Rockstar Games

The finale of the exciting and tightly-contested 2017 @redhookcrit takes place in Milan, Italy this Saturday, Oct 14th. For more details, visit rockstargames.com/newswire (link in bio) or redhookcrit.com




Ashish ranjan

It is also for android


Sacheje d??™ou provient sirenes votre ennuiQuand vous vous lamentez au large dans la nuit Mer je suis comme toi plein de voix machineesEt mes vaisseaux chantants se nomment les annees

Axel Sonntag

Lspd. Polizei. GTA 6

Rylan Mill ⚙️

@peekaboob.plays nobody cares about your page. Don’t throw rocks in a glass house my friend


@rys_e46 bruh nobody cares about your negativity maybe you shiul take it as a good hint of advice to get off ya lazy bum and go biking haha