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Exhibition opening VENDORAMA @boucheron @monnaiedeparis #merci les garçons




Mastering color clash and print
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Thank you @pg_dmcasting for making it happen.
@peterphilipsmakeup @sammcknight1 love you 💋



😢 RIP Azzedine 💋💋💋





Thank you @matchesfashion honored you invited me to your Mastesclass and ask me for a style report. So I did a selection of pieces and looks of what I like to wear or inspirated by friends. Check the link in bio if you want ...
@janlehner @the_natbrewster @jonathansanchez_art @naokawakamihair @tomalebus and thanks @jane_mcfarland for the nice review ...
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Black & White - Man ray, 1926
A portrait of Kiki de Montparnasse holding a Baoulé mask. Inspired by Brancusi la muse endormie



Tell Shakespeare to attend some leisure hour,
For now I’ve business with this drop of dew,
And see you not, the clouds prepare a shower
I’ll meet him shortly when the sky is blue
Henry David Thoreau XIX century, Massachusetts 💙
Biarritz Summer 2017
📷 @pascalefagola
Thanks for the souvenir 💋


Thanks @balenciaga for having me at your SS2018 show this September during fashion Paris week.
@demnagvasalia @lottavolkova @hollismithhead @ingegrognard
Honored that I had to wear this special piece. The incarnation of what I love. Relevant Fusion Clash💙



Like a brother ...
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Newly nominate by the @britishfashioncouncil for the @bfa with this collection
@halpernstudio London Summer 2018
For the killer nights 🔮
Thanks to @patti_wilson @shona.heath @isamayaffrench @sammcknight1 @michelgaubert @lynn_ban @timagery @lahssan @eamonnhughes @louboutinworld @swarovski @maccosmetics
Big family right ... 💙
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Please share and Let know environnemental organisation :
Since the new gouvernement of Temer there is people trying to put the deforestation as an axe of increasing. Coincidence or not some people felt the right to lit on fire The Chapada dos Veadeiros Veardeiros Park probably for his gold under forgetting what is the natural fonction of the park. Without the nature there to retain the water in the underground there will be nothing but just sand and desert like Sahel ...
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❤️ Feel Honored
Thank you @matchesfashion Glad that from a shoot for your September issue where you offered me to collaborate on the styling you now asked me to do a selection of 12 looks that you shoot to show what I or my friends could where in our daily life in Paris ...
September issue team : @janlehner @the_natbrewster @jonathansanchez_art @naokawakamihair @tomalebus and thanks @jane_mcfarland for the nice review ...
Link in bio 💋


Myself in @pallasparis
Thanks to @inprint_magazine
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Always love Australians for them approche and their love for details, which I must appreciated working with you.

Out of topic : Australian have the best roses products in the world made of botanical researches in which they excel. this is the best really for any skins problems.


@matchesfashion asked me to create 12 looks that they shoot. It was fun for once to play the stylist even thus I wasn’t on the set. I try to offer a large spectrum of proposition for every shape and every style (I mean the one I like obviously). I tried to make day look that you can wear for your everyday life. So the looks are in purpose low profil but just enough stylish to stand out in modesty. Inspirated by my friends and my own outfits.
See the Link in Bio #linkinbio
Ps: the picture was made with @matchesfashion for the septembre issue style by @the_natbrewster


word, lucky star and amber


Well done l'artiste @yyvetteyu
My @proenzaschouler outfit when I attend the precoll fall winter 2018 last July ...


Please ...


💎 I'm proud to be the "égérie" of the ice cube collection for @chopard a brand that worked hard with @ecoage to develop the notion and practice of sustainable Luxury where all link in the chain of production are considerate and properly paid.
Thanks for standing for those values. 💋
📷 Amfar Cannes 2017


Coming soon
This kid is a storm about to blow. Honored you invite me to be part of your project
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@givenchyofficial by Studio Tisci last collection
Spring resort 2018 @katy_england @02gb