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A non-profit association rescuing, rehabilitating & looking for adoptions for Spanish Galgos. Contact and Paypal donations: comdelrio@hotmail.com


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Morning World
So .. I didnt get time to introduce this new soul with all the car issues and safe arrival and settling her.
Introducing .. Her name is "AGAPA" it means Unconditional Love extending to compassion and forgiveness. Something so appropriate for this soul as her story makes no sense to me. Operating to then have it go wrong to then dumping her with screws out which must be painful. Yet this souls heart as them all is so pure it’ll be filled with forgiveness.
From now on my love its going to be all alright. I promise.
An unexpected addition to the finca but one we couldnt leave her unattended.
Welcome sweet Agape. Today we will head off to see Paco and address your poor leg 🙏🏻🤞🏻💡🕯️💟 #galgo #galgoespanol #galgoespañol #galgosofinstagram #instagalgo #galgolover #112carlotagalgos #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #sighthound #sighthoundsofinstagram #spanishdog #spanishgalgo #savethegalgos #adoptadog #adoptagalgo #rescuegalgo #rescuedgalgo #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #galgorescue #galgolovers #instadog #diadelgalgo #stopgalgueros #freethegalgo #díadelgalgo #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimalabuse #galgos


Its been an extremely busy morning and day at the finca. Its 4.19 and Ive just sat down for 5 minutes before the afternoon duties begin.
Today Anke De Cock and I went to residency with the plan to bring 3 galgos home. To which all have been super well looked after. Being in residency allows them to decompress somewhat quietly and this is all I’d allow for in their early days at the finca.
But I paid 1900 Euros today bringing my bill up to date and then we brought 5 home. Their carer who is great, had some concerns for ZEUS whose not gaining weight so he came home. JEWEL came home as she was one of the first in residency. ADAH for her youth and shyness needs handling and socialising and shes moved into the garden bay with the babies. Being young and small herself made sense now the pups are bigger and can hold their own more. They’re getting along super well.
KEANO and MERCI came home for Merci needs some faith building. Catching her at residency was somewhat like BETHANY (rehomed to the UK) and PATI’S (rehomed to Holland) experience and a bitten arm to measure. Bless her heart. Just so scared she protected herself with what she had. And I understand.
They came home and a shuffling around has been done. For now merci is in the quarantine bay. ZEMINA (for adoption) graduated to Ebros bay which I feel she needed. She may be older but equally needs stimulating.
And then Anke and I proceeded to invest time in paperwork chores 😲 the dreaded tasks I dont like 😂 ..
So as the afternoon moves along I begin the afternoon chores.
I was sad to leave the 6 remainding souls behind. But they’re all well at the residency and so I’m comforted.
Welcome home sweet souls 💟

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Introducing "YANAIKA”(as I cried my tears, I cried you’d understand my tears just once)... As I made plans for MINT to leave the residency in Badajoz, entering into the finca Saturday, .. I was asked and presented this poor girl left to be sacrificed (euthanised). Doomed. Yet her eyes pleaded understand my tears. Just once.
A fragment of a meaning of her name which also means shall we do it ? So I heard her. And I made a decision and said I hear you. I hear your tears. And yes. We shall do it we will save you. You are safe. Yanaika also has another meaning.. perhaps the most profound for her "God is merciful" and so as you came in needing a helping hand somehow mercy was upon you to be seen and your soul is safe. You entire being now is safe and you will florish. Blossom and just be .. you. I promise.
I named her Yanaika for your gesture Yanaika Boom Jensen of your poem and thoughts of us here I just wanted to gesture back.
She’s a fearful girl I believe, but safe now. And so it will remain forever more 💟


Seb heads on home with this special cargo, it appears this girl has been operated on but badly.
And the screws are coming out of her leg.
Doesn’t make any sense to me to abandon a galga after surgery... my mind boggles at how she abandoned. Speechless 😶💟 #galgo #galgoespanol #galgoespañol #galgosofinstagram #instagalgo #galgolover #112carlotagalgos #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #sighthound #sighthoundsofinstagram #spanishdog #spanishgalgo #savethegalgos #adoptadog #adoptagalgo #rescuegalgo #rescuedgalgo #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #galgorescue #galgolovers #instadog #diadelgalgo #stopgalgueros #freethegalgo #díadelgalgo #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimalabuse #galgos



Sometimes things are just not how we want them to be. But we just cant seem to help it.... for indeed were full and with 2 recent adoptions tomorrow I aim to head to residency to bring some members home. Home to the finca.
At the same time, MINT from Badajoz comes home on Saturday. And between one galguero and another calling I shudder as the phone rings. How they like to pressure, how they like to think theyre poor things because "they’ve too many dogs and theres fights for the females" my answer is always the same, "well you could castrate them" mmmmmm deaf ears it falls on. "Im finished now I cant have them" what they mean is till next season.
But here this girl from Dionis town needed help. And its clear why. Unsure of whats wrong, somehow we will find a way. Because she needs help. And so.. Seb Del Rio Holden leaves tonight for her so he can bring her home tomorrow. Drive carefully Seb, please. We’re with you all the way there, and all the way home.
And as Mint moves into the finca on Saturday, another needy soul moves into residency in Badajoz.
I guess tomorrows another day... but it’ll look brighter for this soul who needs help 💟


For our Canadian followers - words from Sandra Deakin / Carlota Galgos Rescue Canada 🇨🇦- “Good morning everyone. For those of you who have been following our group for a few years you may remember BRACEY..... Bracey was rescued in Seville when her galguero abandoned her and kicked her away on the street. Because she was so loyal she tried to follow him at which point he started to stone her. A kind woman intervened he lied and said she was not his galgo and walked away with the woman holding onto her. She found her way to the finca where Charlotte named her Embrace which she shortened to Bracey.
Bracey came to Canada in summer of 2016 and went straight into her home. This weekend through no fault of her own she was returned to our group and we are beginning the search for another home for her.
Bracey is 7 years old she is cat safe, social and gets along well with other dogs she lived with a greyhound and two cats. Bracey would like a home with a back yard to play in and someone to love and cuddle her on the couch. She is a happy playful girl but on the quiet side. She is currently in temporary foster care with Anna Wyzga and Brian close to Ottawa. If we have someone who is ready to adopt and she is a good match, which she will be for most homes, we can start the adoption process. If we do not have anyone right now the plan is to move her into more permanent foster care as Jan Care had volunteered for a foster. This would mean we need to remove one dog coming from Spain in two weeks as we can only have two foster homes right now.
Please get in touch with me if you are interested in this very pretty sweet senior girl. I would also like to thank Nancy Detich and Mark who took their day off yesterday to drive to Montreal to pick her up.” For more information - http://www.carlotagalgosrescuecanada.com 💟



Champions of champions... here we are years later and Ebro is making it!! Hes a hero of hearts, a lesson of " when strong isnt good enough, be stronger" dont give up. For you never know how close you are to your miracle. Your goal. Life.
Ebros Specialist Carlos feels that Ebros fever was due to his pain and that quite possibly hed strained himself or hurt himself. And so the antibiotics have done him good for his fever. His range of movement, well he has some and things are looking better than Id expected. Maybe at times Im harder on myself. So I was delighted with todays progress. When walking slowly he uses 4 paws which is a great success already. So this is his back to work schedule. Walking up hills 4x a day each for 15 minutes and steps. Also the treadmill and as Id thought for now, without water so I was pleased I was on the right track. As he improves we add water. And push for more therapy being guided by Ebros pain levels as he is still in recovery. This was no simple head and neck femoral removal for Ebs has had years of the hips being mashed up so surgery was harder on him. So anti inflammatories for 6 weeks. Back to the clinic in 2 months and in the meantime we get to work moving up and down his therapy sessions as he needs it. And so .. we get to work.
Mmmm Ebro, no lying in bed all morning now!!!!
CFC (chief fly catcher) is back to work at the finca therapy gym.
It is always an immense pride knowing that theres such skill and immense ability to heal these souls from centro Referencia de Bahia. Many of our souls are treated here for various conditions they have. And knowing that such intense care, affection, but skill while working with these souls to heal them physically signifies so much to me. Its a parallel as I try to do the best I can here for them . Such respect and care to improve lives takes my breath away...... TBC in comments 💟



EBRO tomorrow has his appointment with his specialist. I’m a little nervous as it’s been a hard week for him with no therapy because of his infection. And he needed these extentions and movements directly after surgery.. am sad in that respect.. but hoping for good news tomorrow 🤞🏻🙏🏻💡🕯️💟 #galgo #galgoespanol #galgoespañol #galgosofinstagram #instagalgo #galgolover #112carlotagalgos #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #sighthound #sighthoundsofinstagram #spanishdog #spanishgalgo #savethegalgos #adoptadog #adoptagalgo #rescuegalgo #rescuedgalgo #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #galgorescue #galgolovers #instadog #diadelgalgo #stopgalgueros #freethegalgo #díadelgalgo #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimalabuse #galgos


A huge thank you for these coats. I’m so so very grateful. I have no name to thank.. so kind angel please know I’m very greatful for such a beautiful gesture 💟


So ZEMINA (for adoption) had a check up and it appears she’s sore, but it could have been as I suspected from slipping on the wet floor in the rain on Saturday, or even OPAL (for adoption) pouncing about. This is a delicate girl, but she’s scrumptous. So a weeks rest. Anti inflammatories and some nice massage and laser ahould help relax her muscles.
As I receive calls daily from galgueros it almost makes me tremble each day dreading the sound of my phone ringing. Its the hardest to say no. But honouring those here is all I can do. So I’ve asked for them to be held onto for a few weeks, and then hopefully I’ll be in a position to help if they’re still there.
The thing is, I can never take for granted a yes. For its not on my yes I can do this. Its on lifeline suppport. Events. Fundraising and also words of encouragement help keep me going to help them. It goes full circle. I could not honour them if I couldnt look after them. This is foremost in their recovery. But this is done from your kindness. To which I am ever grateful for. I wake grateful and go to sleep grateful that these souls are safe and sound here.
I beg to differ profusely with you galguero as I look at Zemina whose given her whole life up for her master. Shows signs of being a good hunter but also immensly bred from. Passed on and on and on from one to another and another confused over and over to be left at this age to begin her life as she should have from the beginning. Why oh why cant you see their beauty for just who they are?
So my sweet girl I will care for you attend your aches and pains like you’ve never had done before. Love you to the moon and back. To the last star in the sky. To the bottom of the ocean. And infinity and beyond and I give you my word, my promise your forever will come 💟


🥕 2
Sooooo news is that Lil CHRISTMAS (CHRISTY - on the right) will be heading home just after MERRY (reserved for Switzerland 🇨🇭 ) leaves.
For SAVIO (reserved for the UK 🇬🇧 ) couldn’t help but tell his new mama about this lil fighter, warrior who didn’t have her own forever. And so Savios mama spoke with a colleague, who actually lives next door to Savios mama. And the rest was history. Kelly fell in love. It was straight away like cupid took his arrow out and boom.
So pending home visit miss Christy is reserved. Yipeeeeee yeeehaw.
Congratulations family 🎉😍💟
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It is with great pleasure SAVIO would like to tell everyone he’s whats called RESERVED. His own mama has found him and he is so excited.
Savio means wisdom, and he used all the wisdom he had to stay alive. Since finca days he’s found himself truly. Become whole and complete. And now faces his forever. Congratulations mama Maryam.
SAVIO RESERVED 🎉💟 #galgo #galgoespanol #galgoespañol #galgosofinstagram #instagalgo #galgolover #112carlotagalgos #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #sighthound #sighthoundsofinstagram #spanishdog #spanishgalgo #savethegalgos #adoptadog #adoptagalgo #rescuegalgo #rescuedgalgo #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #galgorescue #galgolovers #instadog #diadelgalgo #stopgalgueros #freethegalgo #díadelgalgo #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimalabuse #galgos


Carrot 🥕 time 😍