Rachel Brathen

I’ve had many surreal experiences in my life but this moment right here... I’m using a breast pump. In a public bathroom. Standing outside a janitors closet. At an airport. Took me an hour to find a spot where I could pump in “private”. The pump is balancing on a trash can. Ah, motherhood. You are just so glamorous😝😂😅#normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebreastpumping #normalizeEVERYTHING !!!

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport



Heather 💛

More lactation rooms and pods please! I️ search airports to see which ones have one and where, one airport only had one outside security, why would they put it there 🙄


Mom life ahh so fun my mo@ told me stories keep going you got it.


you are a rockstar. and that is no joke - sending lots of good milk vibes and hope for busting you and others out of the bathroom soon. x

Denni Johnson Kleiner

I hear you...the struggle is real 😂 I pumped from the time my babes were three months to a bit over a year, that’s when I went back to work. My coworkers would tease me pumping in the washroom. The troubles Moms go through.

Jayme Pingrey

I have been there(airport+wc +standing up+ pumping) ! It had never occurred to me how few facilities nursing/pumping mothers have 🙄

Mindful Mommy LA

Omg I remember the first time I had sit in a public restroom and balance my then 3 month old baby on my lap to breastfeed him because it was awkward at the restaurant and he wouldn’t latch because of all the flushing🙈 oy....glad u stopped caring and fed my baby anywhere. Not to mention how gross the whole experience was! 🤦🏻‍♀️Why is it ok to be so panicked as a new mom when you’re doing your mom job in public! #normalizebreastfeeding Anyways you were in LA??? How fun! Wish I bumped into u!!!! Ahhhh thanks for sharing yourself with us. You Luni and Dennis are beautiful. We love you at Mindful Mommy LA so much!