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Sunday ending as it began ... bliss! #winnie


Sundays is for sleepy lap cuddles and slow earsies massages. Happy Sunday ebberybuddy 💖💖💖💖 #winnie #biglubs #happysunday


🚨 Noise alert 🚨 Had to gib da ‘rents a right royal talkin to, I did! #toldemgood #toldemrealgood #winnie



No rain today!! Yippee! #winnie


The Joy of Dog by Muvver
There is a delicious little secret
that we dog ‘rents understand
the feeling that consumes you
when there’s a paw holding your hand
Unconditional love expressed
by wiggle butts and puppy eyes
wet nosed furry faces that greet
patiently when you arrive
You forgive them many foibles…
chasing squirrels, running from Mum,
or barking at the neighbour dogs,
muddy paw prints on the rug.
Mud and mess and mayhem
from the doggy park and puddles
but after fun and bath time comes
puppy kisses, snuggz and cuddles
Velvet ears and tail wags
cheer you up when you are sad
No more personal space? That’s fine!
When they’re near… “Nuffin’s Bad!”. .
You may never eat alone again
(but secretly, you don’t mind)
You may never sleep alone again…
bigger bed hogs you’ll not find!
Roaching on the big bed
you wake, big bum in your face!
bad breath from fuzzy muzzles
“Oh hai! You is awake!”. .
Upside-down smiley faces
Reveal chin whiskers and lubberly teefs
Cornchip scented paws and snores... .
your companions while you sleep
But all your patience is duly repaid
by a loyal and loving friend
whose irreplaceable, joyous compansionship
walks beside you, again and again
With a whippy tail and a schnoz to boop
Your bootilicious snuggle buddy
makes your heart so happy
and makes your whole world far more sunny!
Thank you to everyone who contributed words or a phrase. Apologies to the couple I was unable to fit in 💜💜💜 Thank you to my friend Noob @anubis_the_greyt for “nuffin bad”
#winnie #whymingwednesday


What’s that? Why yes! Yes it is! It’s CHOOSEDAY! Let’s make the topic for tomorrow’s Whyming Wednesday whyme “The joy of Dog” - send me your word in the comments below and Muvver will try to use it in our poem!! Have a great day 💜😘💜😘💜😘💜 #whymingwednesdayiscoming #chooseday #sendusyourwords #winnie



Oh hai dere! Whatcha doin? (My morning attachment ~ Muvver) #winnie #happymonday


May your Sunday be simply lip-smackin! #peanutbutternutter #winnie


May you have a pandalicious weekend! It’s still raining here... been raining all week! I haz da cabin fever!!! #lemmeoutdangit Ebbery time it looks like it’s clearing anuvver downpour turns up!!! 🌧️☔️🌧️☔️ #dangrain #winnie #pandaclub



Today I channel my inner panda 🐼 just like my pals Patric @annawidberg , Sully @sullydogrocks and Miffy angel and Hope @katyjking #winnie


When I go to da farm, I’m nebber da only aminal dere. Here are just a few... As you know we hab da regular pod of roos, a large flock of 🦆 🦆 in da big dam, sometimes we see a 🐨, often a goanna (lace monitor) strolls through, a family ob magpies and many ovver birdies, possums, spiders, snakes 🐍 (muvver found a skin dis time) and at da moment dere is somefing digging in da garden which we reckon is a bandicoot. And den muvver makes sculptures to put around as well! Aminals ebberywhere!! The end. #winnie #farmtales


Happy international women’s day! Muvver has made so many wonderful friendships wif so many big hearted, kind, caring, happy women across the world through my instagwamses and today she would like me to honour them all and thank them for helping to make the world a better, more joyous place! You know who you are. #biglubs #winnie #internationalwomensday2018



Good luck to all ob da doggies who entered da fabulous #darrenandphillipfamily competition! I don’t know how @darrenandphillip will decide! I told Muvver not to enter me on account ob da fact dat one day Philly will marry me and den I will be in da fambily anyways... wight Aunty Jen @the_blueboys 😉😄. #winnie


1. My “we is at da farm” face!
2. Hurry up and get da gate open Dad!!
3. Days and days of weemails to check!
The rest - My farm joy!
Happy hump day!
#winnie #biglubs #farmlyf


Wild Wednesday slo-mo gwass woll. Ohhhh yeeaaahhhh! I can feel dat scwatchy goodness eben now!!! May all your itches be scwatched today!! #winnie #farmlyf #grassrolls #scratchthatitch



We haz a break in farm fotos for Tiara Tuesday to wemember all ob our lubberly fwiends who are now ober da Wainbow Bwidge 🌈 Da bestest ding about da instagwamses is meeting lots and lots of furriends right acwoss da world 🌎 but da sad part is when some ob dem leab us. In all ob your memories I send my biggest #biglubs 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #winnie #wiflubs #rememberingfriends #honouringdems


So... dis week will be farm spam week... hope you don’t mind!!! Swipe to see a bideo- you can hear dad chainsawing in da backgwound #sonoisy🤫 🤣. #winniedipping #smilingstaffy #staffiesdaily #winnie #beautifulgirl #loveher #englishstaffy #happyplace #farmlyf


Oh yea! Dat was a good weekend. Fank you farm for being my happy pwace!! #winnie #almosthome #swamlots #winniedipping #fulldams #happygirl #staffysmile



Muvver! Don’t film me when I’m sending da wee-mails 🙄. #farmlyf #winnie


Oh hey dere! Ebbery bit ob me wishes you a berry happy weekend. We is going to da farm and dere has been lots ob rain so dat means lots ob mud!! See y'all Monday!! #biglubs #winnie #happyfriyay #happyweekend


Wednesday Wisdoms... when da ‘rents want to evict you fwom da big bed - go limp and pwetend you is asleep! Sometimes dey gib up twying to moob you and you get to stay dere all night!!! #fanksfordamodestybutterfly #winne #winneswisdom #livefwomdabigbed #nightnight


Happy #tot !!! We hads a big loud storm last night but I survived #just 💜🌸💜🌸💜. #winnie


“Oh the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
And you fill my life with laughter
You can make it better
Ease my troubles that's what you do” (Van Morrison)
#beautifulgirl #winnie


Hab a super weekend ebberybuddy! #biglubs #winnie


Piglet (aka Ziggy) will be going home tomorrow to meet her new hooman bruvver 💙👶🏻💙. #lastsleepover


I say, garçon! May i see da dessert menu pwease? 🍨 🍮. #friyay #winnie #haveagoodweekend


We has da Zig-star at the moment because guess what? Muvver and farver just became Gwandparents for da first time on Sunday! My oldest bruvver and his wife had dere first bald puppy (dats why we is minding Zig). So Im an Aunty!! Da baby and da new parents 👶🏻 are doing well. Muvver is berry in lubs wif her new grandson Artie 💙💙💙. #family #winnie #winnieandziggy


Twee twimming speshalist! You dwop em, I’ll chop em!! #winnie #farmgirl


Farm hand for hire. Can help wif your tractor dwiving chores. Payment in bacons and peanut butters pwease. #winnie #farmgirl