
I'm so excited to get reading this later because I don't know about you guys, but I just wanna stare at the illustrations for YEARS!


Happy birthday to one of my favourite people & one of the nicest celebrities I've ever met, @danfogler! Hope you have a wonderful day🎉


Also very fond of this stationery set in @sainsburys! (Im a massive fan of stationery so this is perfect for me!) Sainsbury's honestly have the best selection of HP things at the moment and I am in LOVE😍❤️


Goooood morning! How cute is this Marauders Map notebook? It's £4 from Sainsbury's!


The newest member to my funko family is this mini mystery figure of Harry with the sorting hat! (Kinda gutted because I wanted the Thestral but🤷🏼‍♀️)

Have you read my newest blog post yet? The link is in my bio so please check it out and let me know your thoughts!🌟


My newest funko pop from @razmatazzgifts & one of my favourites😍 (please note that my thumb is hiding the 1, this wasn't 99p😂)
I've wanted a Lupin funko for a really long time now and I'm so happy he's finally out - I really love the detail on his face with the scars as well!
Who's your favourite marauder?


Good morning! I forgot to post this yesterday - doesn't Bill Nighy have the nicest autograph?😍


So today I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Bill Nighy who played Rufus Scrimgeour in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One!
He was so lovely & I feel very lucky to have got the chance to meet such a talented actor🤗🤗


So I'm planning the rest of the year in terms of blog posts. I have a blog post planned for every Wednesday (+ Sunday in December) apart from October 18th (next Wednesday) and December 20th... I'd really appreciate it if you guys could leave some suggestions of what you'd like me to blog about! I need to know what you're interested in reading!! Thank you!


Today's purchase of the day is this gorgeous Newt Scamander notebook from @razmatazzgifts 😍
I've had my eye on it for a while and I saw it yesterday so decided the best thing to do was go back & grab it so I'm really glad I did that!
Not sure what I'll be using it for yet!


What can be better than a Harry Potter shop display?😍⚡️


NEW BLOG POST: Fantastic Beasts 2 and What to Expect!
Over 600 people requested a Fantastic Beasts blog post so I have provided! I've talked all about what we can expect from the new film - cast, characters & plots! The link is in my bio and I'd love for you to read it and please leave a comment... I'd love to get a discussion going! Thank you!😙


I finally managed to get my hands on the wonderful Harry on the broom SDCC exclusive pop!😍
He is so incredibly made and I love the little details to it like the fact he's holding the snitch!
I managed to get him for £15 from the Tesco website, which I'm really happy about because I missed him the first time round but luckily he came back into stock!
Which Harry pop is your favourite? I think mine is this one and Harry with Hedwig!


Shameless repost of an older post...
Hello everyone! I'm hoping to have my blog post up tonight! I have a lecture at the time when I plan on uploading but I use my laptop for notes so I'll be able to upload anyway!
It's fantastic beasts related and will be up around 4pm *i hope*!
Hope you guys will be interested in reading it!😁😁


Luna, Luna & Luna! Which out of the three is your favourite? Mine is definitely the SDCC pop from @empukofficial!


Today is two years since I met Jason Isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy and I just can't believe it! He was the first Harry Potter cast member that I met and also one of the loveliest. I feel so so lucky to have had the chance to meet such a lovely & talented actor!


"There were once three brothers who were travelling along a lonely, winding road at twilight."
What is your favourite story from Tales of Beedle the Bard? Mine has always been the Tale of the Three Brothers, I just love it. I also love this incredible replica by @alarmeighteen, his work is just so captivating😍


Hope you've all had a great day! I've spent most of it colouring in...🖍️


The Bowtruckle is a tree-guardian creature🌱
Pickett is one of my absolute favourites in the film and I was so lucky to win a merchandise pack that contained him last year, I consider it one of my top pieces of merchandise from FBAWTFT!
Which beast is your favourite?


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them🐉
In the past few weeks I seem to have found myself getting more and more excited for the second film. I love finding out about new cast members and characters that will be appearing in the films and hearing hints about the plot of the second one. I fell absolutely in love with the first film and I cannot wait to see what the second one brings (even if it's still over a year away!)
What are your thoughts about FBAWTFT?✨


My feed is annoying me so I'm gonna try to sort it out😂


Have you seen this witch?
This is still one of my favourite memories from this year, it was so fun😂

Yesterday was kind of insane on here... I gained just over 500 followers and the picture I posted got 9.7k likes! So thank you all so much!


So after waiting for just over an hour today I got to meet @tomdaley1994 and I couldn't be happier! Such a lovely lovely guy❤️