50 Cent

When I clean up I'm working, I'm making it happen but you know where I'm from. I'm at home with the bullshit try me.




S M O K E Y πŸ”‘πŸŽ€

I remember we chopped it up on 3rd n 149 like 2 years ago


Humans ee are shit


50 you fine ass bully!

Kimberley Robinson

Dang 50 you're hotttt my brother

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now imagine u guys ten trilion times worse choco lifers yal all ghandi man my word .. now alchemit is going to say he right did anyone as u to be oh see @alchemist did anyone ask me same shit yo honestly im not whi. man so its it s cool with yall i can get a hall pass why i talk to smuch .. alchemsit pushing me around i todl there ghsot around me maing me not know wtf is going on and taling to peole randomly and geting me in shit while he laugh proably @ ... too ya no im saying it .. he laugh at me see they never listen he keep saying they they they and buging me i aint they or him mans a goof and he with me makes me a goo.. wow.. u think im staying here with u im walking man fuk this