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"I'll sing it all my life, You are good." - Steffany Gretzinger | We'll never grow tired of singing His goodness because His goodness never ends. @steffanydawn #WorshipU


"If you want more boldness and more confidence in the area that you're called to lead and carry responsibility in, then you need to feed your convictions until their fire eclipses your fear." - Jeremy Riddle | Oftentimes we feel fear and insecurity in the very area that we're called to lead in. Hear Jeremy teach about the power of convictions and overcoming fear on worshipu.com | @jeremymriddle #worshipu


The Lamb is worthy! Cory Asbury leads a powerful spontaneous moment of praise during WorshipU on-campus. @coryasbury #bethelmusic #worshipu


"Authenticity is the ability to embrace who you are and let go of who you think you should be." - Jason Vallotton | Check out this week's featured lesson, 'Living with Authenticity' by @jayvallotton on WorshipU.com


“Silence is not the absence of something. Silence can be filled with (His) presence. Silence is filled with the infinite possibility that anything can happen.” - Amanda Cook | When God created the world, it wasn’t out of boredom or a need to fill the silence. In the beginning, the silence was pregnant with possibility. Take a moment to be still in His presence today and feel the possibility that comes when you make room for hope. #worshipu @amandalindseycook


Learn how to play the lead for “Lion and the Lamb” with @davidhislop_ from @bethelmusic. Find this tutorial along with more from "Have it All" on WorshipU #bethelmusic #worshipu


There's no other name like yours, Jesus. | @paulmcclure #WorshipU


"Creation is waiting for the sound that is inside of you." -
Jonathan Helser |
Join @bethelmusic and a hand-selected group of 30 songwriters for an exclusive 3-day masterclass and songwriting retreat in in the mountains of northern California. Apply today on WorshipU [link in bio]. #bethelmusic #worshipu


We were not created to shut down our emotions. Learn how to engage hope in seasons of disappointment by hearing @mphelser's full message on WorshipU. #worshipu


"Your breakthrough has arrived. It's morning time, you've made it through the night." - @kalleyheili | His presence changes everything. As you spend time in His presence today, declare that His presence is greater than your circumstances. Your breakthrough has arrived. #worshipu


"Worship is giving back to God what He first gave to us." - Jonathan Helser | When we worship, we position ourselves to allow the Spirit of God living inside of us to respond to the One that first gave us breath. We are aligned with truth during worship, because when we return to God what He first gave to us, we can't help but be changed. #worshipu


Announcing an exclusive retreat to get hands-on songwriting coaching and teaching from the Bethel Music Collective. Join Bethel Music and 30 other students, for a three-day retreat in the mountains of Northern California.
At this gathering, you will receive 1 on 1 feedback from a Bethel Music worship leader, as well as a chance to perform your song in front of fellow students.
February 7-9, 2018. All are welcome to apply, but only a select group of students will be invited. Learn more, and start the application process online [link in bio]. #bethelmusic #worshipu


Learn to play "You Deserve It All" on acoustic guitar with @joshbaldwin! You can also learn other songs from Josh's album "The War is Over" on WorshipU. | #WorshipU


"We'll make His praise glorious, For His name is glorious." #bethelmusic #worshipu


"You'll never be clearer, you'll never be more accurate, and you'll never be more certain than you are when you're in worship, doing the thing that you were born to do." - @steffanydawn | We are most ourselves in worship because it's what we are created for. Focusing our praise on God brings alignment to who we are created to be. // Hear Steffany's full message on WorshipU. #worshipu


Last year at WorshipU, we ended the school in celebration. The WorshipU On Campus staff jumped up on stage and joined in dancing and singing of the unfailing love of God. #bethelmusic #worshipu


Every week, two fresh lessons from our @bethelmusic team are released to students. One of the featured lessons this week is "Making Your Life an Offering" with @jennjohnson20 | #WorshipU


"All to Jesus I surrender." - @jennjohnson20 | A heart fully surrendered to Him will outlast any circumstance. #WorshipU


"Get ahold of God's face, and let that be your affirmation…and you can get through anything." - @brianjohnsonm talking about walking through seasons of pain and connecting to the source, God, in the midst of anything. #WorshipU


Did you know that WorshipU offers song tutorials for @bethelmusic’s most popular songs? #learnyourpart #WorshipU


We were each made uniquely on purpose. We each contribute something different to the Kingdom. The world needs what you carry. Find your song. #WorshipU


"I will worship You. You will do the rest." - @kalleyheili | He is always working on your behalf. #WorshipU


"Pure worship is about ministering to the Lord." - @jeremymriddle | #WorshipU


"You're a good, good Father. It's who You are." | As you go through this week, remember that He is always good and that you're loved by Him every moment. Song led by @patbarrett from @house_fires #WorshipU


A lot of musicians only use one or two scales throughout their entire musical career. Depending on your skill level and musical aspirations very few or many scales will get you where you want to be. #WorshipU


Kick off your week by worshipping with @jonathanhelser and @mphelser. Rest in knowing that we serve a miracle working God! Watch the full set by clicking on the link in our profile. #WorshipU


Miss them already! #WorshipU #magnify2017


Thank you to each and every student who joined us this year for WorshipU On Campus, and those of you that live streamed. What an incredible group of students. Our prayer is that as you return home, the testimony of your time would overflow and be a blessing to each of the communities you're a part of. #WorshipU #magnify2017


“God’s looking for our availability more than our ability.” - JD | Listen closely for what He's saying. He wants to use you. #WorshipU #magnify2017


@WorshipU would not be what it is without our entire team doing what they do best. We are so grateful for their hearts to teach and serve. #WorshipU #magnify2017