Had to use the "thumb censor" to avoid getting a NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Assoc. of America.
Good news- I didn't see any mange mites on Tug's skin scraping today. Got Nexgard this past Monday.
Bad News- His hair is growing in way slower that I'd prefer . . .
#TheMathisFamilyisntKnownForTheirPatience #slowerthanmolasses #likedriving40intheleftlane


#TugFootFriday or early Sat morning, depending on where you live. Tug got neutered last week. . . His sutures came out this week. . . He missed his medicated bath,might get it this weekend. . .
His skin progress has slowed down- not any worse, but not improving as fast as it seemed to initially. He got Bravecto at the shelter, which normally last 3 months for fleas/ticks. That would have been about 5-6 weeks ago.
I ordered him a dose of Nexgard. . Maybe he needs something monthly rather than quarterly.
He will still be at the next Meet N Greet for @athenscaninerescue , September 9th . . . May not be looking as good as I had hoped initially, but we are in no hurry. Come say Hi.


Tug is out of the Daddy Business as of yesterday. . . @AthensCanineRescue's next Meet and Greet is Sept 9th, so we are planning on being there, looking all spiffy. . .Tug, probably not me. . . Spiffy, Tug being the spiffy one. #adoptrescuefoster #SaveThemAll #WhyWeRescue


#TFF #TugFootFriday
Tugs skin continues to improve. . . Have had the worst time clearing up his kennel cough but that seems better today, as he is now getting hydrocodone.
#TugWillNeedaMethadoneClinic #addict
The next Meet and Greet for @AthensCanineRescue is the first(?) Saturday in September, so hopefully he can be neutered and be looking all handsome and dashing by then. . .