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I miss my little mate almost as much as I miss the farm! #sohot #damswimswouldbegood #helloangus @sturah1


Look at dis lubberly boy!! Dis my boy Philly and today is his birfday. He is only 6 which makes me, at 8, a bit ob a Coooogar!! Bol! Happy birfday Philly !!! @the_blueboys
Save me sone cake pwease!! Swipe to see who else had a birfday yesterday... #birfdaysebberywherr #happybirthday #winnie


Today, I was a model!!! I had a photography session wif a lubberly man called @gregdriesphotographer - and I might end up in his next exhibition!! Dis is one of the shots from today - me wearing "the Winnie" cowl neck tee from @darrenandphillip
Thank you Greg and Loretta.
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The Pretty Girl and the Holibobs…
After Santa Paws has been wif his reindeer and his sleigh,
there’s a great big celebration on a bright sunshiny day.
Beautiful lights adorn the tree, sparkly presents are ebberywhere;
ribbons tied in fancy bows, a smell of breffast fills the air!
All day fun with family, refreshing drinks, delicious food.
The day heats up with summer sun and a cooling swim looks good.
While over on the ovver side ob the globe they’re habbing snow,
keeping warm beside the fire, egg nog snogs ‘neath mistletoe!
Once Christmas Day has been and gone, the holibobs commence!
And down here in Austwalia, we will do what we do best…
Cooling off on sunny days, icy poles on sandy beaches,
swimming in the sparkly waves; red cherries and white peaches!
In my dreams I fiddle wif a special magic wand
Hocus Pocus! Suddenly! Frosted cold nosies hab all gone!
My far away fwiends join me for a summertime bacation
they’re no longer snowed-in… but here, in our warmer nation!
Together we have ice cream and delicious cake with rainbow layers
we’re rolling in the seaweed and singing to the record player!
Backpackers leave snowflakes behind for adventures in our land
kids seek kangaroos and koalas; ‘rents: pina coladas in the sand!
Cookies in hand and a sandy face, on the ferris wheel we’ll ride
sleeping in the afternoons, skimming rocks upon low tide.
Then winniedipping at the farm, splash bubbles causing yaps
Roo chasing through the soft green grass… oh! I think I need a nap!!
Sharing the muddy spa bath with the polliwogs galore
I’m so grateful for these holibobs and all they have in store!
(c) @winniethebluestaffy 10.01.18

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Hello ebberybuddy! Guess what day it is? Is CHOOSEDAY which means tomorrow is da firstest Whyming Wednesday for da 2018!!! I fink dat the topic should be "Holiday Fun" or as @graciestaffy calls dems... Holibobs!!! Gib me a word to put into tomorrow's whyme! Weady... steady... GO!!! #whymingwednesdayiscoming #chooseday #holibobs #winnie


It’s Masked Monday!!! Swipe to see who it could be!!! #hintitsme 🤫😂😂😂 #biglubs #winnie #maskedmonday #jointhefun #staffylove #englishstaffy



Dis me in slo mo winniedipping wif da little hoomans. Fanks for da bideo Sarah! Muvver nebber knew i went wight under when i dived in!!!! #😬 #winnie #winniedipping


No holiday is complete wiffout da Spa Day... am I wight ladies?!? #noregrets #piginmud #somuchjoy #grub #winnie


Fanks for all your comments while I was away! Here's some photos fwom da farm. I might hab chased da kangaroos one day... maybe... but I didn't go wight up to dem and it was only da once. And I didn't chase da galah. I got to hang out wif three ob my fabourite little hoomans (they are Angus' owners) and we all swam togevver. Da only bad part was da afternoon storms because da funder was SO loud! ~ Winnie
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Hello ebberybuddy!!! I is home fwom da farm today! I was dere for ten whole days!!! And look! I had a visitor!!! Dis my new pal Angus! Angus' hooman dad is Scottish so we decided he is too and Muvver dubbed him Laird Little Legs! He is only 8 months old so he kept me berry busy!!!! I finks I will sleep for a couple of days now I'm home!! Muvver will post some pics over the next few days. I did has fun! #biglubs #winnie #2018


Happy New Year ebberybuddy. Just a quick post to let you all know im finking ob you alls and hoping dat you is all berry happy and healfy. #biglubs #cametodapark #muvverforgotmylead #ohwell #2018begins


Merry Cwistmas ebberybuddy. We wish you all a safe and happy day and hope that the new year will be filled with love and laughter, peace and hope, companionship and kindness. We will be off air for a couple of weeks as we spend time catching up with family and friends, so we take this opportunity to say THANKYOU for your support and #lubs. We have met so many lovely souls through our Insta journey and feel the richer for it. Take care, one and all. Hug your fur babies, and we will see you a week or so after the new year has started.

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Cwistmas Eve afternoon snoozing after reading my cards from @anubis_the_greyt and @foxy_n_fudge_special_dogs
#winnie #luckygirl #xmaseve


Happy Cwistmas Eve!!! Todays walk is brought to you by leaves! Dere are so many different leabs! Big, little, spikey, soft, thick, thin and so many different colours too! Some grow low and some, way up high! What leabs does you hab near you? #winnie #amateurbotanist #naturelubber #cwistmastime


Happy roaching Chtistmas Eve-Eve. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ #winnie #flatoutfabulous



Lots of different flowers and berries on our walk today. Swipe to see. #winnieswalks #winnie


Pwacticing ‘stop’ and ‘come’ - its easy when theres no distractions!! #goodgirl #winnie


Feeling berry lucky to receib so many beautiful Cwistmas cards in da snail mail. Muvver and I lub dem all and we lub you! #instapalsrock #thankyou #berryluckygirl #winnie


I did haz a good day! Dis is Ailee and Lara and dey are Muvver's great nieces. I lub dem. I eben shared a 💨 or two!! #sharingiscaringright #family #winnie


Yesterday we told you about the Blueboys' Christmas Appeal and their ambitious task to raise $60k in 24 hours to be dispersed to 6 charity rescues... Well guess what?!?? They did it!!!! How awesome is that!!! HUGE thank you to everyone who made a donation - every single dollar has helped to achieve the goal! Go to @the_blueboys or their FB page and watch the video about when Jen went to Chicago. It will really pull at your heart strings. But for all those who donated or who shared the post or who bid on the auction... Because of YOU these charities will have extra $$ in their coffers now over the difficult Christmas period!!! Well done Jen, Lachie, Darren and Phillip!! Remember... Puppies are forever, not just for Christmas. Please don't buy a puppy as a gift for anyone unless you know they can care for it for its entire life and that it will be an integral part of their family. And also consider adopting an older dog instead - one who may have been a shiny new puppy once but for whatever reason has now found themselves in need.
Thanks to everyone who joined us on our live video this morning! Wincess is now snoozing in the aircon!! #instapalsrock #thankyouall #bigbiglubs #greatwaytoendtheyear #congratulationsblueboys #blueboyschristmasappeal #whatasuccess


Right after the news that our Philly @the_blueboys is going to be just fine, comes the exciting news that the boys are doing a Christmas Appeal to benefit a number of doggy rescues worldwide. Please donate even $1 if you can but if its not in the budget (and i know many do it tough at this time if year) then you can help by sharing! See @the_blueboys IG or FB accounts for full details! Link will also be in our bio!!! #thankyou #giving #christmasspirit
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The day is here folks!! We're going to attempt to raise $60,000 for six rescues in 24 hours!! Will you help us? It's going to take a hell of a lot of donors, but we have a hell of a lot of people who follow us and love our boys pictures every day. I really believe we can make some magic happen here today ❤️❤️❤️
Even if we go based on the 20,000 likes our photos usually get from people who regularly engage with us and they all donated just $3 we'd be there!
So this is our plea, to give something back this Christmas. Please think about the animals that are right now sitting in a cold cage with nothing but concrete on the floor cowered in the corner scared for their lives. Animals that have only ever and will only ever know how to show humans so much love and this is what we've done to them? How is that fair? It isn't? Did this group of humans put them there? No. But we can help get them out. I know all of you have the hugest loving hearts and it's time to use them now, I'm stopping the fundraiser tonight so we can donate the money before Christmas so please don't wait. If anything at all you can think of it as a personal favour to me. We spend all our days day in and day out making fun stuff for you to laugh at and enjoy and this is our one huge favour we really want. Please make our wish come true. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ link in bio I will love you forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Also PLEASE Screen shot this image and post it on your page, I want to see all our friends get in and help us 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️ you could even put the link in your own bio for the day if you reallllyyyy love us ❤️❤️❤️


So I did hab a good weekend at da farm! Here is some photos. Farver did lift Muvver up in da twactor so she could pick da high up mangoes. We hab had some good rains so my dams were all full again!!! We also picked some bananas and dere was a big spider hiding dere! We are also happy to share some mangoes wif da King Parrots. Dis one shown in da last two photos looks to be a juvenile female. You can tell dey are young because their adult feathers are still coming in around her face. When she is older she will be vivid green all over her head and da boy King Parrots hab da vivid red on dere head! Dey are like da Cwistmas in da sky wif all dere gween and red!!! #winnie #farmlife #mangopicking


A bit of synchronised winniedipping complete wif da noisy yip-yaps for your viewing pweasure!! #winnie #winniedipping #winnidip #farmlyf #happygirl #staffiesswimming


Going to da farm and Dad had to take da work ute which only has da two seats so dis is where i hab to be. Da floor!!! Can you belieb it?? 😒. So i is doing da stinky 💨💨. #thatwilllearnthem Muvver is now wishing she’d stayed home wif da hooman bruvver!!! #stinkytrip #arewethereyet #winnie


More card reading dis afternoon after Muvver and i collected da mail. Fank you to my lubberly buddies @pickleinapot @the_cheeky_staffys and @embracingkarma #winnie


Hello. I’m resting wight now and enjoying da lubberly cwistmas cards i hab receibed so far but dis morning was a little hectic!!! We went for a walk and eben tho it was early it was alweady hot. So it was a 5 x drop-and-roll walk! Den i found a yummy patch of gwass to chew, den i watched da boats, den i plopped down for a rest in da shade and a roll, den i stopped got a dwink and met a lubberly Amstaff called Dexter, den i plonked down under da dwinking tap and a nice lady poured water on me and DEN!!! I gots bit by a dang ant 🐜 on my foots!!!! It hurt. Den de ladys litte dog growled so i growled, den i limped back to da car and held my poorly paw up for added effect. Den we got home and Muvver baffed me!!! So now i rest and wead my cards. De end. #winnie. #swipetosee #videosandpics


Please join me in wishing my beautiful little girlfriend Millie @millietheterrier a berry berry wonderful 14th birthday today!!!! Lubs you Millie!!! #happybirthdaymillie #biglubs #winnie