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Hola! She's the first cat I've pet in six days. I was totally jonesing, so I ignored her flicking tail and loved all over her anyways, then got swatted 😝 #mexicanstreetcat #desperatetimes .
Mexico is great so far! Lots of β˜€οΈ and 🌴 and 🍍but not so much 🐈. Oh, and our luggage decided not to come on vacation with us 😩 #thanksAlaskaAirlines


Mia & Milo will be just fine while I'm away! I've received many messages of concern. Not to worry...I have a house sitter staying with them and they will be very spoiled and loved 😍 #fosterfails


This is my face after 22 hrs of travel, and I'm still not in Mexico yet! Why am I not sitting by the pool sipping umbrella drinks?! 😩
One more day and these sweet peas go to their forever home. I've been told they will have an Instagram so I'll let you know as soon as I hear ☺️ #JackandFrost #Cassiescubs



Frost is so silky soft. You probably can't tell from the photos πŸ˜‚
Over six hours at the airport awaiting our delayed flight. I'm getting a bit punchy. Still haven't found any kittens 😝


Foster mama says my new name Aslan means 'Lion'. So I guess I better start practicing my roars 🦁 ~Jack #JackandFrost


MOOOOOOOM! MOM! Where are you?!
I'm at the airport ✈️Our flight has been delayed by three hours πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
ps:/ there are zero kittens at the airport. I looked 😭



This is what mornings usually look like. But today is SO quiet 😭 Missing my babies.
But they are in really good hands with Auntie Barbra! I dropped them off yesterday so they can have a couple days of recovery post surgery. Then on Monday they will go to their forever home. All three, together forever ❀️.
I'll do more posts today. I have so many cute photos and videos that I haven't shared yet, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of time sitting in airports!
@fosterkittendiary #Cassiescubs #JackandFrost


Nite nite kitten lovers ❀️
I'll give you an update and answer some questions tomorrow. I was busy packing today! 😘


Goodbye cuddles with my boys ❀️ #bittersweet #shappy



I was hoping to do a livestream with the boys before they leave today but there's been a whole lotta this πŸ‘†πŸ» this morning! Lazy bears πŸ’™. .
We still have a few hours. I'll go live, even if I have to wake them up! 😍


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀️ #Cassiescubs


The boys are doing just fine post surgery. All sleepy and purry and snuggly 😍 #JackandFrost #neuterday



#tbt Happy Birthday babies! Wherever you are in the world I hope you are so spoiled and pampered and loved. Foster mom will never forget you ❀️ #thewhitekittens @coconut_twistedtails


Hey lady! Where did you put my friends? πŸ˜• #Cassiescubs


Off to the vet this morning with Jack & Frost for their neuter surgeries. Send your good vibes their way today! ❀️ #JackandFrost



Nite nite kitten lovers ❀️ #JackandFrost


So many cute little time to post them! .
We leave for vacation in 3 days. What am I going to do without kittens you guys?! Seriously, I'm starting to panic a little 😳😭 #Cassiescubs #JackandFrost



Morning snuggles with my little monkey 😍 #Cassiescubs


Nighty nite kitten lovers ❀️ #Cassiescubs


Dees are my new pink friends. They can't play right now cuz they're having a nap 🐱 #JackandFrost


Every day when I wake them up for cuddles and they purr like this, I'm singing Ed Sheeran's song Perfect in my head. Now you can too! 😍 #purrfect #edsheeran @teddysphotos


These two ❀️ they had an instant bond. I'm so happy they are going to be together forever 🐱🐱 #JackandFrost #Cassiescubs


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀️ #JackandFrost


Not surprising at all that the kitten yoga video took top post of 2017! That video went viral and my IG exploded with new followers that month. The internet really loved #theWhitekittens ❀️ (that's @coconut_twistedtails in the bottom right).
That's Violet in the centre square and of course beautiful Miss Amelia @amelia.the.brave made the top nine. There's a video of Tony in the bottom left crying his eyes out because he couldn't get to his dinner. And of course Calvin @calvinsnewadventures who really wanted to speak to the manager πŸ˜‚.
We fostered 40 kittens and moms in 2017, for a total of 87 fosters in three years. I never could have imagined that kittens would infiltrate my home and my heart to this extent. But I wouldn't change a thing!
Thanks for all the support kitten lovers 😘❀️


Starting the new year off with two of my favourite things 😍 Anyone got chocolate so I can make it a trifecta?! #favouritethings


I intend to continue my tradition of waking napping kittens for cuddles into 2018 😍 #itsmything #sleepykittens


How about we start off the new year with a bang... and a TRIPLE ADOPTION!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰.
Yup, it's true my friends. These three love bugs are going to be together forever. Their new mom & pop are huge cat lovers and have always had rescue cats, and believe strongly in having multiples. The boys will be so spoiled and so loved 😍
Their new names are Toby (Casey), Aslan (Jack) and Frosty. AND as if all this wasn't enough good news... they will have their own Instagram! To be announced
It's been so hard to keep this secret! Im happy to be able to finally share and celebrate with you all. If this is a sign of things to come in 2018, bring it! ❀️ #togetherforever #tripleadoption


Happy New Year kitten lovers ❀️
We love you! All your support and love and kindness in our feed means the world to me. I look forward to rescuing more kittens and extending the rescue message even further this year. So many exciting ideas to manifest in 2018. Feeling so blessed to share it with you all 😘 xx


Elevated cuddle puddle ❀️ #JackandFrost #Cassiescubs