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A week after the première, forever high on BLACK PANTHER🖤 this is more than a hype, go see for yourself.
Hair @alejandromalcolm
Dress @ansh46
#blackpanther #whatatime #beentime


[LONG POST ALERT❗️] 💭In all honesty: I haven’t been posting anything on my feed lately (igstory is a different story) because I was HUMBLED. •Witnessing the power of faith when you simply just don’t know what life has to offer you next, is MINDBLOWING. •HUMBLED by the support of every single one of you, (physical)strangers, friends, family, fellow actors. •HUMBLED by the realization that this journey is not even about @yoothasings, it’s bigger than one individual, this is not my journey alone. Thank you all for reminding me of that essential fact. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️•
——————————————— Also, I tried to edit a cute little ‘Thank You’-video but I ended up with 38 takes, due to severe stuttering, choking, cuss words out of excitement or thinking the words weren’t profound enough. I’m still trying to edit it all together, but Yeah.. I suck.
•What I was trying to say was •THANK YOU!!!! •For even noticing my journey. •I’m HUMBLED.
Instead of that Thank you-video your looking at my fav dish at @cafegratitude, called HUMBLED. I took a pic. Cause this is my forever mood. •All glory to the most high• Whatever comes next. I’ll embrace it.

With that being said: I owe Y’all about 14892 pics 😂❤️ XY



When the surreal becomes reality. When DREAMS become reality 😨🤯❤️ I cannot begin to express my excitement, gratitude, pride and just pure happiness, because I haven’t found ANY words that are sufficient to describe this crazy ride. So i’ll just leave this here... HUMBLED!✨#Loveis


SEASON 2 IS HERE GUYS😱😍💥💥💥 run and mark your calendars 🖍️🔜 january 29th🔜, ‘cause I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss this!!🤙🏾🔎@hunterstreettvmaemae381 @stonysworld @daancreyghton @kyraisakosmith @wilsonradjoupujalte @mrthomasjansen @zoeharding_ extremely proud of you guys!!!❤️ #hunterstreet #thehunters #nickelodeon


I took this photo while in LA. I couldn't stop watching these kids being extremely excited and passionate and totally oblivious of all the things that could go wrong. They're the ones teaching us, tbh. #venice #skatekids #canon1300d



There were ups and definitely some disgusting downs in 2017. In november I visited LA, definitely UP. But we also lost the person with the BEST smile in our family, Mario, right after christmas. Still, this video gives you an idea what my mood in 2017 AND 2018 looks like. Inspired by the losses, inspired by the wins. On top of the mountain. This is what my mood FOREVER looks like ✨😂


💥Happy holidays everyone!! I hope you get to spend time with the people you genuinely love and cherish! If somehow you feel the love ain't mutual / you're cooking an 8-course ottolenghi christmasdinner, and one of the guests brings their own bucket of KFC / you see people going to Church only on this day...? just give 'em this look, OK?💕☝🏾🎄😂🎄✨💥 | #problemsolver #asseenonme #mehkrihmuh



New places, new faces. Deep down we all know the "no new friends" slogan makes no sense. • 📸 @raycld (he, for example, is one of the "new ones")



You meditate. You levitate. In that order.



Hike. Just do it.


Soooo.. this is a pic of me with the homies kicking it 😍lol


Clearly I have been takin shots #itshardkeepingupwiththegram #limbbuiscuit



WAKE UP!!! Can't believe this is happening in 2017. 💔💔💔💔 #stopslavery #libya #africansunite #worldunite


My facial expression from october/november til let's sayyyy.. december 6th, having to hear people say the dumbest shit EVER. Varying from the obvious dummies, who I honestly feel sorry for cause they've reached the ceiling of [reason] way too early🤷🏾‍♀️|•REASON /'ri-z(e)n/~the capacity for consciously making sense of things, establishing and verifying facts, applying LOGIC, and changing or justifying practices, institutions, and beliefs based on new or existing information• 👉🏾to the more surprising group of politicians, intellectuals, people I personally know or have worked with and mainstream media who turn their sense of [reason] off for this festive, jolly time of year. If you made it this far into my caption, I applaud you👏🏾 Now feel free to caption this face if you can☝🏾😌


Feeling optimistic I guess Lol. And I love hiphop. ~ #canon


The paradoxes of fashion make my brain foggy #canon


Hardly ever blind 👁️


Guess it's paaaahtytime then


Interior sunglasses.


Came to pick up his camera while chewing some gum, then @cye snapped this pic. And about 88 more😂


Gucci x Fantastic man


2 weeks ago. I am out here wearing these earrings. Squeezing my eyes. White socks sticking out. Absorbing these sunrays. Absorbing life. 12 hours later I lost those (basic) earrings in a car crash. Airbags out, car sized down to a matchbox. But I'm still here. Seatbelt saved me, and all it gave me was a little cut so it can be a gentle reminder to NEVER NOT wear my seatbelt (!!!). The rest is just material. Thangs. Irrelevant. Earrings. Stuff. And I'm happy that's all I lost. Things are REPLACEABLE. Have a safe weekend! Wear a seatbelt. ❤️ #thankgoditsfriday #andigettoseeanotherone


Magic captured by @markhartman 🖤 and I'm in love with the essence of it 👑 #kings


Will post more selfies, cause of these bomb ass braids. Blame it on @alejandromalcolm 🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾| Enjoy your weekendddddd✨