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Black Lab with Vitiligo | Spreading awareness and embracing the unique beauty of vitiligo | RIP continuing to share his message


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Scrolling through my “favorites” photos in my phone. Not gonna lie...I bawled like a baby!!! #😭 #missyou #dogswithjobs #vitiligo #dogmodel #oneofakind #dogs #foreverinmyheart #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #dogslife #keepportlandrowdy #spottedinportland #dog


Reminiscing about one of the coolest things to ever happen in my life!! ❤️ Carter and Ava’s trip to meet Rowdy in person! Video creds to Ava! @itsyagirlmendes #vitiligo #dogsofinstagram #dogs #bffs #dogsofig #amazinganimals #dogswithjobs #unique #sweetboy #bungalowhub #doglovers


Missing this boy extra lots this season. 😰 But know he’s up in Heaven singing along with the gang!!! #happyholidays #ochristmastree #keepportlandrowdy #peanutsgang #snoopy #charliebrown #charliebrownchristmas #missyou #dogs #dog #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #dogsofchristmas #priceless



Hello everyone, hope you had a good White Eyed Wednesday! For those of you passionate Rowdy fans who continue to follow his adventures and read his stories, and haven’t signed up for his newsletter yet, click the link in the bio to get his first near death story. There’s been several, but you can read the first one there. All it takes is your email :-) Thanks for all you guys do ❤️


Took a little break, but we’re back with Rowdy’s blog! Check out his newest post in the bio :)


‘‘Tis the season friends!! 🎅 If you’re still looking for a unique gift ... we have some Rowdy Gear left. Check out www.whiteeyedrowdy.com (link is also in bio) and get yours now! #keepportlandrowdy #vitiligo #vitiligoworld #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dogsofinsta #doglovers #giftideas #giftidea #merrychristmas



Well! Big news! We did it! We didn’t plan to, but as fate would have it, we have a new puppy in our lives. Everyone, meet Cooper! Pretty sure Rowdy had something to do with this! 😊 You can follow him and his adventures at @_cooper_the_pooper #puppylove #keepportlandrowdy #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #puppies #puppiesofig #puppy #dog #dogs #fate #dogsofig #petsies


Rowdy never had the best paw eye coordination 😬😂



Tonight...I find myself missing this old soul more than I can explain. Look at his happy face! He loved life! I look at his smile and think "Don't worry! Be happy!" I miss you Rowdy!! 💔😘❤️#keepportlandrowdy #dogs #dogsofig #vitiligo #dontworrybehappy #smile #dogsmile #missyou




White Eyed Rowdy's "7 Days - 7 Shout Outs" Campaign. DAY 6 .
Along our journey we have had SO much love and support, not only from his fans, but from businesses & artists; small and large! We want to share our gratitude and give a shout out to those who have gone out of their way to support Rowdy and share in his mission. .
Today's shout out is to @lauragreavesauthor writer, author and avid dog lover who interviewed us about Rowdy's life and captured it so incredibly well! .
She has a new book being released THIS MONTH (Nov 27th) called Dogs With Jobs and a whole chapter is dedicated to Rowdy and the good work he has done (and hopes to continue doing)! Pre-order yours now and save! .
I could never thank her enough for the amazing "bio" she has written about him and the international friendship we have developed! I will have that book and chapter to always read and reflect on when I'm missing my boy! Thank you for sharing Rowdy with the world from your perspective! .
www.lauragreaves.com .



This week White Eyed Rowdy is doing a "7 Days - 7 Shout Outs" Campaign. .
Along our journey we have had SO much love and support, not only from his fans, but from businesses & artists; small and large! We want to share our gratitude and give a shout out to those who have gone out of their way to support Rowdy and share in his mission. .
Today's shout out is to @nairandbjorn . The owner, Kim donated bracelets that we raffled off at his birthday fundraiser and also sent us this as a gift when he passed on. We are so very grateful! And I wear my bracelets almost daily!
These "Forever In My ❤️" bracelets are not only sentimental and customized but she will donate 20% of each purchase to an animal charity or a no kill shelter! Please help support her cause and check out her website! .



White Eyed Rowdy - A Guide Through Hard Times. Link in bio 🐼 PC: @thedogist


Happiest of Birthdays to one of the most amazing kids I have ever met in my life! You changed our lives just as much, if not more, than Rowdy did yours! We love you more than you will ever know! You and Rowdy made a big difference in this world and spread so much awareness! How blessed are we to have crossed paths? #keepportlandrowdy #portlandpetphotographer #vitiligo #confidence #beauty #unforgettable


To The Dog We Thought We'd Have Forever. Link in the bio.





Rowdy's back on this rainy Oregon Friday! 🐼He's sharing A Movie-Like Beginning, A Thank You, And The Need For Conversation. Link is in the bio 😛


Scrubba dub 🐼miss this guy 😔❤️


Hello everybody, it's Friday and we have a new blog post in the bio! As many of you know, all of Rowdy's efforts in vitiligo and more come from his belief that everybody has the right to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. However, this came from something real, it wasn't a random catchphrase. Read this weeks post to figure out a little bit more :) and read all the way through because we have a special Rowdy goodie for you at the bottom 😋🐼


Got a new story for you guys this Friday 😊 This week shares why Rowdy is more than just my dog, check it out in the bio. We appreciate all you guys keeping Rowdy's message alive through the blog. All of you who read it keep his story going, so we thank you so much.


It's Friday! You know what that means, a new Rowdy story 😛🐼 This one has our first memories of Rowdy, and there's some old pictures we have of him in the post, so make sure and check it out! Links in the bio


Every Friday Rowdy will be telling stories through his blog! This Friday he shares his stance on vitiligo. Check it out, the link is in the bio 🐼😊


Missing my boy!! 💔 Wanted to remind you all that you have a bit of time left to get some Rowdy socks should your hearts desire. 😊 Link is in our bio!!


"Behind the Scenes of White Eyed Rowdy's Rise to Fame" New blog post on www.whiteeyedrowdy.com


Our Dear friend Ava (all the way from London Ontario Canada) is here visiting this week and was able to witness the TOTAL eclipse! What fun we had!!! She's such a strong, kind, beautiful, smart and talented ambassador for vitiligo and she's only 10!!! This girl is going places!! #vitiligo #vitiligonation #vrfoundation #vitiligoworld #vitiligopride #beauty #confidence #comfortable #ambassador #awareness #❤️#supportvitiligo


We have amazing followers!! .

@hyla_f is one of them. She so graciously made a custom pillow for us when she heard Rowdy passed away. It sits on our couch where I see it all the time. ❤️
Please, if you want a super cool and beyond unique pillow made with love by a very talented person, check out www.hylaf.com and see her work! #hyla_f #pillow #custompillow #art #keepportlandrowdy #dogswithjobs #pillows #thankyou #unique #talent #❤️ #missinghim #gonebutnotforgotten #blacklab #dogslife #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta