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Kitten Foster Home 🐱

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Love my girls ❀ they're so curious and happy 😍#theWhitekittens


This minute of cuteness brought to you by...a moth on the window 😍 #theWhitekittens


Nite nite kitten lovers 😍


I really should fold these, but where's the fun in that? 🐱


These aren't leg warmers, they're shin protectors 😳



Mornings at the white house 😍 #theWhitekittens


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀


So, they have officially taken over the entire house 😳 #whitekitteninvasion


Star doesn't have time for your primping, she's got places to be 🐱


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀ #theWhitekittens


One day I'm going to drop my phone in the bath. That'll teach me πŸ˜³πŸ›πŸ±



Foster Dad turned the ottoman upside down and it's like a kitty clown car! BEST THING EVER!
I add something new/different to their environment every day to keep them stimulated and engaged. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive or even cat specific, just different. So I'll toss a basket onto the floor, an empty paper towel roll, plastic containers, crumpled up balls of packing paper...Or I'll drape a blanket over a side table and create a fort. I rotate their cat toys every few days, bring out ones they haven't seen for a couple weeks and they treat them like they're new. .

Like I always say, a bored kitty is a naughty kitty! So keep your indoor only cats amused by adding something new every day 🐱


Sunday morning lap lovin' with my littlest girl Angel πŸ˜‡β€


Goodnight kitten lovers ❀


The girls are doing well, just really tired. I was hoping to do a livestream tonight but everyone's just too sleepy! ❀ #theWhitekittens


What it looks like every time I eat. Every single time. Even if it's tomato salad πŸ…#catsarecarnivores #gofigure


A question that's frequently asked is how do I get such good pictures of the kittens all looking at the camera? The answer is I take a LOT of shots to get a good one!
Here's a slideshow to prove my point - the first photo is my top pick with edits. The next 8 are just some of the outtakes. I took about 100 shots, mostly using the burst function on my iPhone to get this one good one. And even with all that, the photo is still not great because Sugar is slightly out of focus. .
While I'm holding the burst button, I'm usually waving a jingley toy above my head while making as many ridiculous sounds my lips will perform. It's quite a show! πŸ˜‚ #catphotography



The littles had their meds, a big breaky, baff time, and are now snuggled on my lap having first napsies. Happy Caturday kitten lovers ❀


Nite nite kitten lovers ❀


The girls are sleepy but doing really well. Lots of cuddles tonight ❀


I've got the girls! We're on our way home now. Everyone did great 😍


We're just kickin' it old school with some Fleetwood Mac, waiting for the call that the little ones are out of surgery. I must say, four is a very manageable number 🐱


Angel and her big sisters Star & Ducky were dropped at the vet's office this morning. Please send love for a smooth and easy spay day ❀ #spayandneuter #imabiggirlnow


Nite nite kitten lovers ❀


I've been saving this one for a #tbt. Look how little she is! Our little Ducky has grown into a strong, healthy Dove. Tomorrow is her spay surgery and very soon she'll be heading off to her happily ever after ❀ #noimnotkeepingher
Speaking of adoption day...I've been getting inundated with messages about adopting the kittens and I can't possibly reply to them all. You must be present at the adoption location to put in an application. I will announce the date and location as soon as I know. Unless you live on Vancouver Island then it would be very impractical to adopt one of #theWhitekittens


Foster Mom was gone all day, but big brother Coconut took good care of the girls while she was gone 😍


New toys! And kitty art! Big thank you to Emma @russianbluesart for sending us these presents. I love this drawing of the Holidaykittens - I'm going to frame it and put it up in the foster room. And as you can see, the kittens LOVE their new toys! 😘