James Harden

"When the lights is on it's time to perform" - *Bassy voice What y'all think about the new Vol. 1 color-way ??? 👍🏾👎🏾?

The Garden



Carlos Alejandro Jr.

baarr_yar_yarJust wanted to say thanks for what you've been doing since the first day you joined the Rockets. I never witnessed a player in my life come to this team and show up night in and night out. Far as in the previous playoff runs don't worry about the critics because your fans understand that you carried the load to make that possible. Now you have some shooters around you they should help take all the pressure off of you so that you can close out the games. You're young, crafty, and you're unselfish. Not mention your skill set is like nobody else's. I was around ten years old when the Rockets won back to back and I know how lit the city gets in that situation. I never felt more certain that this season is the season you take us all the way. I never seen a star that was a six man like James Harden join a team and change the whole NBA world.@jharden13

Jody Summers

Drop these before the volume 2 @jharden13

Kyn Fellows

That ass LOL 🤣🤣