Michael Bosworth

I am excited start the Executive Leadership Program with the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Vistage today. Over the next year, myself and about 100 other business owners from around the country will collaborate to build and innovate our businesses. We will focus on 3 main courses: strategic leadership, building an innovation playbook and organizational design. @stanfordgsb @vistageworldwideinc #backtoschool #leadership #strategy #innovation #buildingbusinesses

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Plant Organix

Great Feed!

Santana Diaz

You are a pioneer!!!


Sounds wonderful! Good luck with it!!

Michael Bosworth

@snewton94024 - Thank you for your words of encouragement. I can’t wait to get started on the program.

Steve Newton

This is a very challenging process but so diverse in terms of the businesses in with you. It is enrichment beyond your current expectations.

Michael Bosworth

@cirenoslen - Probably. I’ll be the outcast making real products and selling them for real money.

Eric Nelson

Wondering if payment in the cyber world " Bitcoin" types are on the board?