Adoptable Bullies World-Wide

7/29/[email protected] So we took in TUG to foster. . . (Swipe left) Athens Clarke Co. Animal Control is open access, meaning that they must take in any and all strays. They ran out of room and put the word out for Tug, presently the most unadoptable dog there and the first to be euthanized if they need space. AthensPet wrote on FB- I HATE to type this, but Tug is URGENT. We don't often label dogs as urgent now--we have a low ("no kill") euthanasia rate for our dogs, even though we are a southern, open-admission, municipal shelter. But we're full. Thanks to an after-hours pull of a senior owner surrender (many thanks Angels Among Us Pet Rescue!), we have one open kennel. One. On a typical day we take in 2-3 dogs. On a typical day this summer we take in 4-5. Where will they go tomorrow, Friday? There are no dogs left that are behavioral problems with people or dogs. There are no dogs left that don't have strong supporters. There are no dogs left we haven't spent love, time, money on. So the question is: Who is stuck here, unadoptable? That leaves Tug. Tug is a good guy, and has shown no behavioral issues. But his skin is bad--he has demodex. It's not terminal. It's not contagious. It's highly treatable. But it takes time. And time is what he does not have. While he received Bravecto his first week at the shelter, it takes time for his skin to heal. And until his skin heals, he can't be neutered. His skin is too fragile. And we don't have time for it to heal. So while Tug is not the only dog at risk--*all* of the available dogs are--he's likely to be the first to go. We're hoping he goes to a home before that happens.…/47486-tug/gallery/available-dogs **ATHENS-CLARKE COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ So he is here- to get neutered, his skin treated, etc. He'll be available for adoption through Athens Canine Rescue. #adoptrescuefoster #athenscaninerescue

Athens, Georgia



Cindy Pearson

Thank you for stepping up and saving him!!! You are truly angels. ❤️

Toni Coleman

Poor baby