Snow in Lhasa, the mountains around the city and behind the Potala Palace are snow-capped, it looks so magical. Photo taken yesterday (23 Feb 2018). 拉薩迎來一場春雪,四周的山頭都泛白了,看起來更覺夢幻。照片攝於昨天,即2018年2月23日。


With its world-wide reputation, the Potala stands on the Red Hill overlooking the Tibetan city of Lhasa as a major national cultural monument under special protection by the government of the People's Republic of China.

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The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Walking up the zig zag pathway to the Palace on top of the hill was slow and involved a lot of puffing. We visited here on our second day of being in Tibet and at the altitude of 3650m. We were still adjusting to the new height but nothing made you appreciate the less oxygen in the air like walking up this hill 😅 🗻🏃🏼
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The sacred and grandiose #potalapalace in #lhasa, #tibet.

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An old man meditating.
The photo is from a trip in 2014.
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this little boy we met in one of the, in my opinion, worlds most impressive buildings, the potala. u are surrounded by an increadible aura and can‘t feel other than humble! #potalapalace #tibetanfaces #tibet #kidsaroundtheworld #facesoftibet #increadibleearth #portrait #face #beautifulworld #neverstopexploring #backpacking #wanderlust #travelingtheworld #portrait_vision #photooftheday #magic_shots #travelphotography #mytravelgram #worldbestshot_ig



A piece I did for my mom many moons ago. Potala palace in Tibet. Acrylic on canvas board.
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It was snowing in Lhasa yesterday evening.
This morning every where is white and beautiful.
Snow is making Tibet more beautiful.



One of the easiest ways to travel Tibet is taking a flight from cities in China and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Even though they are many direct flights from different cities in China to Tibet, Chengdu is the best city in China to take a flight into Tibet.

From Nepal, there is a flight to Lhasa, Tibet from Kathmandu only.

Even though they are many cities in Tibet where there is possible to have a new airport in few years, at the moment they are 5 airports in Tibet.

1. Lhasa Gongkar airport

2. Shigatse Peace airport

3. Ngari Gunsa airport

4. Nyingchi Miling airport

5. Chamdo Pangda airport
Even though they are around 5 airports in Tibet but the most popular airport is the Lhasa Gonggar airport, located around 100km from Lhasa, with a driving duration of around 1 hour 20 minutes. Gonggar airport is one of the highest airports in our world with an elevation around 3,570 meters(11,710 ft )


1.China Air

2. Sichuan Air
3. Tibet Air
4. China Eastern Airlines

5. China Southern Airlines

These are the 5 popular airlines in Tibet. Tibet air is the only main airline from Tibet.
All these airlines operate direct or connecting flights to Tibet almost every day from China.

China air and Sichuan air is the only airlines which operate flights from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet.
Tibet Flight Tickets


Chengdu is the most popular city in China, they are around 4-5 flights to Tibet per day from different airlines.

Flight duration from Chengdu to Lhasa Gonggar airport is around 2 hours.

Price of the ticket is around 250 US dollar, which is around 1600RMB one way.

Tibet Travelers can also help to find discount tickets for the Travelers.
There is also a flight from Chengdu to Nyingchi Miling airport for the Travelers who are traveling directly to Nyingchi.

Duration is around 2 hours and the price is around 250 US dollar, which is around 1600RMB per ticket one way.

Chengdu is the main city in China for connecting flights to Tibet.




This is a place full of faith.Beautiful Potala Palace❤️ #xizang #lhasa #potalapalace



Every year more than 10 Million Travelers are traveling to Tibet from all around the world.
Travelers love to touch the roof of our world, reaching Tibet is a dream come true for many Travelers, we would like to Thank all the previous Travelers for your love for Tibet.

They are more than 1000 Travel agencies in Tibet, some Travel agencies are owned by true local Tibetans and based in Lhasa.

Some Travel agencies are claiming to be local Tibetans by using photos of locals, they are mostly based outside of Lhasa but they are more successful than the Lhasa based Travel agencies in many ways.
Some Travel agencies are owned by Tibetans from Kham and Amdo region, which is based in Kham and Amdo.

These are the brief information on around 1000 Travel agencies claiming to be based in Tibet.

The same thing happens when they are more than 3000 Travel agencies or even more based in China, Nepal, Europe, other countries in Asia, Australia and America claiming to be Tibetan expert and selling the tours to Tibet via contacting a local Travel agency based in Lhasa for all the information.
Above information confirms the reason for traveling to Tibet becoming complicated.
Each Travel agencies share different information so that they can sell the tours.
If they are sharing exact information it is good but most of the time, they do their best to make it complicated so Travelers get the feeling of difficulty in mind, after that Travelers will contact them and buy through them so win win for them for making it complicated but Tibet Travelers aim is different.
Tibet Travelers is a local Tibetan owned Travel agency based in Lhasa with more than 15 years of Tibet tourism experience starting from working at the Mount Everest north face base camp in the year 2003

Tenzin Dhondup is a friend of Lonely Planet writers, our Manager is listed in Lonely Planet Tibet Guidebook since 2006

To find a true local Tibetan owned Travel agencies based in Lhasa is worth more than finding 100 of non-local Travel agencies based outside of Tibet.
Reading our articles on Tibet tour and travel, Travelers can easily witness our expertise.



China visa plays the biggest role in traveling to Tibet. No China visa means no Tibet Travel Permit. No Tibet Travel Permit means no travel to Tibet so China visa is important to all the Travelers who are planning a trip to Tibet.
They are 2 ways to get the China visa since they are 2 ways to travel to Tibet.

1. China to Tibet

2. Nepal to Tibet

For Travelers who are planning to travel Tibet from Nepal. Tibet Travelers will take care of the China visa and its category.
How to get China Group visa and how to travel Tibet from Nepal?

For Travelers who are traveling to Tibet from China, this article is very important since Tibet Travelers found that they are many different types of China visas.

How to get China visa and how to travel Tibet from China?

Photo: Beauties of Eastern Tibet Nyingchi
The best visa to travel China and Tibet is the (L) Category visa. This is the tourist visa. If Travelers have (L) tourist visa, Tibet Travelers can easily issue the Tibet Travel Permit from Tourism office in Lhasa, Tibet so Tibet Travelers highly recommend Travelers to issue China (L) category tourist visa to travel in Tibet easier.

If Travelers have another visa category like (F) visa for working in China. (X) visa for studying in China. Tibet Travelers request student card, working card or working letter from the company to issue the Tibet Travel Permit from tourism office in Lhasa. For more information on different types of China visa. ​China visa full Categories

There is no Tibet visa, China visa is the only visa that Travelers need to travel in Tibet so Travelers wont need to apply for double entry China visa.
One time entry China visa will work perfectly to issue the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Tourism office in Lhasa with the help of Tibet Travelers Travel agency while traveling in Tibet.

How to Get China visa?

These are the information on Category of China visa. For other Tibet Travel free information, Travelers can send us Email at info@tibettravelers.com


Just heard fire in Tibet which happened few days ago. So worried and upset as it is such an amazing and wonderful place. Laughing and I had a 25-day trip there. Visited #qokang #potalapalace #xigaze even the #qomolangma camp. This is a place where miracles happen and exist. Wish all the peace and happiness there.



Tibet is one of the destinations where we need Tibet Travel Permit to travel. According to previous years, Tibet Travel Permit for the year 2018 will resume from April 1st

We recommend all the Travelers who are planning to travel Tibet in March to adjust the date of travel to April 1st or later.
Tibet Travel Permit cannot be obtained on your own, you will need a Travel Agency to help obtain the Tibet Travel Permit.
Travel agencies are not allowed to sell only the Tibet Travel Permit since Tibet Travel Permit is free.
Travelers have to be on an organized tour so Tibet Travelers can help to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit.

Before explaining the Tibet Travel Permit, one of the most important things Travelers have to remind is the China Visa, which plays the biggest role in obtaining the Tibet Travel Permit. There is no Tibet Visa, China Visa is the only Visa Travelers need to travel to Tibet.

how to get the China Visa

To obtain the Tibet Travel Permit, below are few important information Tibet Travelers request.

1. Advance booking around 20 days, for Tours to Mount Kailash and Eastern Tibet, advance booking around 30 days.

2. Clear Colorful Passport and China Visa Scan

3. Date of arrival and Date of Departure, let us know exactly how many days Travelers prefer to travel in Tibet since Tibet Travel Permit is valid only until the end of the tour in the itinerary.
4. Exact travel itinerary in Tibet, since these places names will be written on the Tibet Travel Permit and only these places, are allowed for Travelers to travel so let us know all the places Travelers prefer to travel so Tibet Travelers can write all those names.
Photo: Beauties of Yamdrok Lake

Travelers can also visit Tibet Travelers Tibet Travel Permit for more information.

Travel Tibet in the year 2018 with an advance booking discount of 5 percent of the Tour fee. Email us at info@tibettravelers.com for Tibet travel free information or booking a tour to Tibet.


2018 is the Year of Earth Dog.
Let’s share few proverbs on Dogs.
Loyal Dog is more worthy than Disloyal friend.
Don’t trust barking Dog and silent man.
Barking Dog never bites,
Biting Dog no reason to bark.
Love Dog 1 time and Dog will love you 10 times.
May you all have a great year ahead.