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"Your love is alive. Your love is beating inside of my heart, and my soul, and my mind." - Pat Barrett | The love of God is living and active in your life. It is not passive or a one time experience, it is all-consuming. | @patbarrett @house_fires #worshipu


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"My past has to be seen through the blood of Jesus or I'm not seeing reality." - Bill Johnson | #worshipu @brevived



"As you discover who He is, you will discover who you are." - Jonathan Helser | #worshipu @jonathanhelser


Learn how to play the lead guitar part for "Starlight" by Bethel Music. Check out this full tutorial along with several other acoustic, electric, drums, and keys tutorials from the album "Starlight" on WorshipU. | #worshipu #bethelmusic


Pursuing excellence is one of our highest values, but an excellent sound means nothing without a heart postured to worship. | @brianjohnsonm #bethelmusic #worshipu



Learn and grow as a songwriter with WorshipU online. In a recent lesson, Jeremy Riddle teaches "The Keys to Songwriting" and provides insights into how he approaches songwriting. Watch the full teaching on WorshipU [link in bio]. | @jeremymriddle #worshipu


"Your goodness has a tone, it is kindness." - Amanda Cook | Watch this powerful worship set on WorshipU.com | @amandalindseycook #bethelmusic #worshipu


"Rule with the heart of a servant, serve with the heart of a king." - @brevived | Rule with the heart of servant because everything you have access to is for the benefit of others. Serve with the heart of a king because you know that you have been placed in peoples lives as royalty. | "Whoever would be first among you must be your slave, even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” - Matthew 20:27-28 | #worshipu



"You crash over me, and I’ve lost control but I’m free. I’m going under, I’m in over my head. And You crash over me, but I’m where You want me to be. I’m going under, I’m in over my head." - Jenn Johnson | Discovering who He is and where He is in the midst of your trials is the key to finding peace wherever you are. | @jennjohnson20 #worshipu #worshipu


“If you’re a worship leader, your church believes in miracles, and you’re leading this Sunday, I just wanted to invite you to sing “Miracles” by @chrisquilala of #jesusculture along with @seanfeucht and me. We played this song by my father in law's hospital bed when we thought we were going to lose him and he made a complete turnaround in a week. We are believing for full and complete healing for little Jaxon Taylor as a church and there is power in our worship and declaration, we serve a God of miracles!” - @kristenedimarco // #prayforJaxon #prayforjax (@joeltaylor @janie_taylor)


"I just want to be where You are. I just want to be near Your heart. There is nothing like Your love." | Watch this entire worship set with @mttstntn, @coryasbury, and @amandalindseycook on WorshipU.com [link in bio]. #worshipu #bethelmusic



"He just wants you to know that He can handle where you are right now and that it's okay that you're there." - Kari Jobe | In this powerful message by Kari Jobe, she shares pieces of her process of trusting the Lord in the midst of chaos. Be encouraged to know that God can handle our process, and in our process, He is our Comforter. | @karijobe #worshipu


"God needs you to believe you are important. And for the sake of all who are waiting for your life, say ‘YES!’" - Kristene Dimarco | The world is waiting for you to believe that you are worthy of agreeing with the "yes" God has already given you. | @kristenedimarco #worshipu


"When you feast on the truth, you grow a discerning mind." - Jeremy Riddle | Today, lean in and listen to what He is saying about you. What He says is the truth, because truth is a person and His name is Jesus! #worshipu



"I will lock eyes with the One who's chosen me, the One who set my feet to dancing." - Steffany Gretzinger | The pressure is off when you realize it is God who has chosen you. | @steffanydawn #bethelmusic #worshipu


December 8 is the deadline for Songsmith, the Bethel Music song writing retreat. Submit your application on WorshipU.com today! #songsmith #bethelmusic #worshipu


"You rescued me so I can stand and sing, I am a child of God." - Melissa Helser | The voice of God has broken the voice of fear. You're a child of the King of Kings, fear doesn't stand a chance. | @mphelser #worshipu



"I will taste and see that you are good – you're good to me." - Kirby Kaple (Housefires) | He is always good, He has always been good, and He will always be good. And when we focus our attention on who He is in worship, we are changed by a taste of His goodness. | @kirbykaple @house_fires #worshipu


"Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God. Oh, it chases me down, fights 'til I'm found, leaves the ninety-nine. I couldn't earn it, and I don't deserve it, still You give yourself away. Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God" - Cory Asbury | @coryasbury #worshipu


You cannot walk into the presence of God and leave the same way you came – His presence changes everything. Today, simply invite the Lord to come meet you where you are. His presence is the answer to every circumstance and situation. | #worshipu @kalleyheili


"When we live from the secret place, our reward is in Heaven." - @chrisquilala | Make time today to pursue God in the secret place, knowing that you're building an eternal history with a Father that loves every moment you spend with Him. #worshipu


"Never let your fame get bigger than your anointing." - Bill Johnson | Expanding your reach is never as important as remaining in His reach. Our intimacy should grow with our influence. If we have more influence than intimacy, we can't handle the weight of the favor. | @billjohnsonministries #worshipu


Learn how to play the lead guitar part for "Closer" by @steffanydawn. Head to Worshipu.com to find the full tutorial along with several others [link in bio]. #worshipu


"The more Heaven comes to Earth, the more Earth will look like family." - Jonathan Helser | Jonathan Helser shares our heart for what success looks like. Success for us is you being in love with Jesus, thriving in your relationships, and always hungry for more love for Jesus and your family. | @jonathanhelser #worshipu


“What's going to grow you is time alone with God.” - Jenn Johnson | Practice and principles can only go so far without the active involvement of the presence of God in your life. | @jennjohnson20 #worshipu


The application deadline for the 3 day Bethel Music Songwriting Retreat is fast approaching. Apply now before December 8 for the chance to improve your craft with Brian & Jenn Johnson, Kalley Heiligenthal, Jeremy Riddle, and many more Bethel Music artists. Only 30 spots are available. More info available on WorshipU.com | #songsmith #bethelmusic #worshipu


Song Tutorials on WorshipU give you the opportunity to learn from many of the Bethel Music musicians who wrote the songs and parts. Check out @joshbaldwin teaching and leading you through "Get Your Hopes Up" on WorshipU.com | #worshipu


“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning.” - Lamentations‬ ‭3:22-23‬ | @patbarrett #worshipu


Join the discussion! Students on WorshipU share their processes, ask questions, and encourage one another. This week, one student mentioned how they recently added an intercessor to their team to pray for their worship teams. Read the full discussion on WorshipU.com [link in bio].