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I know I don’t always post things like this but I really have to thank you so much for always being by my side and in my life.
You’re the reason I’m still standing till this moment and fighting for my dreams, you taught me how to be strong, how to stand when I fall, how to believe that nothing is impossible.

I have done a lot of stupid mistakes but you never gave up on me, you always forgive and believe in me more than anyone!

I might not be a perfect person, but that’s okay, because I found the perfect partner in you.

Love you so much @dareendousso ❤️


The monster @_youssefwagdy killed it yesterday, this man is improving a lot and very fast 🥊 💨
Keep your eyes on him 🏅 🥊
Watch the video 👉🏼 Follow @_youssefwagdy @thefightzone_egypt @sherif_maymay

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Very proud of my bro @sherif_maymay and his professional team @thefightzone_egypt 💪🏼 Congratulations for your winning today, you killed it guys 🏆🥊🥊🥊
Check my story for some snaps 🥊

Follow @thefightzone_egypt @sherif_maymay

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Rest In Peace 🇪🇬 ربنا يرحمكم يا شهدائنا الابطال و يصبر اهلكم يا رب


Does it boost my energy?

Definitely yes, we all need healthy fats and for me the best source is @fitnutscairo peanut butter 🍯

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Working shouldn’t be an excuse for you to skip your meals and not to diet.

I’m grateful to be working in marketing which is something I have a big passion for, I have been working in different businesses since I was 17 years old, I have gained a lot of experience and still learning everyday!

Never skip your meals and never stop learning👌🏼


The master and the commander 🏆
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نفس الشئ لكنكم تحبون احمد كمال 😂


One of the champs who won my online personal training program in my previous online competition 🏆
Big shoutout to my client @nassani93 for his amazing 4 weeks natural transformation, we still have more work to do beast, this is just the beginning 💪🏼 For online personal training program DM me 💪🏼 #onlinepersonaltrainer #transformation


Throwback to last year at Musclemania world in Las Vegas bodybuilding juniors class!
Yes I was centering the stage in the green posing suit with the cobra back 🏆

Can’t wait to step on the stage again, I really miss it so much.
#musclemania #worldchamps #classicphysique #bodybuilding #teamkamal #willbeback


Good to catch up with my bro @big_galal after his competition Kuwait pro where he placed 2nd and turned IFBB Pro 🏆 this guy will be on Olympia stage one day remember that 🏆💪🏼 مبسوط اني قابلت اخويا البطل المحترم بيج جلال بعد رجوعه من بطوله الكويت اللي كسب فيها مركز تاني و كارت احتراف 🏆
هنشوفك قريب قوي علي مسرح اوليمبيا ان شاء الله يا بطل @big_galal


CONGARATUALTIONSSS!!! @youssefmohamed__ @ahmed_fit_ @markusmagdy
You are the lucky winners of my Fitnuts giveaway contest!! To get your award please contact @fitnutscairo with your details.
Mabroook to all and thanks for participating
Enjoy ur Fitnuts!!


If it’s still on your mind, it’s still worth taking the risk 🏆

Have a blessed Friday everyone 😉💪🏼 #teamkamal #musclemania #worldchamps #classicphysique #shredded #ripped


I see a lot of people talking shit behind my back, but guess what! I don’t give a fuck because I have plans and no time to waste 😉💪🏼
#musclemania #musclemaniaworld #shredded #classicphysique #worldchampion #Teamkamal #Sawaby


My power is knowing that each day I wake is a day I have the chance to succeed 🏆
I’m coming back, wait for my shows in 2018!
Let’s do this @ahmedkamal_k 💥🏆


انت السبب في فرحتنا والله، اقسم بالله فخور بيك و فخور اني اعرفك يا صاحبي ❤️ رفعت رسنا و لسه اللي جاي احلي يا بطلنا @mahmoudtrezeguet 🇪🇬 #Egypt #russia #worldcup


There’s always something coming. Good or bad, it’s gonna help you to grow.

#Teamkamal #Sawaby #musclemania #musclemaniaworld #shredded #classicphysique #worldchampion


Boooom 💥 wishing all the best of luck to my brother @big_galal as he will be competing in few days at Wawan Classic @wawanfederation
The Egyptian Champ will rock the stage guys 😎💪🏼
The photo was taken a week ago and he’s bringing his best package this year


ها يا جماعه مين اقوي انا ولا صلاح سليم 😎
Bodybuilders favorite ride 🏍️
علي فكره انا بهزر و انا و صلاح اكتر من اخوات 😁


Woke up today to a very bad news as almost 20 people got shot in Las Vegas at a concert there, as I understand the got shot by people with different political opinions, whatever the reason is I don’t think you should kill innocent people for whatever you’re asking for!

US still allowing people to have guns! You guys should really stop that!

Pray for Vegas, pray for paris, pray for Iraq, pray for Palestine, pray for every innocent human 🙏🏼 #lasvegas #prayforvegas


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يلا بينا


You may not be where you want to be in life, but love where you’re and always remember the key to happiness is within not without.


Watch my back and biceps workout!
💥Online personal training program DM me💥

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الموضوع كبر في دمغنا و الحرب هتقوم بين القاهره و المنصوره! محدش هياخد مني ال @fitnutscairo يا صلاح 😎


And good morning everyone ❤️ have a blessed Friday


Always nice to see you champ 💪🏼💪🏼 #Repost @ahmed.abbas.10004 (@get_repost)
الراجل المحترم اللي مشرفنا @youssefsawaby


We hide our feelings, emotions and faces to survive in this life!
It will never get easier, you just get stronger!


The god father ❤️ #Repost @ahmedkamal_k (@get_repost)
Throw back with my son, my brother & my best friend @youssefsawaby ✅❤️
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Much respect to Mr. Olympia @flex_lewis and his pro coach @neil_yoda_hill1
That's what I call muscle development the legend @flex_lewis in 2016 & 2017 almost same weight but completely different shape!

That's why I tell you guys it's not about your weight at all it's about the shape and how your body is improving!

#flex #olympia #LasVegas #


Start your day with the right fuel!
@fitnutscairo peanut butter in my daily breakfast 🥜💪🏼