Underdog To Wonderdog

Colt is VERY ready to find his #fureverhome and I know this because he is trying harder than normal to be part of our pack! Just this week he started waking us up with the softest kisses to let us know he would like to be let outside. He has also been trying to climb on our bed for snuggles like he sees our dogs do every night. It breaks my heart because I WANT him to have this, but with his OWN family. I want him to let down the walls of his past, trust and feel safe, and I want him to know the feeling of living out his life with a family who will love him and make him their heart's focus. He deserves an even better home than what we as his foster home can offer. Until then, we'll just keep walking him around and advocating for #rescue! #underdogCOLT #coltdarkandhandsome #coltisthenewblack #adoptdontshop #mustlovedogs #fosteringsaveslives #adoptadog #lab #labsofinstagram #lablove #blacklabrador #adoptme #blackisbeautiful #adoptblack #savealife #adopt #spayneuter #la #losangeles

Claremont, California



Underdog To Wonderdog

@fancyfania thank you

Tracy McNulty Levesque

Still haven't heard back - Mark would love him - and Colt would love the lake and property :) How old is he - Mark is set on a black Lab about 2 years old. Will have 15 acres to play on .

Underdog To Wonderdog

@highfieldwildrose I have a feeling too✨. Thank you for cheering him on!

Underdog To Wonderdog

@tracymcnulty1 if you see this, I will get in touch with you tomorrow


Sweet, Colt. ❤️🐾❤️ I think he is going to find his people really soon!! You guys are the best.


He's SO handsome!❤️