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Lost for words 😍😍 | Picture by: @sukiicat


Epic shot by our friend @shannon__wild


Follow at one of ours favourite page🐘🐘 @pageofelephants | Photo by @morkelerasmus



By @juansharks If you were swimming and you saw this dorsal fin pop up in front of you like this photo I shot of a sandbar sharks, would it scare you? It shouldn’t, sharks and humans can #coexist and share the same water. The idea that sharks see humans as a food source is complete rubbish. When there is a adverse interaction with a shark and human it is usually the case of mistaken identity or a bite out of competition. The Fear that exists because media has been demonizing sharks as man eating monster is very misplaced. Practically Everything kills people more than sharks, toasters, coconuts, selfie’s, lightning, soda machines, and toilets just to name a few. We should really be afraid of animals like mosquitoes, that killed an average of 700,000 people every year and not sharks that only kill an average of 10 people every year. This miss placed fear stops people from caring about sharks and things like shark fin soup continue to be consumed because a majority of the world population is so Disconnected from the ocean and sharks . #cagethefear #turnfearintofascination #ApexPredatorNotMonster #coxist #helpsavesharks #instagood #beauty #of #theocean #getconnected #saynotosharkfinsoup #stopfinning #oneocean #onechance #happy #shark #fin #sharks #stop #sharkfinsoup while diving with @oneoceandiving @oceanramsey @waterinspired @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanglobal @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanhawaii @oneoceansharks using


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Via @discoversharks | Words by @oceanramsey #StandUpPaddling and drifting through #sharks Heading back to this beautiful part of the world where sharks are protected. #Bahamas I’m trying to film something educational about coexistence and to discuss what to do and what not to do but they want to do it by breaking down examples of what went wrong. I know it’s good to learn from others mistakes but I don’t like to focus on negative instances in general but I hope I can impart some reality and share some of the science and practical application of living, diving, and respecting sharks, their important ecological role, and their sensory systems. Simple things like If I splash on the surface they respond because they are attuned to possible prey items like birds landing on the surface. It may be human instinct to thrash in fear but I want to break down and share the do’s and donts of how best to respond when approached by a shark in a variety of situations and conditions, times of day, etc. looking forward to sharing more and hopefully some more sunshine and sharks everyday ☀️🦈🦈💙 #travelforacause Video by @juansharks with @lauracorbe @andycorbe @natseamonkey #Sharks #shark #Surfingwithsharks #supwithsharks Interested in #sup #Standuppaddling check out @oneoceanconservation lead & fellow #oneoceanseaster & #sharkdiver @mermaidyogagirlboss & her company @yogakaihawaii out of @fourseasons in #koolina #oahu #learnaboutsharks #oneoceandiving @oneoceandiving



Majestic Cat 😍 | Picture by: @robert_sijka


Via @discoversharks | These people did not see this gray whale right under them! This is the same gray whale that was in Dana Point Harbor | video by @orangecountyoutdoors


Man breaks ice by hand and swims in icy water to rescue a drowning dog
Via @animalangels444



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The Leopard chilling in the tree is from Queen Elisabeth National Park, Uganda!
Photo by @tales_by_nature


A normal day in Brazil 🇧🇷.
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Nyankichi the cat walking away from the erupting Aso volcano in #Japan
Photo by @Noraneko_Nyankichi


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photo by ©️️Michael Krom


Real friendship will live forever ♥️ @animal_attacks
Heartbreaking 💔


Majestic 😍 | Photo by: @benjhicks



Catwalk or ponywalk |
Photo by @johannavauphotography


Tag a friend | Photo by @iamthegreatwent


Via @Discoversharks Words by @sharksneedlove I'll start by saying I like dolphins, I like photographing dolphins and I certainly enjoy diving with dolphins. However, and there is a however, I'm constantly warned how someday I'll get 'attacked' by a shark and dolphins are often portrayed as smiling saints which they're most certainly not. Dolphins have been seen mating with their own family members, they gang rape and even interspecies mate and rape! It's also been documented that the males enjoy penetrating another dolphins blow hole for 'fun' 😳 So, it's no surprise these highly sexual animals occasionally try their luck with a human! Stay safe people, dive with sharks 🦈
Footage found via @oceandefender 🎥
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Isn’t this amazing to see!! Video via @vaaquarium
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Follow @robertoochoahe Roberto Ochoa is a marine wildlife videographer, has been documenting the beauty of our world's oceans. Director of Galapagos Evolution and Shark lover. Amazing video ( @robertoochoahe )


Repost from @discoverlions | Caption this | video by @ggconservation


Via @discoversharks | This is incredible 😲 Video by: @pacificeagleaircam


Via @discoversharks Comment 👇video Via @isaac__ford This video is being represented by LADBible Group.


Caption this | Repost from @thebrain_journal