Rachel Brathen

I’ve had many surreal experiences in my life but this moment right here... I’m using a breast pump. In a public bathroom. Standing outside a janitors closet. At an airport. Took me an hour to find a spot where I could pump in “private”. The pump is balancing on a trash can. Ah, motherhood. You are just so glamorous😝😂😅#normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebreastpumping #normalizeEVERYTHING !!!

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport




Kudos to you for managing to get ANY milk out like that! I only pumped in a public restroom once and was so stressed I got about 1 oz 😭😭😭

Lana 🏝 👉🏾🌲

I remember when we were visiting fam in Savannah, GA and our first born was a teeny beensy baby. We were all eating at a sit down nice restaurant, we got the vibe that public breastfeeding wasn’t a southern US acceptable norm. I shyly asked the staff where I could feed my baby, they told me the bathroom. I asked if there was a chair in there, they said no, but there’s a toilet. So there I sat nursing our babe on the toilet while my family ate at their nice linen-draped table. By the time our second child came, I was done with the breastfeeding external shaming. Don’t let others push their repressive values at you, @yoga_girl . You go girl! :)

Gaby Raymond

Lmfao this is exactly what it feels like 🤷🏻‍♀️😩 @kelly522 don’t mind me... just making milk.

Summer Forrest

Yes please normalize!!!! Best for the babes!


We've all been there

p r e s l e y.

Def need more facilities for mamas to do their thing though!! Not fair at all.