As Week 9 tips off, we check in with the stat leaders for the 2017-18 season!




Robert Parker

@arwncmno and it’s sad the arguably the “best scorer in the league” is barely getting 2 more points a game than a guy who barely came in the league

Robert Parker

@arwncmno bro you are sleep😴😴 the only thing harden is beating Giannis in is points, assists, and turnovers😑 Giannis is beating him in every other stat

Connor W Din

@milesgally BOIII WHAT IS????

Daniel Nicholas

Iya blok satu pertandingan doang,kan pointnya mimpin dia.tapi bisa jadi lebron neh,lagi triple double mulu dia.@fitriawan_nur_indrianto

Fitriawan Nur Indrianto

@daniel_subrata harden barusan kena blok bro