Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 🍀☘️ #stpatricksday #loveyourlife


Procrastination- not taking the action you want in life? Here’s tips on how you can explore this yourself?
Because the first key to moving forward is finding out what’s REALLY holding you back.. So, Firstly you need to explore what you’re really afraid of. (You can journal this yourself)
If Fears are stopping you/you’re procrastinating or sabotaging yourself... Ask yourself things like - 🌸what are the benefits of staying where I am? 🌸What are the downsides of doing this? 🌸How is it not safe for me to do this? 🌸How is it safer to stay as I am?
Then you can read those thoughts and tap (at same time) to release them. (Don’t forget to rate them before and after out of 10 to see your progress.) Once you feel better, say down to a 5/10, then you can flip them to opposite/positive! I love this part! 😀😀 For example, from “I’m afraid of what people think” to “people are kind and supportive” or “I’m afraid of messing it up.” To I am more than capable of doing this” or “it’s ok to make mistakes”
Some people don’t do positive in EFT, but this is part where you can get empowered and raring to go! And now you have positive affirmations to use daily too!
Try it and let me know how you get on! 😀

Why struggle and push past fear when you can get it out the way and move forward easier?
What fears are stopping you from moving forward?



Life is too short, make friends,
But be careful with whom you be friend with
It reflects you anyway.. #makefriends



Last night was too much fun! Thank you @monicaelizz for always being awesome and coming out to celebrate! .
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Leadership is a process......a learning experience....ongoing throughout life. You can’t expect to be a perfect leader from the beginning. I certainly wasn’t. I have improved, changed, and grown over the years. This past year especially has given me the most growth.
This quote is from the book we are currently reading, and it oozes truth!
I am beyond thankful for the leadership on our team that has allowed me to be a better leader. Blessed and blown away by this morning’s Mastermind Call with the top leaders. I can’t believe I GET to call this my job, alongside others who have become friends and more-so like family. #leaderdship #saturdaymorning #mastermindgroup #mastermind #leaders #success #successquotes #successleavesclues #growth #keeplearning #keepgrowing #growth #coffee #coffeetime #coffeelover #bossbabe #networkmarketing #alwayslearning #ilovemyjob #loveyourlife #lifebydesign


I've done some screaming

I've done alot of crying

I've even given up.... before

My youth wasn't filled with play dates and coloring on the floor

It wasn't baking cookies with mom or playing games with dad

It wasn't full of love support and confidence
It wasn't secure or stable or honest

It was full of let downs and broken promises, fighting
And pain and screaming and crying

My youth wasn't, let's say, lovely
However it definitely gave me the desire & motivation not to give up.

Not to give up on me and all I knew I was meant to be

Not to give up on that little voice inside my head that always said I can do it

Not to give up on my own way of doing things, for me, even when it went against the norm

Not to give up on being the best mom I could be, even when I found myself pregnant at 15

Not to give up on everything I felt I could be and give, if I could just break free of the layers and indoctrination of my family and society
Not to give up on knowing I could do it all, despite the past I come from

Not to give up on shinning my light on those that I cherish, even when they have cut so deep

Not to give up on my marriage even after a failed one and years of suffering in pain

Not to give up on me even when I saw nothing left worth giving

Not to give up on my dreams of having just the life I want!

I gave up alot before I learned what I really WANTED, to not give up on!
Don't give up, only you can make it happen for You! You are your happy! You already have all you NEED to be everything you want to be!
You have all the gifts of freedom within, you may just have some layers to sift thru!
So let yourself scream, do some crying, however DON'T let yourself give up! ❤️

Shed Your Shit To Empower Mind

Power & Positivity ✊👍 #powerfullife #loveyourlife #1wayfree



Shall we? Just be who we really are? Step away from curating our lives and spend more time actually living them.
My plans cancelled today, the weather wasn’t worth the drive to London to get stuck on the M11 for hours. So instead I’ve stayed home and watched hours of Greys & Scandal. No shame.
I was listening to a book, that said to succeed (and be wealthy and healthy) you shouldn’t watch trashy tv and should instead watch ted talks BUT why can’t we do both?! I want down time, and my down time is trashy tv with the dogs (swipe left for my non insta-sexy Saturday!!)

What are you up too today?


Everything fades with time, if you allow it. Nurture it, keep it fresh and never take it for granted. #whatsimportant #meanigful #traditional #oldschool #modela #roadsters #hotrod #nurture #loveyourlife #hopuplive


Happy St Patrick’s Day!! ☘️ Keeping life simple, loving generously and learning constantly...it’s a motto if you will. 🙌
Enjoy your loved ones, be present in each moment this weekend and do so with a #grateful heart!!!!
Thank you @terrabohlmann for the graphic 💞


Fruits and vegetables help keep you feeling satisfied and full. They contain fiber, which is beneficial for your digestive tract and helps prevent you from suffering from constipation!
They lower the risk of stroke and heart disease! Vegetables that are even more protective include green leafy vegetables (spinach, swiss chard, mustard greens) and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale). •

Research suggests they may be protective against certain types of cancers, including stomach, lung, mouth, and esophagus, just name a few! •
➡️ Tips: ✅ Support your local farmer’s market and buy your produce there!
✅ Choose produce that is in season to get the best deal.
✅ Try to choose organic, if possible.



In this life, we are all just walking up the mountain and we can sing as we climb or we can complain about our sore feet. ⛰️
I decided a long time ago that singing made a lot more sense. ✌🏻❤️🔥
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Falling down is beautiful. It is like getting punched in the face because it reminds you that you aren't made of glass and that you can get back up and keep going. It is ok to get hurt and take a second to fix it. But you must remember to keep on going. When it gets hard isn't when you stop. When you reach your goals isn't even when you stop. You stop when you are dead. You keep pushing until you leave this Earth because that's how winning is done. #greatnessiscoming


How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. —Annie Dillard ✨ #truth #livewhatyoulove