50 Cent

Still #1 I love you Em, you my nigga for life.#RapGod






Theresa Lewin

Oh, middle finger to your commendation ah!

maiane rodrigues pereira

l love eminem you are my life😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

🎤August Jones🎶

well since thas yo nigga tell him sign me i need to get out dis mf asap or shitt you got chicken u pick me up i do it all rs 😂 @50cent @eminem rt doe i go krazy on the beats and the flows plus im a dog ass ghost writer and comedian fuck wit me. btw i got a youtube series on the way its a cross between the wire and law and order. power inspired me to quit bullshitrin and get to the money in all avenues thanx my dog. you done camw far af the hussle has been good to you.