White Eyed Rowdy

Black Lab with Vitiligo | Spreading awareness and embracing the unique beauty of vitiligo | RIP continuing to share his message


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To The Dog We Thought We'd Have Forever. Link in the bio.




Rowdy's back on this rainy Oregon Friday! 🐼He's sharing A Movie-Like Beginning, A Thank You, And The Need For Conversation. Link is in the bio 😛


Scrubba dub 🐼miss this guy 😔❤️


Hello everybody, it's Friday and we have a new blog post in the bio! As many of you know, all of Rowdy's efforts in vitiligo and more come from his belief that everybody has the right to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. However, this came from something real, it wasn't a random catchphrase. Read this weeks post to figure out a little bit more :) and read all the way through because we have a special Rowdy goodie for you at the bottom 😋🐼


Got a new story for you guys this Friday 😊 This week shares why Rowdy is more than just my dog, check it out in the bio. We appreciate all you guys keeping Rowdy's message alive through the blog. All of you who read it keep his story going, so we thank you so much.


It's Friday! You know what that means, a new Rowdy story 😛🐼 This one has our first memories of Rowdy, and there's some old pictures we have of him in the post, so make sure and check it out! Links in the bio


Every Friday Rowdy will be telling stories through his blog! This Friday he shares his stance on vitiligo. Check it out, the link is in the bio 🐼😊


Missing my boy!! 💔 Wanted to remind you all that you have a bit of time left to get some Rowdy socks should your hearts desire. 😊 Link is in our bio!!


"Behind the Scenes of White Eyed Rowdy's Rise to Fame" New blog post on www.whiteeyedrowdy.com


Our Dear friend Ava (all the way from London Ontario Canada) is here visiting this week and was able to witness the TOTAL eclipse! What fun we had!!! She's such a strong, kind, beautiful, smart and talented ambassador for vitiligo and she's only 10!!! This girl is going places!! #vitiligo #vitiligonation #vrfoundation #vitiligoworld #vitiligopride #beauty #confidence #comfortable #ambassador #awareness #❤️#supportvitiligo


We have amazing followers!! .

@hyla_f is one of them. She so graciously made a custom pillow for us when she heard Rowdy passed away. It sits on our couch where I see it all the time. ❤️
Please, if you want a super cool and beyond unique pillow made with love by a very talented person, check out www.hylaf.com and see her work! #hyla_f #pillow #custompillow #art #keepportlandrowdy #dogswithjobs #pillows #thankyou #unique #talent #❤️ #missinghim #gonebutnotforgotten #blacklab #dogslife #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta


Hey everyone! Please meet @alec_arditi_747 ! A wonderful, talented and handsome vitiligo friend of ours! ❤️ We've recently met (via Instagram) and I thought he looked so good in his shirt I wanted to share!! .
The pic next to Alec is a "sneak peek" of some special "limited edition" White Eyed Rowdy socks that will be available SOON!! 😊 #dogswithjobs #vitiligo #vrfoundation #dogslife #blacklab #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogsofinsta #gooddog #socks #vitiligoawareness #vitiligoworld #vitiligonation #vitiligosupport


Rowdy has his very own chapter in this amazing book! Thank you @lauragreavesauthor !!! It will be out on shelves (in Australia) in November!! However, you can pre-order yours now at @booktopiabooks!! Sooooooooo excited! He was such a good boy! And I miss him desperately! #dogswithjobs #lauragreaves #keepportlandrowdy #vitiligo #vrfoundation #dogslife #dogsofpdx #pdxdogs #proudmom #blacklab #booktopia #goodread #book #bookstagram #mustread #buyyourstoday #missyou #❤️


I don't know about you guys...but I sure miss this face and everything that goes along with it. #😢 #❤️ #missyou #dogs #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #vitiligo #keepportlandrowdy #dogslife #memories #blacklab #doglife #labrador #blacklabrador #specialdog


Heading up to this beauty, Olallie Lake, for a few days and will be off the grid!! If both kids make it, we'll be spreading some of Rowdy's ashes as we reflect on some of the best memories we have with that ole boy! 💔😢 #missyou #throwback #beforespots #goodoledays #dogs #dogsofig #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #olallielake #oregon #cascades #bestdogever #somuchbeauty #pacificnw #adventure #lake #pdxdogs #dogsofpdx #keepportlandrowdy #nature #dogsofinstaworld #doglife


I wanted to share a special story about a special person. In this photo with Rowdy is Lindsay Hile of @portlandpetphotographer Sit! Stay Pet Photography ❤️ WE LOVE HER WITH ALL OF OUR HEART!!! Well 3 (ish) years ago when it dawned on me that Rowdy's eyes were pretty unique, and people liked seeing him or were curious and intrigued, that maybe someone (a professional) would be interested in taking pics of him. I called around and even met a few but it was the day I met Lindsay that changed our lives! Forever! She had just the reaction and passion I was looking for. I said "I have this dog, with this amazing face, are you interested, do you have any ideas, etc etc". We met for coffee before she ever got to meet Rowdy in person and was so enthusiastic, energized and beaming with joy because she had this amazing project in mind and Rowdy was perfect for it!! Talk about a match made in heaven. We did our first photo shoot (of many) soon after and she has become part of our family. A dear friend for life! A person who has given me and my family the gift of Rowdy in photos that are not only truly artistic, but creative and heartwarming too. She has worked so hard!!! I mean hours and hours (days and days) of trying to get Rowdy's "cheese face" or get him to sit or stand or STAY, and then going through all the images and compiling them into her book project @spottedinportland with patience and pride and professionalism!! She is one of Rowdy's biggest supporters in anything and everything we ever did!! She has no idea the love, respect, and appreciation I have for her! She captured every expression Rowdy could possibly muster up and loves him as we do!! We were blessed to be partners in this White Eyed Rowdy journey with such a honest, genuine, giving, talented person and photographer! If you are not following her project featuring Rowdy posing in front of Portland Street Art / Wall Murals PLEASE DO! @spottedinportland But most importantly, if you know a publisher who could help her get him (and her awesomeness) on the shelves asap please let us know!!!! They are both good and pure and deserve only the best!!! Thank you for reading my short story. 😊❤️😘


Since we showed our "first day with Rowdy" video recently, we thought we'd also share our "last day with Rowdy" video too. 😢💔 He was an unexplainable dog/companion and best friend to our family for 14 adventurous, crazy, unbelievable, love filled, lucky and purposeful years. His absence in our home is unbearable at times ... even knowing he's at peace, but he will always be by our sides. 💕 Such a good boy with such a good life and such an ambassador!! Missing you Rowdy! Always! 😘 #goodbyessuck #missyou #foreverinmyheart #dog #keepportlandrowdy #lastswim #peanutbutterbaconburger #doggycone #hugs #kisses #tears #whiteeyedrowdy #😢 #💔


One of my last photos with Rowdy and I. 💕So much love in such a simple photo! I miss him so much! 💔😢 I could never thank you all enough for your kind words, encouragement and support!! I'm blown away by the outpouring of love!!! He touched so many people and I'm so proud to have been his mom!
I really want a tattoo of or about Rowdy but I'm not sure what?? Or where?? Any artists out there with a vision? I'd love to see what you come up with? The photo of him with the heart inspires me to have it say something like "forever in my heart" ... but I'm open. I'm not creative at all and need help!
And then I need names of good local tattoo artists (I live in Canby Oregon) to do it. I'll travel a distance too if they are ridiculously good?
Please note the awesome bracelet @nairandbjorn made! On the other side it says #whiteeyedrowdy and you can buy one on her site (in her bio). She was a huge supporter of Rowdy but also donates a portion of her proceeds to rescue causes!! #tattoo #tattooart #tattooartist #tattoodesign #nairandbjorn #keepportlandrowdy #portlandpetphotographer #spottedinportland #restinpeace #dog #dogs #dogslife #seniordog #bestfriends #mansbestfriend #beautiful #love #handinhand #truelove #companion #specialboy #unconditionallove


We wanted to share some snippets of the day we brought Rowdy home as a surprise for the kids. Boy were we clueless what that special pup had in store for us!!! Missing him so bad!! #💔 #😢 But lucky to have these special, PRICELESS memories! A few quotes from the clips: #iyikehim #hesyittle #cantbelieveweactuallygotadog #ilovethisdogdad #isrowdyaboy @joshumbenhower @allyumby @umbien @umbiet @lbeiser10


Miss you so much already my dearest Rowdy! 💔😢We are blown away by the overwhelming support, prayers, well wishes and encouraging words!!! THANK YOU!!!! We are organizing a walk In Memory Of White Eyed Rowdy and if any of you have experience or advice for us, please get ahold of me. I'm lost, in grief and in experience with an event like this! We want to raise funds for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation (AVRF) and for the Spotted In Portland book publication created by our sweet photographer Lindsay Hile of Sit! Stay Pet Photography. Please enjoy this small slide show of some random pictures of Rowdy. Xoxo Thank you all for the outpouring of love! #keepportlandrowdy #portlandpetphotographer #avrf #spottedinportland


White Eyed Rowdy
May 5, 2003 - June 30, 2017
❤️Forever in our hearts❤️ There are no words!
I can't think straight!
Our hearts are beyond broken! 💔

We wanted to share with all of you who have followed, loved and supported in all sorts of ways that our precious and beloved Rowdy has passed on and joined the ranks in Heaven. I could write a book, share thousands of memories, post videos galore, tell story after story...but right now we are grieving and that will all have to wait. For now, please hold him (and us) in your thoughts!
He had the biggest heart (aka Picture from @portlandpetphotography) and we will continue on his legacy and mission, with a brief intermission, to recover from our painful and incredible loss.
Ugh!! 😰😭😰😭He will be SO missed!!!! What an incredible dog, best friend, companion, entertainer, adventurous, protector and family pet he was! #keepportlandrowdy #portlandpetphotographer #whiteeyedrowdy #rip #foreverinourhearts #dog #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #alldogsgotoheaven #dreadedthispostforever


Happy World Vitiligo Day!! May each and every one of you with this condition find peace, confidence and comfortability in your beautiful skin!! Embrace Diversity!! #avrf #vitiligo #vitiligoawareness #worldvitiligoday Repost from @spottedinportland using @RepostRegramApp - Have you all seen the AMAZING Zipper building with its lenticular dream chasing murals here in Portland? It's the most unique spot in town! Speaking of unique spots- it's also World Vitiligo Day!! Help us celebrate by visiting whiteeyedrowdy.com and purchasing a Spotted in Portland or White Eyed Rowdy shirt- your purchase will go to help with vitiligo awareness, to the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, and to help turn this project into a book! Have a happy day!

Mural by @yoskayyamamoto
Photo by @portlandpetphotographer
Happy dog is @white_eyed_rowdy


Vitiligo ~ Skin ~ Beautiful ~ Confidence ~ Love ~ Embrace Diversity ~ Talented Models are Sweet Emma and Rowdy (taken with my cell phone) #vitiligo #skin #beautiful #confidence #love #embracediversity #lightsciencestudios #vitiligoproject #dogswithjobs #smile #vitiligoawareness #photographyproject #❤️