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We are stardust
We are golden
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden
-Joni Mitchell, Woodstock · +

These lyrics are hitting home this morning. So beautiful & full of truth. Photo is of summer rose petals in the backyard garden ~ Listening to the goddess Joni & visualizing the wild rose bush as I use some summer petals to create some very special soap today. 🌹


From my dreams into reality ✨
Cold process Calendula soap made with handpicked flowers from @suntrapbotanical, cut and now in it's final curing stage. In a few weeks it will be ready to use ☀️



::: align with your natural rhythm :::



Have Heart 💘

Island Rose infused bath bombs for honouring the divine & our sacred hearts. Made with wild rose tincture, rose petals & buds, rose infused coconut oil, sweet almond oil, epsom salts, baking soda & lots of love 💘

Etsy listing coming soon xx


· { H E A L I N G · A U R A S } ·

Auras can be healed by finding out what is out of balance and seeking to bring it back to equilibrium. By using vibration we can change certain frequencies and bring health back into alignment. ~ new post about the magic of auras & alignment up on the blog wildflowercoblog.wordpress.com


For beauty
For love
For care
For healing
For uplifting the spirit ☀️

Sweet Orange Calendula Rose, Fizzing Soaking Salts 🌹 with Orange Essential oil, Island Rose infused Coconut oil, Almond oil, and Calendula oil. ☀️ Epsom salts & baking soda soothe muscles & soften skin while helping to pull out toxins from the body. ☀️ all charged with rose quartz for inviting unconditional loving energy into the bath ritual. 🌹 coming soon to the etsy shop 🌹✨ #BathMagic



There is magic in how we choose to bathe. Close the door. Light the candles. Play your music. Step into the water, embracing just being in your body. It's magical however you choose to do it. And is very healing too. A simple bath with herbs, oils & salts can be one of the easiest and therapeutic ways to stimulate your circulatory system, relieve muscle pain & inflamation, and release feel good hormones. Making you more happy and balanced mind, body & soul. 🌊🌼🌊🌼🌊🌼🌊 This image & these thoughts are today's musing as I cook up some Calendula Rose bath magic in the kitchen today ✨🛁✨ #BathMagic


I believe in the good things growing 🌱



Something NEW this way comes ⛅️

Cold Process Calendula Soap in the making today! So excited about this new journey into soap making ✨



New Moon ~ New Books 🌿
The Herbalists Way & Plant Spirit Medicine. Two important books arrived today to help guide me on my path ~ what are you reading? ✨


· { C A L E N D U L A } ·
Blessings to you on this New Moon in Capricorn ~ I'm Straining this sunny oil and cooking up something ✨NEW✨in the kitchen today. +

The cardinal earth energy of building solid foundations is ripe with me these days and I see it in all of you too. I wish you all so much light & love on your journeys. ✨💕✨ +



· P a i n · E a s e ·

An herbal pain relief balm to topically relieve aches, pains & inflammation. Can be used to ease the pain of migraines, headaches, back aches, arthritis & menstrual cramps. 🌿

Inside: a cayenne oil accompanies locally wildcrafted st. john's wort & yarrow oils, garden grown calendula oil with essential oils of frankincense & peppermint. All held with organic beeswax from paradise farms right here on the island. ·

Listing a few of these special salves in the online shop today 🔥✨



· { W i l d · Y a r r o w } ·
In uncertain times we can always trust in Yarrow. ·

Yarrow has always been with us.
Throughout the years.. she has been growing along side us, with us. Helping us along.
A wound sealer
A fever breaker
A protector
And intuitive healer.
She is part of us. We can trust in that. She continues to grow in many regions all over the planet, offering her gifts to those who seek them. Calling us back to ourselves. 🌿✨ +

She is so dear to me. I'm savouring this last bottle of dried island Yarrow and making a slow infused oil for some detox bath bombs. 🌿✨


Happy little cupboard 🌈🌸✨ Even though it's a shelf.. Draped in fabrics to keep out the sunlight. This is where I store the majority of herbs, infused oils and finished product for little wild flower co. It's dwindling down now as we enter winters deep sleep. I spoke recently about my saturn return in capricorn.. it came on strong but has been the best medicine with deep lessons I'm still learning. The word that is coming up for me & to mind when I see this shelf... Is Solidity. The importance of using our energy wisely, to build something solid. I've been seeing so clearly the foundation I'm building for my authentic self to truly blossom, and the vision I have for @wild.flowerco has been planted.. And everyday it grows. 🌸✨ seeing how things fall into place within the context of the whole 🌀 and looking forward to bringing wild flower co. into full bloom this year.


Yarrow & Eucalyptus Bath Bombs ~ Coming soon to the online shop 🌿🌾✨



· { S U N S H I N E · S A L V E } ·
a sunny salve to soothe dry, sensitive, itchy & irritated skin throughout the winter months. ·

A gentle but effective healer to have on hand, this salve can be used daily to hydrate the skin & restore natural radiance. Good for healing all manner of skin irritations and can be applied to eczema, wounds or burns. ·

Made from the sun filled wild and garden grown flowers of St. Joans Wort, Calendula & Yarrow infused in high quality olive oil with organic island beeswax. ·
I have a few of these salves available for sale now locally and will be adding some to the online shop in the future. 🌿✨


🌿✨ green magic 🌿✨ I was digging through my archives to find a nice picture of the calendula oil roll-ons I have ::ON SALE:: when I stumbled on this little clip from when my backyard she was a vibrant green dream..so this is now your message .. +

I currently have some plant offerings at reduced prices that can help with a sad heart, poor circulation, seasonal dry skin, eczema, stress & pain. ✨ Calendula oil, Aromatherapy blends, Herbal Pain Relief, and Rose Tincture are all on sale in the etsy shop 💕 reducing the price on these high quality items to make room for some new offerings. 💕 shop link is in my bio 🌿✨


· { C O N N E C T I O N } ·

Loving this old book "ABC's of Nature" the information is a little outdated but the pictures are beautiful with nice descriptions of different plants, flowers and herbs. During winter I miss my plant friends .. Don't we all miss them when their gone? ❄️ I've been drawing plants from this book as well as taking the time to research and journal about herbs & flowers that are calling to me. 🌿 it feels good to connect with the plant world in this way and it's really a wonderful way to learn over the winter months. @ritual_botanica recently wrote something similar to this and she speaks about winter as a time to really dive into books and learn from them. I couldn't agree more! Learning & reading all I can this winter. ❄️🌿✨and if you have never encountered the work of @ritual_botanica this is your sign from the universe to go visit her account.. 🌈✨



The magic of home ✨

The warmth & security felt in these walls is definitely more appreciated when in contrast to cold Winter temperatures outside. I've been enjoying nesting the last few days.. Cleaning, organizing, seeing things fall into place & come together. +

Currently burning candles, simmering reishi hot cocoa & melting beeswax into oils of st. joan, calendula & yarrow for sunny skin healing salves to keep skin healthy and radiant this winter.. Feeling warm on this winters day.


· C l a r i t y ·
It's one of those calm winter moments
After the winds have been blowing for days
And you emerge from your home to find the ice coming to shore
And fresh snow clinging to every
Naked trees, shrubs & flowers poke up from the blanlet wearing their snow crowns & gowns
With everything else strippepd away.. It's one of those icy calm moments when you can see things so clearly · +
I know it's so easy to hate on winter. But every season has it's magic, it's gift & it's medicine. I see so much beauty in Winters magic. In my mind I've been imagining Winter as a kind of womb.. It's been helping me to embrace the darkness & the hermit energy. Curling up with tea & my teachers. I hope you are finding your rhythm & peace with this sometimes harsh season too. ❄️🌀✨ #Magic


+++++ CALENDULA +++++
+++ ST. JOANS WORT +++
++++++ YARROW +++++++ ·

Three medicinal flowers close to my heart that were harvested throughout the warmer months being used to create a skin healing & protecting salve to be used during Winter. Coming this week ✨


Flashback to summertime wild rose magic 🌹✨ Still savouring backyard petals & bathing in them too.


🌕 C r e a t i v e ⚡️ W o r k s h o p s 🌕

I am very happy to annouce that Wild Flower Company has some upcoming workshops taking place in partnership with the local Rec House that will be happening throughout the Winter months.

The current scheduled workshops are for a Dreamcatcher making class & a 'Make your own Fizzing Bath Soak' class and will be for children & youth aged 12 - 18.

I am very grateful to be able to offer these classes as a way to help youth express their creativity. In regards to the dreamcatcher making, this skill is something that has brought me so much joy and helped me grow as an artist. I acknowledge that it is a taditional Native art to create dreamcatchers, and I am humbled by this and consider it a great privledge to make them. +

With that said I am very happy about passing this skill along as it truly is a therapeutic art that helps unleash ones own unique creativity. I want to make sure that I do it right and with respect.
In the class, we will not be making the traditional Native dreamcatchers but instead they will be made from fabrics, coloured yarns, metal hoops, beads and feathers. +

The purpose will be to let the participants explore their own individual creativity while we also pay respect to this traditionally Native art. It is my hope that after the class each person will have a new understanding of the art of dreamcatcher making, that they will know it is a privledge to make them, and they will have created something beautiful from their own mind with their own hands. +

The dreamcatcher class will be held on the 27th of January here in Port Aux Basques. I'll have more info soon! +

In the meantime I would love feedback or thoughts about these classes as well as ideas for any other classes or workshops you might like to see from me in the future. Thanks for reading 💕🌈🌕✨


Photographing peppermint sugar scrubs/getting distracted by beauty ~


M i s c e l l a n e o u s M a g i c ✨

Quartz to cleanse my spirit, Tigers Eye to ground it and summer wild flowers (Red Clover, Dandelion, Yarrow & Queen Anne) as little reminders of my connection to all life. +


····making a turmeric ginger tincture today & attempting to perfect a tasty, hot, heart & spirit healing beverage to enjoy this winter. · +

What I'm working with is: organic cocoa powder, honey, wild rose & powdered reishi.. As an intense storm is currently raging outside I am looking for any & all hot cocoa or other hot, healing herbal elixir recipes to keep me strong & warm· +

Photo is a dreamy backyard scene from the end of summer. An elixir of yesteryear, turmeric ginger tincture.. resting on wild yarrow.. 💕


🌕 F u l l 🌕 M o o n 🌕 M a n t r a:

You are one
With the ever
Expanding universe
The earth is your body
Your head is made
From stars
What you do to yourself
You do to the world
Your power lies
Inside waiting
For you to see yourself
in the treasure
You covet
In the flowers
That bloom
There is a world
Of magic
Inside waiting
Trust that the love
You give yourself
You give to the world
The shift is happening
Human consiousness
Is flowering
All you need to do
Is water your own garden
And you will nourish the world💧



M o o n 🌕 M e s s a g e:
Love the earth
Love eachother
Love your body
And know in your heart that we are all one.


🎊 New Years Eve Bath Ritual 🎊

Gather a combination of baking soda & salts with organic apple cider vinegar, this is a good basic ratio:

1/2 cup Epsom Salt or Sea Salt
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1/3 cup ACV

Mix your salts & baking soda with an herb infused oil if you can. I'm using Red Clover infused olive oil with a few drops of orange EO. The red clover had been infusing since summer, it was a personal batch that I never strained. I mixed the remaining clover & oil right into the salts. I added some cedar, calendula petals, ground licorice root & a wee bit of dried nettle leaf. I cleansed the entire mix with a piece of Raw island quartz which I will also keep by the tub during the bath. You can add herbs or a stone that feel right to you. You can choose to add your herbs & salts seperately if you like, you would add them both to jars and pour boiling water over them to steep/dissolve them before adding them to your bath. Because I use oil I tend to mix everything except the ACV together, and run a hot bath and add the mixture by letting the hot water run over & dissolve the mixture and infuse in the water for a minutes before dipping in. · +

Draw a hot bath and add your vinegar. Then add your oils, herbs & salt mixture(s). If you feel comfortable doing so begin to speak little affirmations, either outloud or in your head about how this bath is to cleanse your mind, body and spirit. I like to thank the plants & herbs that I am using and begin with the spirit of gratitude. · +

Make sure to hydrate. The combination of ingredients used will help pull out toxins from your body which dehydrates you in the process so water drinking is key. I always suggest drinking a glass of water before & after the bath.· +

Before entering the bath burn either palo santo, sage, incense, cedar or another cleansing smoke of your choosing. If you don't have this it's okay, you can visualize and do the steps. Let the smoke cleanse you from head to toe and declare firmly what you are releasing, what you would like to leave behind in 2017.. +
Step into the bath, dip under the water, cleanse, release, enjoy... +

See you on the otherside beautiful light beings ✨