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My local @primark is finally getting quite a nice homeware section for HP🙌🏻🙌🏻 we had loads of Gryffindor and Slytherin cushions yesterday!⚡️


A couple of weeks ago, the wonderful @kp.nutz / @thesortingkat sent me one of her gorgeous Howler decorations for my Christmas tree. The rule was that I couldn't post about it until she listed it on her etsy page and guess what? She has! Go and check them out and make sure you get one because it's honestly SO perfect to have on a tree!😍😍


The Knight Bus is one of my favourite things at @wbtourlondon ⚡️
What's your favourite part?



[NEW] look at these new funko teddies😍 I think Ron & Hermione are my favourite! What's yours?


NEW FUNKOS. I REPEAT NEW FUNKOS!! I need these in my life😍😍


My mum found this exclusive Quidditch Ginny funko in Tesco and I'm so happy😍😍
This is probably one of my new favourite funkos, she's gorgeous!



Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting British astronaut, Tim Peake. After thinking I wasn't going to make it, his publisher had been beyond kind and reassured me that he'd still be around when I got there. Tim was as lovely as I'd hoped and I got to ask him the one question that's been on my mind so I'm feeling very lucky🤗🤗


Good morning! After having my tree up for a few weeks but no time to decorate it, I finally got chance to last night!! I really love these baubles from @primark, I wish I bought more than one pair!
Is your tree up?🎄


My gorgeous Luna Lovegood Rock Candy figure from @worldofwizardrygeekgear has found itself a home😍
I've wanted it for quite a while so I'm over the moon it came in the limited edition box! Do you have any of the rock candy figures?



Yes, I am posting about @amelia_b83's pins AGAIN. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Which one is your favourite?💫


I love this Wizards Chess figure from November's @worldofwizardrygeekgear box! It makes a great addition to my shelf💫
What are your plans for the weekend? I don't have work so I can finally have a bit of a break🙌🏻


I'm so in love with this Hogwarts Express ornament from @wbtourlondon 😍🚂🎄



Which house banner would you have for your tree from @wbtourlondon? -
Please swipe up to read this weeks blog post as views aren't too great on it & I want the last month of the year to do well🤗


November 2017 GeekGear unboxing! The link is in my bio and as always, likes & comments are much appreciated!

These are the last two of four @worldofwizardrygeekgear boxes that I received this month! I absolutely love the pins, especially the ones of Dougal & Pickett! Which are your favourites?



[ #HPChristmas17 - Day Two: Tinsel🎄]
I love having tinsel around my room at Christmas, especially around my funko shelf. I just love making it look extra festive!🎅🏻



[ #HPChristmas17 - Day One: Excitement ]
I was totally supposed to post this yesterday but with the excitement over the Cosmopolitan article I forgot! Anyway, the one Harry Potter thing that really gets me excited for Christmas is the Hogwarts model at @wbtourlondon for Hogwarts in the Snow - it's just so magical😍❄️
Don't forget to follow @newtsniffler & join her December challenge!


This has been tough to hide but it's finally out so I can now announce it! I am in a @cosmopolitanuk article! I've been discussing this with them for a few weeks now and I'm so happy that the article, including two other lovely potterheads, is now live! This has been such a fantastic experience and I'm honestly so excited about it.
The link is in my bio and I'd love for you to read it!! Thanks again @cosmopolitanuk 😁😁😁


It's 24 days until Christmas and my @primark is ready to burst with all of the Harry Potter baubles!
I know some people are still after these so be sure to check your local Primark! They're £5 each!



Will your tree look anything like this beauty at @wbtourlondon?💫


My @primark has such a disappointing range of Harry Potter homeware items😩
Have you got any of the new Harry Potter range from Primark?💫


WOW. I have just received @worldofwizardrygeekgear's special edition Christmas box & I am completely in love😍😍
In this box, I received:
Fawkes pin, Niffler keyring (I got this for my sister in October & regretted not getting myself one so this is great!), Marauders Map heat changing mug, Dumbledore tshirt, Luna Lovegood rock candy figure, two Fantastic Beasts print and a GORGEOUS H Weasley jumper that I am in love with!
This box is absolutely phenomenal and I love every single item that is in it, to find out how to subscribe to these boxes, head to geekgearbox.co.uk 🎄💫


@minalimadesign always have the most dreamy window displays that I could just stare at for hours😍😍


I am a VERY happy girl right now!!
I just found this exclusive Harry funko in @smythstoys for £9.99 and I've been looking for him forever! Thanks to @thatbookgal for posting about this a few weeks ago (I think it was you??) very pleased to be adding this to my collection😍


Last week at @wbtourlondon they were very kind to give us a little goodie bag as we were leaving! In this I got the tour guide, a box of peppermint toads and a Yule Ball bookmark!
I'm really excited to try the chocolate because it's something that I've always wanted to try but never got around to buying. I also really love the paper bags that you can get from there so all in all I was very pleased & grateful to have been given it!❄️❄️


NEW BLOG POST👏🏻👏🏻 (finally!!)
All about my visit to Hogwarts in the Snow at @wbtourlondon ❄️
The link is in my bio & as always, likes & comments are much appreciated. Please give it a read and let me know what you think🤗


I love this part at @wbtourlondon seeing how they made the footprints in the snow!
What's your favourite part?


I'm still in complete awe of how amazing the Great Hall looks at the moment😍❄️


Good morning! This is one of my favourite parts of Hogwarts in the Snow... do you like Christmas pudding?❄️❄️


#GeekGearBox - November 2017, Christmas box. —
WOW. I absolutely adore this geekgear box. I've been a bit unsure about the last few that I've received but this box is just perfect, there's not one item in the box that I don't like.
In this box, you get: Christmas Dobby t-shirt, 'you're a wizard' hat, house print, two Christmas cards, Dobby keyring, Wizards Chess piece and Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem pin (which is GORGEOUS!)

I honestly can't put into words how happy I am with this box. To find out more about how to subscribe to these boxes head to geekgearbox.co.uk 💫


Good morning! It's a month until Christmas and honestly I'm more excited than ever😁🎄
What have you asked for?💫