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Gz up, y'all! Hope y'all been banging that #TGLII all weekend. The debut been crazy; thank y'all! About to go live on @thirddegreeeradio ( ) 10am-12pm pst make sure y'all tune in. #hiphop #radio #TDR #nolove


Thank you to everyone who has purchased, reposted, commented and spread the word about this project. Seems like y’all lovin’ it as much as I loved making it. Got a nice lil surprise I’ll be announcing Monday. To all those who expected anything other than pure, uncut, gangsta shit; wrong artist, my nigga. I’m thuggin’ fa life! #CantStopWontStop #TooHardToGoSoft #RealRydahMusic


Available now on ALL digital platforms. #linkinbio ( Word on the streets this the hottest shit since.......?) #hiphop #newrelease #itunes #spotify 🔥



What a day for Hip Hop s/o to @djpremier and @royceda59 for dropping this highly anticipated offering #prhyme2 Two of the best to ever do it! Make sure y'all get that asap! About to bang it now on the Fwy. G's up s/o to the East Coast and the Mid West. #music


THE GENERAL’S LIST II: Album available NOW on all digital platforms. Nothing soft or sweet. Hard copies coming soon. #NewMusic #HipHop #SCMG


“It is said that self-preservation is the first law of nature, therefore in the concrete jungle it is imperative that one always remains alert...and prepared for any direct or implied threat. Some go through life passive, lettin’ the cards fall where they might... shit, I’m a gangsta; I make my own destiny!” song intro for “Last To Drop” The General’s List II



Take steps every day to elevate. Sitting around and not exerting the effort to make your dreams materialize is existing in a fantasy. Opportunity rarely chases you down. #GetWhatYouStriveFor #MasterYourOwnDestiny #LazinessIsASin


On our Bryant shit the balls in, court game Spaulding / Loaf bread to feast and all my niggaz yeah we all in/ Hunger games a part of the lust greed breeding amongst ya/ Feelin’ like if we can’t get money wit’ ya then fucc ya/ It’s that boss life, killa, heartless to those against it/ Bar shots bisexual so any gender can get it”.,. Coniyac da X.O. ...”Yac, Loc and Big Tray Deee, we squeeze on ‘em ‘til the pressure leak/ I’m ridin’ ‘round with that thang on me, I ain’t got no time for no games homie/ Welcome to the league of assassinators Steelers and Raiders/ Gunnin’ bustas down with the Angel wit’ us succas gon’ hate us/ They just mad that they couldn’t replace us/ Rebellious as a monster that’s how mama made us”... Goldie Loc “Crownz Up” The General’s List II #Heat #Consistency #HipHop


On the way to do press this morning at Golden Boy. Shout out to my homie Tattoo and The Crew for showing real love!!! It’s about to go down in a major way. Tune into @tattooandthecrew and @thirddegreeeradio both on @dashradio. Also, catch me on @friendlyfireradio on Dash this Friday, March 16th, where I will be premiering in its entirety “The General’s List II” (SCMG) album. Rest In Peace Craig Mack: Hip-Hop salutes you! #InTraffic #Vibin #BusinessAndPersonal



#Repost @friendlyfireradio
ALL MY FOLKS !! ✊🏾✊🏾 please tune into this morning to my guy @tattootheone show #tattooandthecrew from 7-10a PST ... he got the one and only #thegeneral @big_traydeee talking bout his new 🔥🔥album dropping this Friday 3/16 on ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS ! Go support the west #generallist2 #generalLISTII 👣 TUNE in tomorrow morning ☀️☀️☀️ #dashradio #goldenboyradio #hiphop #westcoast #westcoastrap #gangstaral album got feats: from all your favorites 🖖🏾


...”Out on bail on my way to the pen/Around eighteen, high off shootin’ I can’t stay clean/ County Jail got five fades waitin’/ When I hit the tank I ain’t the only Crip but I’m only Gangsta”... G Perico ...”My mind state is not a accident/ Niggas thinkin’ shit sweet without the chocolate laxative/ COB, Cob that’s the acronym, that’s the mob in bacc of him/ Squad got a prob get it craccin’ then”... Crooked I “True Life Storiez” The General’s List II #NewBangers #StreetMusic #TurnUp


As y’all should know about me by now, I practice what I preach ( to the best of my ability lol ). Maintain routine exercise; whether it’s a two hour blowout in the gym or simply stretching and/or walking. The effort produces great physical results as well as sharpens your focus. And eat as organic and healthy as your budget allows. Believe it or not, it’s really not expensive, it just has a much shorter shelf life due to lack of harmful preservatives. #GetItIn #FullTimeMashMode #NoLetUp



...”One by one, quote unquote “real niggas” jumpin’ ship/ Went from endless clips to...skirts and French tips/ Lord’s my witness, y’all...sound like bitches I’m...what’s been missing/ You’ve been dismissed, kid/Labels don’t wanna hear that shit no mo’/ While you tossed your draws...I became CEO/ Make my beats and flow...from Long Beach the Coast/ Put it down like I’m supposed...niggas tender like adipose”... Erik Lee ...”Ya peeps seek to peace treat soon as the beef peak/ Each week homicides tally the cheat sheet/ Hustle and we bang hard as part the script/ Pressin’ bustas, bitches love us and be all on our diccs/ Rugged as shit, all my niggaz thuggin’ and rich/ Rollin’ zones when we blowin’, guzzlin’ outta the fifth”... The General “Remain The Same” The General’s List II #HipHop #NewMusic #SCMG


Tune into WORLDWIDE Third Degreee Radio every Monday 10:00am-12:00noon. WE LIVE!!! Only on Dash Radio, the Native Rhymes channel. #Entertainment #HipHop #Lit


...”Livin’ as a menace, handlin’ my bidniss/ Fuc another sentence, next I’m gattin’ at the witness/ Status is cemented, the baddest ever did it/ Catch a nigga slippin’ out in traffic I’ma get him”... The General. ...”And I’m fresh out the kitchen meanin’ I whipped me a chiccen/ Meanin’ I’m sittin’ silly wit’ two extendeds ‘bout the bidniss/ And any nigga that want it give it to him like a sentence/ It’s thirty-two with a L, thirty-two shells to hell”... C-Bo The Mobfather “On That Gangsta Shyt” The General’s List II



Sunrocks pens and pre-rolls ready to be lit🔥🌞🔥The very best cannabis experience possible. Ask about it... #BigTrayDeeeSunrocks #Exclusive #420


Earlier this morning headed to add another layer to the structure of the Supreme Circle empire. Gotta enjoy and appreciate life and love to the fullest every day. I wish I would be mad at the next person’s happiness. Have a spectacular weekend everybody! RIP Biggie. #NoHatin #FocusedAndPositive #ThankGod


TBT: 4 years ago, fresh out. Reppin’ for the West Coast and all my West Side niggaz. This thug life is all I know. #GangstaTilIDie #ItsInMeNotOnMe #Unstoppable



THE GENERAL’S LIST II (SCMG). The wait is over. I am honored to present one the most sonically sound Hip-Hop albums ever. No fillers. Release date: March 16, 2018. Thank everyone for your patience ( I had to make it “unfucwittable” ) and thank everyone who assisted in the creation of this magnum opus. #HipHop #NewMusic #iTunes


I truly care about individuals who come from the struggle like myself. I suffered years of confinement ( bad choices in life; blaming no one but self ) studying and educating myself in order to improve myself as a human being. I’m still diligently at work on it. But what I am cognizant of I’ll readily share so that others won’t have to get it the way that I did. We are all potentially great; we just have to realize, manifest and magnify it. Peace. #StayWoke #SeekWisdom #TheMoreYouKnow...


READ THIS PLEASE. PLEASE. I don’t give a damn whether you “like” it or not. I screenshot it to show that he only received 3 likes to this post. Fuc a like; SOAK UP THIS REAL SHIT. #BitterPillToSwallow #DontRunFromTheTruth #DividedWeFall


Going live in 3 minutes!!! Third Degreee Radio. On the Native Rhymes channel on Dash Radio. 10am-12:00noon (PST). TUNE IN NOW!!!


Ain’t angry. Ain’t bitter. Just wiser and zero tolerant of bullshit. If you’re a part of my team then you know I love you, give you my all and will ride with you and for you if ever required. My loyalty and dedication is unwavering and invaluable; neither for rent, sale or lease. #SCMG for life *** GENERAL’S LIST II DROPS 3/16/18 *** Let’s GO!!! #HipHop #GangstaRap #InstantClassic


Ridin’ off that collab I did with the lil homies @sliccpulla and @maybishop3 “Blue Carpet” on they’re Raider Nation mixtape. #LBC #ATL #KY Finest. Gz up


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COME OUT AND ENJOY YO SELF ITS GONE BE DUMMY LIT🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 and watch me go NUTS on @562god THE FIRST NIGGA FROM SOUTH SIDE LONG BEACH 😂🤣🤡 HMU FOR INFO OR TICKETS 10$ @djcritic @kingofturnuppookiefnrude @tayf3rd @iamsavitho @indianblueee @calidro @kingrillo


TBT: Slid out to Louisville, KY to the homeboy Lil Spittt store “A Touch of Cali” to support his business. Had a blast tho it was cold as a bitch ( 26 degrees ). Shout out to @ogdomino and @warreng, plus Cream Enterprize and the homie YC that came thru with the 🔥🔥🔥. *** FREE ALL THE HOMIES WHO GOT RAILROADED AND OVER-SENTENCED***


We should not be so enamored with the remarkable wealth and reverence of such a tiny percentage of our people that we become complacent in our overall societal conditions: Underemployed, over-incarcerated, continual victims of assault and murder from police as well as ( and even more detrimentally ) from ourselves. We have to improve our own circumstances by embracing, supporting and loving one another much, much more, y’all. That’s the start. Let’s make Black History month bring us closer to the reality our leaders and ancestors fought, suffered and even died for. Peace to all my brothers and sisters. Much love! #Unity #Respect #Power


Tonight’s dessert: Mt. Crustmore cherry cobbler. Homemade with love and care. #TreatYourself #Blessed #OrganicHabits


Errrbody got problems, dilemmas, needs, wants, situations, circumstances, etc. Yours are no more severe than the next persons. Buccle down and deal with that shit and holla at me after it’s handled. #SorryICantHelpWithThat. #BearYourOwnBurden #YourLifeIsYourResponsibilty


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