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I’m obsessed with how things are made. I used to play in my mum’s sewing room, taking clothes apart and using all her fabric scraps to make stuff (that I never wore lol). So to see the making of my wedding dress is such a treat! ❤️🤗 Also, trying to decide if I should wear a bib. Thoughts? 🧀🍝🤷🏻‍♀️🍕🥫


I wheely wheely like you! And I love making things with you 🤗 That is all.


All day errday! I’m lucky to have so many superwomen in my life! 😘❤️
Happy International Women’s Day!
#TimeIsNow to support each other, believe in each other & encourage each other to speak up for rights & gender equality! #IWD2018 #womensday #internationalwomensday
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Perfect stormy-weather-I-don’t-wanna-leave-the-house activities: Crafting and Craft Burgers 😊
How’s everyone spending this lovely day!? #Craft #CraftBurgers #CraftLife #ThunderSnow


What do you do when these guys show up at your door with wardrobe like this?! Yuh clear the living room and dance!

#fitnessmarshall #finesse #cardib #brunomars #livingroomdancing


Dress shopping or Castle hopping? 👗🏰😍



Nobody puts baby in a corner... Unless it’s this one! 😍


“There are so many people in this world.” (Words of Wisdom from @_liz___a 😆) ... and I’m so glad we found each other in grade 9 French class ❤️





My funny valentine, all the time. I laugh at all your jokes because I love you and they’re mostly funny 😜 Happy love day y’all! ❤️😘 @mrdrewscott #funnyvalentine #livelivelaugh #thatshirt


18 years and still going strong! 💪🏽❤️ Thanks for blowin’ up my phone everyday with updates on world news, pics of spiders, dogs, baby videos, terrible that’s what she said jokes, weather alerts, shitty day recaps and life highlights. Lover yous! ❤️😘💥


Overall, he’s a great catch. 😘🎣



I know I’m in the right place when the hotel room has a book titled ‘The Pasta Diet’.


❤️ is full of wonder! (Or maybe it’s the jet lag) ... I wonder how I can fall in love even more everyday when my heart is already bursting 💗 And why good food makes me dance 🥞💃🏻And how old friends make me feel new again ✨ And if ice cream can save the world 🌏 ...


California dreamy.... it’s the month of love. That means it’s gonna get extra cheesy and corny ‘round here 😜 (Mmmm 🧀 & 🌽 ... 🤤)



Chichi the dog, Emilio Pucci, open concept kitchens, a pet pig in a dentist’s office and master planned communities. All that and more whenever we catch up with Joycie! 🤗 She had so many fond memories in this house ❤️


Happy #TBT all you retrophiliacs ❤️ . [Vintage suitcase @hannaphan got for me (I used it to store my super secret sketches and very important Titanic memorabilia); pretty lil typewriter that Dad scored at garage sale for $15; hand painted wooden sign from #HonestEds that I paid too much for but I had to have it before they closed their doors for good!]


Take cover! (Jonathan’s thought when @sarahgtvmag tells Drew to jump over the sofa) 🙈
March issue of #HGTVMagazine is jam packed with good stuff including pretty pics of our place that I will use as reminders of where everything goes after our raging board game nights. Thanks @hgtv! ❤️



Gonna tackle this week like a monkey boss 💥🐒 I’m guessing this is how they’d do it.


I’m snow in love with these people 😍 Like totes just 😭 watching this vid 💗 Also, a bird pooped on me seconds before your wedding. I’m pretty sure that is good luck for the rest of your lives! Worth it. 😘 #MeetTheStobieckis #AoAWedding #Savethecake


This is how we do it 🎶 It’s Friday night and I feel alright... Jk. This is ACTUALLY how we do it: Already in bed. Out of breath from an intense ping pong match and a long day of making a lil something special for our big day! ☺️❤️


Step by step, clay by clay! ↗️↗️↗️


One of the sweetest parts about the whole experience of making our dream home: getting to learn how much this place meant to its previous owner. While confident that we were being kind and respectful to the history of the house, I was nervous that she would see it on TV and think 😵! (She’s sweet. And feisty. Love her.) Over the holidays she sent us another letter and opening it was like opening an Oscar envelope...............
Thaaaaaaaaank goodness. She loves it! She really loves it!
She went on to say that we would’ve gotten along so well with her late husband, THE Edward Fickett , and that he would’ve shared our design sensibilities. (Stap, just stap it! 😭) We know that we too will call this Home Sweet Home for many years ❤️☺️


Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor. 🌊💙🧜🏼‍♀️


An escape room turned into a casual coffee date at a (kinda creepy) teddy bear cafe turned into a last minute lunch turned into a pun filled surprise shower turned into a scrumptious cooking class and a round of Spyfall (special edition). They know me too well 😂 Love yooooous ❤️ #TenInAMelon #PunTimes


For them. For all of us. 🖤 #WhyWeWearBlack #TimesUp


The Broad Shoulder 🤓


You. Are. Electric. ⚡️


All my loves in one spot. Won't say which one is my fave 🤤