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I can’t wait to go to the #quiltmarket later this month.. but first finish tote bag! #internationalquiltmarket #surfacepattern #sewingproject #surfacepatterndesigner #fabric


So I’ve been wanting to try English paper piecing for awhile. I came across this book the other day, by Linda Franz, and absolutely loved the style of the patchwork crosses. I couldn’t wait to start! I am so in love with what I’ve been able to do so far. I can’t wait to see this whole cross finished. #addictedtoepp #englishpaperpiecing #lindafranz #lucybostonpatchworkofthecrosses


Do you ever attend an event, and prior to going you set your standards really high? Well, I did yesterday! It was my first time attending a quilt show in probably over a decade. I know, I know over a decade! It really doesn’t feel that log ago, when my memories are so clear. I spent many weekends during my adolescent and teenage years attending quilt shows with my grandmother, mom and occasionally my aunt, they are such wonderful memories, but I digress. Back to the quilt show, presented by The Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild. I had set goals to look only at the quilts, I wasn’t looking to shop at the vendors, but I did a little shopping. I just couldn’t help myself! But first I walked the isles and looked over the quilts. The first quilt I saw was beautiful and completely encompassed the theme of the show, “Salute to Texas”. It had gorgeous hand embroidery details that truly represented Texas. Then mostly everything went down from there. It wasn’t that there wasn’t beautiful quilts or strong craftsmanship, it’s just that high standard I had set in my mind. I wanted something to truly WOW me, but instead I felt underwhelmed. So I ask you, what do you do in cases where you set high standards, but left let down?

Quilt Pictured - Luv’n Texas
Entered by Brenda Roles
Quilted by Marilou Loudon
Pattern from Meme & Me Designs