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So you're still thinking of me
Just like I know you should
I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could
I'm so high at the moment
I'm so caught up in this
Yeah, we're just young, dumb and broke
But we still got love to give


Want to know the secret to Marley’s shiny fur? Swipe left ! It’s Halos Vita Glo from @Chewy ! It’s packed with a blend of pure essential oils which supplies all the fatty acids needed to support a full, shiny coat, smooth skin and supports his heath. Which is my #1 priority ! I waited so long to post this review because I wanted to watch it work ! Marley had slightly dandruff and dry skin from winter coming and this has completely fixed it ! He’s much happier and not stopping to itch from irritated skin. This bottle should last an extremely long time as Marley only needs **3 TSP!!** a day. Yes. 3 TEA SPOONS!


Caption this!
Best captions get a story s.o ! 😂



Hello friends! Today we are hosting a very special giveaway! This isn’t only for your dog but it’s for you too! We think that you guys deserve something special for being such amazing supporters! @1sis2brosandabuddy owner are selling nail strips, they are giving away 1 nail strip and 1 bone to 1 lucky winner!
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This popped up on my memories today, on Facebook and I couldn’t help but share here. ❤️
This I how small he was a year ago today !


How’s Marley look in his Jingle Bells ? He’ll be wearing this and a Santa hat for his photo sigh Santa on the 9th !



Last one of this bokeh Christmas lights series.
What did you guys think?
I noticed a lot of saves, you guys are so awesome!!
If you save this photo screenshot me some proof and I’ll give you a story shoutout 💕💕


Let’s have a complimentary comment section again!
It’s time to spread some love and joy, so here’s what you do:
Say something nice about the person who commented above you and in return someone will say something they love about your account ! 🎅🏻 💕 ✨


What are you plans this Christmas Season?
Have you put up your decorations yet?



Who’s ready for Christmas?


Reppin’ our @paul_hewitt PHREP. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Such a sleek design too.
#PHREP #paulhewitt #sponsored #fromwhereistand #getanchored


Pretty sure this is a repost but it’s so fucking cute. Pure happiness folks. !



Handsome boy today, I’ve been slacking on building muscle with him. 😅


>19 and 20 got in a fight
Leave a comment if you get the joke!


I have nothing else to post 😂



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Tell me 3 things you’re thankful for. I’m thankful for the time I did have with my Grandpa, although it wasn’t enough. I’m extremely thankful for Marley as he’s honestly kept me half sane throughout all of this and I’m thankful for my best friend.
Collar; @riffruffcollars


Throwback to when @thelifeofjables_19 was brought home !
Check out that split second smile in the beginning


We’re back guys!!
I just slept for 14 hours, the trip was so much much fun! Marley is doing great !!
If you’ve traveled what’s you’re favorite state you’ve been too?



Last stretch before I’m home!


A never before seen photo of baby Mar.
We’re leaving Missouri today so the possibility of a post tomorrow is 50/50 !


Hey everyone! I likely won’t be posting until Sunday or Monday ! A couple of friends and I are going to Missouri so check my story for updates !
My mom will be taking care of Marley while I’m gone. ❤️


We got some PAWSOME treats from @buddycrate.
In the picture we have some YakChurros and we got a duck toy that I ripped the head off of (😏)!
I also got this ball that makes a ton of noise, not sure how I feel about it though 🤔
10/10 would recommend trying @buddycrate !


You will regret the day you enter my home uninvited.


W a k e
P r a y
S l a y


Lean, mean, machine ! 💪🏻


Send a little love our way for Misty, my 9 year old cat. She’s been puking randomly and is going in for a blood draw to see if they can find anything. Wish my baby luck.


I’m already over the cold weather, on another note anyone with an IPhone get the new emoji update?
Which one is your favorite?
Android users, what’s your favorite emoji too?
Mine is: 🦖 (T-Rex)


He looks so chubby here 😂 I swear he’s not !
Collar: @ruffpuppiescollars


Yesterday I gave you Marley’s first Winter, okay I give you his second.
Impressed as usual 😂


I know it’s Saturday, but I’m to lazy to go out and get snow pictures, so here’s a picture from Marley’s first winter !