Andy Cohen

It's #NationalcomingoutDay ! Remember when Trump said he was going to be a great friend to the LGBT community? The joke was on us, but we knew it then. Be yourself, stay strong and keep going forward. And if you're having a hard time coming out, or need someone to talk to, call the @trevorproject hotline 24/7 at +18664887386 🏳️‍🌈




Heather O'Sullivan #Realtor

For once #northCarolina has a great guy working for our state! #roycooper is pushing through an #antidescrimination law now!! First time I’ve been politically proud to be living in this state. (I’m a newbie)

Kerrin Weatherwax

@punkin505 Andy supports the rape of women? Please take your meds. You’re not all there, clearly. Lol 👋🏼


@waxkj Again with the nasty Judegement! You are obviously a dumbass because you have very little reading comprehension. The only problem I have with Andy is him supporting the rape of women! I have supported Gays in general and Andy in particular longer than you have been on the fucking planet so in your words , go fuck yourself! Says a lot about you that you support rape! Btw I'm a Democrat you fuck! And when was the last time you had your Gay best friend over for dinner? Doing that right now you ass!

bon appétit



@retromod01 How has he impeded on your freedom?


@pjbezpalko He Is. I'm not sure what drives these people to make up lies.