Charlotte Hornets

⚠️5️⃣⚠️ Countdown to the 2017 #NBADraft 💪 #BuzzCity




Blaine Capano

If Cho messes this one up, I think he's done

Yahir Castrejon lemus Jr.

@jonathanlandrews i wasnt talking to you and why did you say we cause i live in north carolina and i know what the hell happened

Jonathan Andrews 🐝🏡

@thebeast12349th you're wrong. He was traded before we even drafted him. He threw his workouts too because he only wanted to play for the Lakers. That trade was on Kobe. Hornets never had a chance to have him suit up for them.

Yahir Castrejon lemus Jr.

@qgoode1013 he played 1 season and he never ever said he wanted to get traded the hornets traded him because theyre dumb as hell


We've never had "That one player"

Quincy Goode

@thebeast12349th lolol Kobe never even played a game in Charlotte... He demanded to be traded immediately not after "the 3rd or 4th season"


This will be very interesting...