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Brownie lagi bobok siang, berkat bulu domba Islandia yg tebal dan lembut
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Let's put our booties in the air! #mommyandmeyoga #catlady #catlovers .

We are so happy to sponsor another #yogachallenge ! Join us on the fun and a chance to win some @ahimsaessentials goodies! Invite your circle and spread the love 💕 #spreadAhimsa
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Please join us! 🙏🏽 This challenge is full of so many relaxing poses! I am excited to practice these with you for the next 9 days. Our pose for Day 1 of #summertimewrapup is called #revolvedchildspose and is very similar to a stretch I've always known as "thread the needle." .
🙏🏽Pose tips:
Start out in a quadriped position (on hands and knees). Slide the palms forward lowering your chest close to the floor. Place weight into one arm and gently slide the opposite arm under the supporting arm and through towards the heels. Rest the torso down onto the shoulder and gently place the head to the floor. If you are comfortable in a deeper twisted position, continue sliding the arm out until the torso rests on the upper back and shoulder blade and gently place the back of the head to the floor shifting the gaze up. Close your eyes and breath into the twist. Repeat on the other side. . .

Join us for 9 days of restorative yoga that will bring calm to your day and balance to both your mind and body. You deserve it. It will prepare you for the holiday season of giving and giving and giving! Treat yourself and then treating others will be so much easier. .

September 22-30, 2017

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22 Revolved Child's Pose

23 Bed Pose

24 Reclined Twisting firelog

25 Easy Boat .
26 Rabbit Pose
27 sideways half lotus bow .
28 Water grove Pose
29 Shoulderstand/legs up wall
30 wide leg forward fold/ headstand . .

How to Play:

1. Repost the flyer and tag some friends to join!
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors and tag them in each post!
3. Post daily using the #summertimewrapup hashtag
4. Make your profile public so we can see you!
5. Have fun and be safe


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