Irny Irdina

"HALAL KISS" Y'all this is so important to me because Father rarely shows affection openly and so I was SHOOK, as you can hear from my gasp. It was so unexpected for him to do that and honestly it looked like it was a scene from a movie :') It's like the first time he's gonna be away for quite a while and I thought it was gonna be hard for Mother but lmao no they video chat like 4 times a day so that's super cool. The love my parents have for each other is so magical and I'm so thankful for that. They are living proof of #relationshipgoals and #tilljannah Uggg this is so mushy and like I cri cuz it's so cute!!!¡!!¡¡¡!!!





'halal kiss'


HALAL KISS @miaagstna.sr lmao😂

Dwi Wibowo 🐑

So Cuteeeeee