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Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm. 🌩


We just wanted to impersonate Todd from Fox and the Hound, did it work?


Did you know it’s a disqualifying fault for an OEB to have what we consider a correct bite? The standard actually call for a slightly undershot bite, like Jables, with the bottom jaw turning up.
This is the Jaw standard for IOEBA: Broad, deep and short with moderate wrinkling. The bite is undershot with the bottom jaw turning up noticeably. Lower canines should not protrude. Muzzle too long (over 3 inches), scissor bite, or even bite are disqualifying faults. Muzzle should be no shorter than 1 1/2”. Wry jaw is a disqualifying fault.


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I know it’s only Sunday buutttt puppy pictures are always a go !


What better time than now to introduce Jables?
He is a CKC Olde English Bulldogge born May 26, 2017. Right now he weight 41 pounds and is almost 5 months old !
#oldeenglishbulldogge #bulldogge #bulldoggepuppy #oeb
Just to clear things up, Jables does not live with me. My best friend and I bought him together and he is living with her.


Positive mind.
Positive vibes.
Positive life.


I love sleep. You forget about pain, problems, stress, everything for a while.


Hey if you’re reading this and you’re in a bad spot mentally or anything I hope you feel better soon and have a good day.


Q: Do you watch football? Who is your favorite NFL team?
A: Pittsburgh Steelers, however I am not proud of the fact that they felt the need to stay in the locker room during the NA. 😡
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What do you mean it’s Monday?


Let’s get positive today, write one positive thing about the commenter above you.
Do not do it as a reply, it will mess up the process.


The moment you’ve all been waiting for!
Here is Marley’s Halloween costume that most of YOU chose 🦊


I love the smell of Fall 😍


Have you guys heard of @thepincause yet?
Pin Cause was started to spread the word about #AdoptDontShop, however as many of you know if Marley passes all his heath testing he will be bred. @thepincause would also like to help spread the word about buying from reputable breeders. By buying from reputable breeders you will likely help decrease the number of puppy mills, backyard breeders and you’ll have a quality pet. One think I like to think is: you get what you pay for. Your $300 puppy vs your $2000 puppy. Which do you think is more likely to be registered, have health tested parents, be healthy and live a full life without health issues or behavioral issues ? I’m going to go with the $2000 puppy. 🐾🐾🐾
Each Pin​ ​you buy​ raises $2 for The @HumaneSociety Stop Puppy Mills campaign.
#StopPuppyMills #PinCauseLove #Puptivist


Q: What season is your favorite and why?
A: My favorite season is Fall, because I love hoodies and rain and sitting by a fireplace. I love when it just go cold outside so you’re forced to sit inside all day and watch Netflix while you drink hot cocoa.


Who’s ready for Halloween?
What are you or your pet(s) being for Halloween? 🎃
Check out the link in my bio and please vote! There is a tie between the Dinosaur and Fox for Marley !


These are the days we dream about when the sunlight paints us gold. 🍂
Swipe left to see the untouched version 🍂


It’s the first day of October, which means 19 more days and Marley is officially one year old!
Do you guys enjoy the before/after posts? I thought of doing one more. In this one it’s minimal editing, I just changed to color of the trees and added my watermark, nothing else was touched.


Fall is officially here in Montana!
Swipe left to see the before on this photo.


When you find out you’ve been the good boy this whole time 🐶


Have you guys ever heard of @rescuebox ?

It’s seriously so awesome! Scroll through and see all the pawsome stuff they sent us ! Mom even got something too !
You can take a moment and read about Ruby’s Story as well ❤️❤️
Get yourself a #rescuebox and help save a shelter pup !


This fricken tag and collar duo is killin me 😍
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*insert fall quote here*


A little slobber never hurt anybody
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I didn’t do it, I swear!


Does this make my butt look big?


When you CRAVE your food from @chewy 🤤
Here’s the scoop
✅ Grain free
✅ High protein
✅ You feed much less
✅ 5 star rating on dogfoodadvisor
✅ Real, pasture-fed lamb is the very first ingredient
✅ Contains no by-product meal, soy, corn or wheat and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
✅ Cooked and processed in U.S. facilities using the finest ingredients from around the world.


Q: What color are your dogs eyes?
A: Green


Q: Who is ready for fall!? 🍂
A. I am !!
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Almost forgot, Marley is 11 months old!!