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Does this banana make me look fat? 😳 #pregnantcat #mamaMelody


Tony accidentally met Milo. He's a little verklempt 😳


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀ #Matteo #kittenknittin


Trouble and his fluffy sidekick πŸ˜‚ #Luca&Georgia


Mama & son ❀
Her face just ruins me, so sweet! And she purred for me for the first time today 😍
Oh, and don't say I have to keep her because her eyes match my duvet cover πŸ˜‚


UPDATE! Are you sitting down... our sweet girl Tabitha has a sweet new name to match. She is now Petunia and we can follow along her adventures at @petunia.miller ❀
Oh, and her new mama makes the most GORGEOUS handmade paper and notebooks. You can check them out at ☺️


Babies on board ❀ #musickittens


I waited so long for the #Italykittens to purr for me. It was worth the wait 😍 #StellaboBella


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀ #Italykittens


Mama Melody is such a hunny bun 😍 #musickittens


K is for kitten ❀ #Tonythetabby #Italykittens


Tony loves his mama ❀ You can see she's definitely closing the Milk Bar ☺️ #Italykittens


Good morning! Isn't mama Misty just stunning? She really doesn't like being alone so I'm rotating one or two kittens in to keep her company. And I'm having coffee in my bathroom this morning πŸ˜β˜•οΈ


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀
#tbt to Meredith of the #Greyskittens


Snugs ❀ #Giorgia&Matteo #Italykittens


Giorgia and mama reunion! I totally underestimated Misty's milk production - I thought she was further along with drying up. This morning I noticed that her whole tummy is swollen and hard with milk. Poor girl is in so much discomfort. I thought maybe bringing in a kitten or two occasionally could bring her some relief. I'm not sure if she's even going to allow nursing because she's so tender 😒 #Italykittens


Hanging out in the big kids tower 😍 #Italykittens
Ps:/ Giorgia is not really bigger than Matteo, she's just closer to the camera. She's actually much smaller πŸ˜‰


BIG fans of the super circuit! Except for Matteo the cry baby πŸ˜‚ #Italykittens


Mama Melody is feeling more settled this morning. She came out from hiding, is eating and enjoying my affection. She's really very sweet, and such a beauty. .
I was told she is 3 years old. She was surrendered by her family that was moving and couldn't take her with them. They didn't realize she was pregnant, they just thought she was getting fat 😳
I know there's lots of room here for judgement and negativity. But can we please just focus on the positives - she's safe and will be showered with love while she is with me. She'll have her babies in comfort and they'll be well taken care of. The whole family will get vet care and be speutered, and be adopted to loving homes ❀


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀


This kinda sums up how foster mom feels tonight. Missing my wobbly babies 😒 #Tonythetabby


This beautiful lady arrived yesterday and she's plump with kittens! Her name is Whiskers but that just won't do, she's much too pretty. I'm calling her Melody, and very soon she is going to deliver us a choir of #musickittens 🎢


Matteo and Tony had their neuter surgeries today, and vaccinations. So they are really wiped out. Too tired to free range πŸ˜” #Italykittens #kittenknittin


The #Italykittens are free range! 😳
Tony & Matteo are at the vet getting neutered today. Mama Misty got moved to my master bathroom because I couldn't have the kittens nursing on her when they are supposed to be fasted before surgery. .
Oh, and have I mentioned there's a pregnant mama cat in my powder room? #kittenseason #fostermomproblems


G'nite kitten lovers ❀


Tabitha is home ❀
She was adopted by a lovely couple who adore cats and have always made room in their hearts and home for special needs kitties. Tabitha is so lucky. They loved her before they even met. She will be so cherished and spoiled 😍
And it gets better...they just happen to be friends with Trooper (and his mom @wobblycats) who just adopted brother Tate (now Sampson). So the #wobblysquad will get to hang out and have play dates and grow up near each other. This outcome is beyond anything I could have imagined for these two. I'm not even shappy, I'm just HAPPY ☺️
Tabitha's new mom & dad are still working on the perfect forever name for her. And there's even been talk of an Instagram...I'll keep you posted.


We are all packed up and headed to the adoption centre. Teddy is going to find his new forever family today 😍 #adoptme #wobblysquad


Luca is too busy to talk right now, he's gotta finish taking down the crinkle ball 😳 #Italykittens


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀


Foster mom had a super busy day and there wasn't time for Instagram, or kitten cuddles. Teddybear forgives me ❀