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That was fun
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If you are flying into NYC tonight for the @whalebonemagazine x @jcrew holiday shindig we should tell you that we have not confirmed if the Elvis impersonator will show. We can not confirm this at the moment. Safe travels
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We are sorry to report that there will not be any giant mountains of water chasing anyone in NYC on Tuesday evening. We tried to coordinate such a stunt as part of our upcoming holiday shindig this week, but due to our limited financial resources combined with the legalities and safety concerns of having a massive wave surge down 5th Ave, plus just the simple mathematics and logistics, we reluctantly couldn’t pull it off. But we will have a bunch of @montaukbrewco, a guy who looks a lot like @djjapancakes, a boatload of new Whalebone gear, and the official release of ‘Summer in 35’ presented by @montaukcolemanrealestate. Should be a nice little night of celebrating with several hundred of our closest friends and family. We’d love you to join if you might be in the area. Space is limited but the blue link is letting people on the guest list until that is full. That was a long one. Hope you had a nice weekend
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For the second year in a row, the @whalebonemagazine team has decided to forego our once wildly successful Christmas tree delivery service. We have rerouted all efforts to throwing a proper shindig on Tuesday night in NYC. Thank you for understanding
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Ghost of Christmas Future
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Limited edition release of ‘Bone’ sweatshirts. Meaning, we didn’t make that many. Few color options. DM if you’d like one and we’ll DM you back the link and it’ll be just great. Or find your way to shopwhalebone.com. Whatever works
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Hey. We’re having a party. Feel free to join. Should be a good one. RSVP before everyone else or roll the dice. The multi purpose blue link sure is getting a good work out this week
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Meet Charles. Charles would like to make you, or a friend, a free new custom surfboard for Christmas. Since Charles is only one person he will likely not be able to make all 39,579 followers of @whalebonemagazine a free new surfboard but if you or someone you know is the aquatic type here is how to get involved, simply tag a friend that would appreciate the gift of a free new custom @mencel_surfboards for Christmas, OR go the other route and tag yourself and tell us why a new custom board should find its way under your tree. Decisions, decisions. The Whalebone crew and Charles will comb through the entries and select a deserving winner on Friday night, Dec 8th at some point. If you feel like skipping to the front of the line and are interested in exchanging American dollars with this experienced gentleman from New Jersey for a new custom board feel free to send over a DM and we'll help get you lined up with Mr. Charles. DISCLAIMER: No one from the @whalebonemagazine crew is eligible to win this one. Cough, @maltt89, @alyssa_eurell, cough. Best of luck
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Tonight. Brooklyn. Will. Sign up through the good old blue link to join a special 60-minute Q&A session with New York’s resident madman @whitewaterwilly about things such as hunting giants around the globe, how to apply to The Underwater Somersaults & Acrobatics School of America, and why New York surfing is on the rise. Doors at 6:45pm. Space is limited. Free event
Photo: unknown but sure Will knows and we’ll update this later today
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More moon talk today with the growingly popular astrologer @logan_bowles
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Pleased to share the Interview Issue of @whalebonemagazine will feature a rather rare interview of an individual who has spent their fair share of time on the moon and the hallways of @nasa. Again, thirty people we admire each interviewing one person that they admire. Let’s see if we can land this thing on Earth before the end of December. Preparing to reenter the atmosphere
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More from @letstaukgrams coming this week or maybe next but definitely before Christmas
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“I hope you find your dad”
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Full gallery now playing
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ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME presented by @codigo1530. This evening we might find out who your true best drinking mate might be. Enter to win a complimentary bottle of rather nice tequila from our friends over at @codigo1530 simply by telling us the person you could see saying something like ‘thank you and I will remember this until the day I die, no matter what happens, we now are connected for life’ if you sent them a bottle of this in the mail? @whalebonemagazine will select a winner and send you AND your best drinking friend a proper bottle to have around the house. Good stuff. It’s nice to be nice but you must be 21+
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Opposite of Summer in 35mm
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A special edition of @whalebonemagazine, that has been aptly named Summer in 35, comes out today. Limited amount produced but you could order one through the blue link while supplies last and possibly have it arrive tomorrow or maybe Monday. Free shipping and new stickers included. Thank you to @montaukcolemanrealestate for supporting creative ideas and helping us bring this one to life. Details through the nostalgic blue link
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Not really sure what city or state @alyssa_eurell is in these days but if you’re near her could you let her know that the limited edition issue of @whalebonemagazine she worked on with us called “Summer in 35” presented by @montaukcolemanrealestate has been printed and we will need her most current address to send along a copy this week. Thank you for your help
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@patschmidt just sent in a few rolls of film from what looks like a horrible trip he recently took with @quincydavis to some place cold and shitty. Poor guy really needs to get his act together. Full feature about how to avoid visiting some cold and shitty place will likely run in our Friday morning newsletter. Sign up on the site and give your inbox a fighting chance at finding true love this week
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It was this or the seagull pirate or the fish with the pipe in his mouth. Feel free to tap over to @danigarreton if a walrus in a suit or any of the aforementioned ones might be your thing
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Regularly scheduled
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