tales of the fantastic 4 team (@yamtails)

tales of the fantastic 4 team

the super hero #fouratthedoor include: Pumpkin & Rocky, 9.1.06 🐈Yam, 9.15.13 😸 Carbon, 4.16.14 😼 Humans @jordan.atharp @derpology

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For those that don't know, Yam began as a foster kitten with 3 sisters and a brother. 2 of his sisters were adopted by our next door neighbors. In the last month, Yam and 1 of his sisters have discovered that they can see each other from each other's windows. Since then, everyday, multiple times a day, Yam sits and waits to see her just so they can sit and stare. Humom finally was able to snap a picture. It's been 3 years since they've seen each other face to face, so they likely don't know they are siblings, but perhaps they have some sort of recognition. #jj_windowcats #citrusnation #bestmeow #catsofinstagram #pets_perfection #postyourpet #thecatawards #ig_catclub #pet_superstars #jj_welovepets #kittylookbook #magnificent_meowdels #meowvswoof #meow_beauties #instacat_meows


Today is a very special #caturday. Our little Nightfury turns 3 years old!!! Here a select few of our favorite of his baby photos. For those who don't know, here's carbons story: We got carbon and his other feral siblings as fosters. They were from a hoarder. After a couple days with us, Carbon became very frail and stopped eating. The rescue group took him to the vet where he spent a week, but no diagnosis was made. (It was later determined by us that the batch of food was bad, as his litter mates stopped eating it shortly after he left). When he was returned to our care, his litter mates, who had been socialized and were no longer scared, rejected him, and they were all quickly adopted. Because he needed to become healthy before getting fixed, he remained in our care after his litter was all gone. He slowly warmed up and came out of his shell. We knew Carbon had to go to a special home, but no one seemed up to par. At this point, Carbon and Yam became inseparable (as evidence in the 4th picture) and we knew he was ours forever.#blackcatsofinstagram #pawsneedclaws #caturdaycuties #bestmeow #excellent_cats #pets_perfection #pet_superstars #postyourpet #thecatawards