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In this era of rappers glorifying drug use please don't believe the hype...Drugs are destroying our communities & families! Just say NO!!! Brand New Video - @young_noble & @deuce_concretemob (Addictive) Out Now on #OutlawzVevo YouTube channel!


If you in the Los Angeles/Ontario area tickets go on sale this Friday get yours early this will be a sold out event... Follow @welcometothewestfestival for updates more artist to be announced!



Just got these in the mail today for some old work I put in...thank you @jewelboxplatinum .... Shoutout to OG Scarface @brothermob for the honor of lettin me rock on his album 🙏!! #GangRelated #Scarface


22 years ago today big bro fresh outta jail dropped this classic album! The first double CD ever released in rap!! What was your favorite track? #2pac #AllEyezOnMe #1996 #Outlaw4Life


Watchin the news like SMH yall boyz out here tellin on yourselves!!!! #TheyWatchinEverything #RealGzMoveInSilence #SocialMediaGotYallNiggazTrippin



#Mood Y'all niggaz can't fuck wit me!! #Outlaw4Life


I'm from the era of raw talent no autotune or protools... classic OG material from @officialsugafreethapimp 💰💰💰


Patiently waitin on the @martinlawrence reboot 🙏🙏🙏😂😂😂



#SwipeLeft Salute to these legendary groups for all their brilliance & greatness they brung to the game! #MyFavs Who your favorite out of these groups? ..... add NWA up here aswell i forgot to add they picture!! #RapGodsForgiveMe 😥🙏


Brand New Hussein Fatal album (Legendary Status) Coming Soon on Hussein Entertainment - Follow the CEO his sister @keesh_bitch_ For the release date! This will be his Final Album! #RipFatal #O4L



Rest up to these talented brothers they was some real good dudes!! 🙏🙏🙏#RipJohnnyJ #RipBigSyke #RipNateDogg


Early morning 3 pointers 🎯🎯🎯



Good day good people...Stay blessed, motivated an get cha 💰 ..... #O4L


#SwipeLeft #BlackHistoryMonth #NewarkRiots #1967 Some of my family history... My mother was newly married to Billy Furr right before he was gunned down by police an it was all caught in pictures..The photos & story made the cover of Life Magazine..The kid on the cover was hit from the shotgun pellets that killed Billy. The young boy survived his injuries. I went to florida a few years ago to meet & interview the photographer Bud Lee who took these photos..He was in a home for the elderly an he passed away not long after i met him but i plan on writing a movie about this...Clip from the Life article below. “We ain’t riotin’ against’ all you whites. We’re riotin’ against’ police brutality, When the police treat us like people ‘stead of treatin’ us like animals, then the riots will stop.” Billy Furr spoke these words to LIFE Magazine reporter Dale Wittner the morning of July 15th when they met on Avon Avenue. The 24-year-old Furr had come to Newark to pick up an unemployment check and look for a new job, but found himself stranded when the bus lines back to Montclair were shut down due to the rebellion. Furr handed Wittner a beer he had just acquired from Mack Liquors, saying, “…if the cops show up get rid of it and run like hell.” As Wittner and photographer Bud Lee walked out the door and back onto the sidewalk, a Newark Police car sped onto the block and skidded to a stop in front of the liquor store where Furr and friends were. Wittner reflected, “Billy was standing outside with part of a 6-pack in his left hand. He raced past me down Avon. I was barely 30 feet away from a yellow-helmeted officer with a shotgun pointed toward my head. ‘Get down,’ he screamed but apparently Billy kept running. From the ground I looked up into the sweating face of the policeman as he squinted down the long barrel. I prayed he wouldn’t shoot. He pulled the trigger. Billy Furr was dead at the age of 24 after having been, in a matter of seconds, accused, convicted, and sentenced to death by Newark Police officers for the crime of stealing a 6 pack of beer. The Essex County Grand Jury found “no cause for indictment” of the officers no charges were filed against them. #RipBillyFurr



#TBT If you rock wit me..Pray 4 me 🙏🙏 I'm young, gifted an black wit a target on my back! #Outlaw4Life


#TBT Back in the Death Row days big sis @theladyofrage_ used to kick all our asses at the studio playin Mortal Combat ..😥 #OriginalCloth #ClassicTimes #UWasntThere #SpittinFireSinceThe90s #DeathRowEra #Rage #Outlawz #WestsideShit


A message I received earlier today that touched me! 🙏...... As an artist this is the truest reward actually being able to help some one threw your music!!! I don't have to be on radio or tv everyday as long as the music & message reaches who it was meant for I'm cool with that! I sleep well at night knowing I purposely try to put positivity into this cold world threw this music an its many people who receive it & embrace it! #Outlaw4Life #HopeDealers


My brotha @edidono4l killin shit like always! Brand New Video! @deuce_concretemob Featuring The Outlawz & @aktual4ever (Born in it) Out Now on #OutlawzVevo Channel on YouTube!


Make sure y'all grab my brotha @fabbydavisjr1 brand new album #ThugTears out today....He gotta banger featuring The Outlawz on that joint!!!


Brand New Video! @deuce_concretemob Featuring @young_noble @edidono4l @aktual4ever (Born in it) Dir by @jaesynth Out Now on #OutlawzVevo channel on YouTube..


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