So...is it playtime!? .
We are thinking about going a giveaway soon. What do you guys like? We have some Premier training harness, collars, clicker, treat pouch etc. that we are thinking would be good. Thoughts?
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when you see the treats 😋
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Oh my gosh guys, I have had SO much fun with my @petqwerks box! They sent me this for my honest review as a @pupfluence pup on their pawsome products!
The squeaky fish and #barkbone are my favorite. I squeak the fishy all day and annoy any hooman in my house. And my woman hooman fills the barkbone with peanut butter to make it extra yum. I'm not a huge fan of the #babbleball, I think it sounds like the doll from Saw. I can't wait to see how much I can terrorize this stuff before it esplodes like my dino toy!
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Throwing it back to last #tbt where the only thing I'm throwing back is this @liveoakbrewing Hefeweizen 🍻💁🏼

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Faith and Titus 1K Giveaway!
👻 Trick or Treat Yo' Self 🎃 🎁 2 Prize Packs 🎁

☠️ Grand Prize ☠️
• Kensie Arnold Designs Collar Flower or Bow Tie of Choice
• Link & Co. Custom Halloween Bandana
• Far Fetched Bandana of Choice From the "Fall Collection"
• Think Dog by Delca Halloween Toy Pack
• The French Dog Collar of Choice
• Pet Costume Center $20 Gift Code
• Erinn Draws Dogs Custom Sketch Portrait of 1 Pup with the Halloween Add On (you will be sent a normal sketch and a Halloween sketch)
• Puppy Breath "Will Do Tricks For Treats" Seasonal, Pumpkin Treats
• Barkley & Wagz BOGO
• Mutt Pack Outfitters $15 credit
😈 Host & Vendor Choice 😈
• Houndstooth Custom Tie On Bandana
• Lunation Bow Ties 40% Off Code
• Pet Qwerks Flavorit Bark Bone & Squeaky Emoji
• Puppy Breath Seasonal Pumpkin Treats
• Dog Mom Socks
• About the Face Dog Tags
• Molina Paws of Yuma Bandana of Choice
• Mutt Pack Outfitters $15 credit
• Trail Dog Co. 30% Off Code
💜 How do I enter this spooktacular giveaway? 💚
1) Follow @faith_and_titus & all hosts and vendors
2) Tag at least 3 pupper friends in the comments ⚠️ To qualify for the "Host & Vendor Choice" you will need to be active (like & comment) on all host and vendor accounts - we will choose an account we think was the most active ⚠️
✨ Extra Entries ✨
• 30 EXTRA ENTRIES if you buy an item from any vendor, with proof of purchase and vendor confirmation
• 15 EXTRA ENTRIES if you repost this photo with the hashtag #faithandtitus1k and tell us what you want to be for Halloween this year
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❌ Unfollowers will be disqualified & blocked in some cases
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❌ USA only, so sorry international friends!
⏳ This giveaway will end on September 3


You know the best part about being a dog? Getting muddy! The worst part? Getting clean! 😖
We got a lot of rain yesterday, my mom said it was from a hurricane that traveled here from Florida. It's been a while since it rained last so I obviously needed to jump in EVERY mud puddle I saw. But it was perfect timing because my mom wanted to use this new @bonlaterre Organic Dog Shampoo she received to try out! She said they were so excited for pups to try it out that they didn't even have labels on the bottles yet so we are really feeling lucky to share our experience! I've been lucky because I have super sensitive skin so I don't get baths as much as I should, but I think that is going to change with this product! It has no harsh chemicals, additives or harsh detergents so it's perfect for pups like me! And best of all it is hypo-allergenic! I usually itch so much that mom has to rub coconut oil in my fur, but after using this shampoo- she hasn't had to at all! In fact, it has coconut oil and aloe vera in it! It's like they already knew how to help soothe my skin! And the lemon scent is a big plus too! My mom took a big whiff of me when she got home from work today and said I smelled sooooooo good!
This shampoo really does help with pups like me that have itchy skin. And it's all-natural and even recommended by doggie doctors! My fur is so soft and fluffy so I have been getting more belly rubs too! The only negative? I think I'll be getting more baths now... 😩🐾
Doesn't my fur look soft? Swipe to see some pics of my dad getting me all clean again!
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Happy #TherapyDog Thursday ✈ I worked at an airport today! #NoPicturesMomImWorking
I had a great time volunteering at #JFKAirport with my friends from #LoveOnALeash today at the #MAAgicFlight event sponsored by #SomethingMAAgicFoundation & @AmericanAir
Every year, #AmericanAirlines grants the wishes of 35 kids suffering from life threatening illnesses by sending them & their families to Orlando, FL to visit Disney World & all of the other theme parks!
Before the plane takes off for Florida there is a big party at the Airport for the kids & their families with food, a DJ, party games & even a magic show (and of course... 5 of the best therapy dogs on Long Island)! Skye was EXHAUSTED by the time it was time to leave but she had so much fun & loved getting pets from all the kids & showing off her tricks. One little boy wanted to walk her so I had her walk between us in heel so that she wouldn't pull him around - he was so proud of himself for walking a big dog! It was so much fun & an extremely rewarding experience I hope we are invited back next year!
Check out our #Stories for some clips from the event!
💥Interested in having your dog certified in #PetTherapy? Feel free to DM us for some info!💥
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Lemme have it! I know it's for me... ***
This is a review of the cool toys we received from @petqwerks through @pupfluence! This bone is my favorite cuz it has little holes for peanut butter. I also got a cool x-tire ball, but I wasn't a fan of the loud sounds. After Dad fixed it so it was quiet I had a lot of fun tearing it apart. Can you guess what the third toy was?
If you want your own, use PUPFLUENCE5 to save 5% on your order!
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I just got my first ever toys from @petqwerks through @pupfluence and they are amazing!!!! I AM OBSSESSED WITH THE X-TIRE BALL! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH GUYS ALL THESE TOYS ARE SUPER AWESOME! PS aside from the bone these toys may not live long, I am a weapon of mass destruction ;) XD #pupeagle3 #Charlie #igdogsoftheworld #dogsofinstaworld #pawperfection #dogstimeline #dogs_of_insta_featured #dogs #dog #puppy #bmc #Blackmout #doggo #dogstagram #petstagram #insanedogs #pupstagram #dogsofig #petsofig #pupsofig #cursofig #bmcofig #bmcstagram #bmcofinstagram #bmcofinstagram #pupfluence #petqwerks
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How awesome is this sketch of Luna by @burghdawgbear?!
Want to win an one just like this but of your pet??
Rules are simple:
🐾 Follow us @ld.dobies @burghdawgbear & @sketchbook.k
🐾 Tag some furriends who'd be interested in participating in this giveaway. One tag = One entry (unlimited entries)
Extra Entries:
🐾 Post a screenshot of this flyer on your story and tag us (@ld.dobies) = 5 entries
There will be 2 winners! Giveaway ends 11:59pm est on Sunday the 24th and winner will be announced couple days later!
Unfollowers will be disqualified from future giveaways.
Good luck, and happy tagging 😄
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I am so obsessed with this collar and tag combo! They are perfect together! The mountains and night sky scene I love so much from camping and traveling is perfectly represented here! 🌄🌌Thank you @herdingdogdesigns and @dogonthemoon for these beautiful products! 😍
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"No other shotgun rider beside me" 🎶💚




Working hard in training. Next goal: novice trick dog title.


Beautiful day to relax at the park. 🐾 #tiredpupsarehappypups
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I will be dying Dahlia (and possibly Laine as well) for Halloween this year!! This photo was her a few years ago and the attention she got from this made her day every day until it faded out. Because she's getting old, we want to make the best of all her days and attention is what she craves. She was supposed to be a Tiger but some people thought she was a Zebra...whatever makes you happy!

So, I need ideas for what to do this year... I'll send you a dog collar of choice made by yours truly if I pick your idea. BONUS POINTS if you come up with something for Laine! And if I pick ideas from two different people, I'll send you both a collar!

Tag people you think would have some good ideas. Whoever tags the most people, I'll send you a surprise. •
If shipping is outside of Canada or the USA, I may ask that you pay shipping.