Greater Charlotte SPCA

A few months ago a breeder surrendered five toy poodle puppies to the animal shelter, because she had poisoned them with a "flea dip" at such a young age. Though we exhausted all avenues to help these puppies, two of the five survived. This little nugget, Colossus, is ready for his forever home! He does have a history of neurological issues (because of his past) and needs another small breed dog in the house to show him the ropes (he gets a little lost without friends). Currently he is healthy, happy, and so so sweet! #toypoodle #hypoallergenicdogs #poodle




Lauren Langell

@tone32988 little Wrigley could show him the ropes!


@robinsmm UGH MAYBE HE DOES 😭😭😭😭😭


@ellkaym does Quincy need a brother??