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6th official day of training. ❤️ We introduced foreign objects to our session today. A swinging rope halter and a bucket (with goodies inside of course). One of the most important things to do is desensitize! Horses are flight animals, so it is so important to help them understand that inanimate objects are not going to eat them. Eventually, I will bring in tarps, exercise balls, etc. Basically, way scarier monsters. Right now, I want Miakoda to get used to eating out of a bucket that I'm holding so I can put a halter on her. Notice how terrified she was in the very beginning? Moments later, she was was eating out of the bucket vigorously. At this point in time, I can 100% get her neck tag off. I want to get a halter on her first though - because we have been practicing some pressure and release exercises with the rope around her neck. If I take it off with no halter in place, we won't be able to do those anymore. Slow and steady. She's moving along just fine. It snowed all morning and the temperatures were below freezing. My phone kept dying due to the cold! #miakodamustang


Flick! Let's check out the snow, bud! ... That lasted two seconds. Maybe less.


So, Toast and Chester are best friends. They sleep together at night and everything. I don't know what will happen when we move Chester and Potato to their huge field - cows only! Ahhhh. We'll see. Also, Clarabelle is a spotlight stealer. Forever and always. ❤️



I am here at the quarantine facility meeting Hollie the Molly for the first time - and it is beyond emotionally overwhelming for me. Sobbing. This beautiful old lady had a number sticker on her forehead 48 hours ago. She was being sent to slaughter. She allowed me to embrace her once. I actually hugged her big head. She is very unsure of me - but she allowed that moment to happen and I am grateful. 🙏😭


Toast. Craig. Chester. ❤️


🕊️Update: Safe! ⭐️ My post from last night: First and foremost, do not feel obligated to donate. Rescuing Hollie the Molly Mule from slaughter and having her transported to safety today was wonderful and victorious. I never ever ever ever push for back to back (large) rescues but this guy was sent to me today and I couldn't look away from how he was carrying himself in these pictures - hunched, tensed up, in pain. I have no idea what is wrong with him - but something is. Imagine if he ships to slaughter? Thousands of miles in a packed trailer, in pain. Only to step off and get a bolt gun to the head? Originally, I did not plan on going for this guy. We have a lot going on when it comes to horses - Blue is being evaluated, Loche is still enrolled in an exercise program, Mollie just got here today, Miakoda is being gentled, the little foal who doesn't have a name yet is in quarantine, Grandpa Pancakes is still struggling to gain weight (slowly but surely)... BUT, a very kind, spontaneous, generous soul sent a $500 donation toward this guy's care. That will cover quarantine. All we need is some vetting funds. He will need an initial checkup and then potentially some intense tests run to see what's going on. What do you guys think? AGAIN. PLEASE. DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED. I hate feeling like I am asking too much of Rancho Relaxo's supporters. If you would like to save this guy from going to slaughter, PayPal / Venmo BOOCHACES / ❤️



Flick is the weirdest little lamb in all the land. Truly. Weirdest. In a good way. 😩😭😂


THE BIG REVEAL!!! Watch the video to find out if you guessed correctly!!! Our newest rescue just arrived at quarantine (thanks to all of you) - where he/she will remain for one month before being introduced to Lottie and Sophie. As most of you know, we decided to do a guessing game giveaway!!! If you guessed the sex correctly, you were entered into a drawing to win a @miomojo_italia handbag! We picked a winner randomly. Congratulations to @necrobonbon ❤️⭐️✌️⭐️❤️ YAY!!! Before I end this caption, I just want to say thank you all so much. From the bottom of my heart. From the bottom of all of our hearts here at Rancho Relaxo. This beautiful soul is safe because of all of you. You raised enough money to pay for his/her first vet visit, transport and quarantine in one hour tops. You are all so inspiring. Being so deep in the rescue world, I see a lot of darkness - but you guys are truly my torch, my flashlight, my 45 million candle power spotlight. I love you all so much. 😭😭😭 To donate toward this mission, visit (link in bio) 🙏🙏🙏 P.S. Thank you to @afelice16 for sticking around all day for the mules to arrive and dealing with the foals' vet appointment. Rockstar.


This was @hispees very first time working with Miakoda. I gave him some techniques I use in order to gain her trust - only he threw in treats!!! Cheater! Just kidding. We have 100% reached the point in which it is appropriate to start using tasty treats throughout our training sessions. I must say, for a beach-loving surfer, Len sure transitioned into running a rescue farm and training a wild mustang pretty well. Wouldn't you say?! ❤️ Note: Watch the powerful thumbs up from Len after Miakoda finally takes a treat from him. #miakodamustang



I posted about this poor senior mule going to slaughter last night. A woman had paid this animal's meat fee or was going to pay this animal's meat fee (not EXACTLY sure how it all went down) - but since this poor soul still had no where to go, it didn't matter. He/she was still facing slaughter on Monday. Within an hour, you all raised money toward his/her quarantine stay and initial vet bill. I promised you all that Rancho Relaxo would take him/her in, so that's what's happening. He/she will retire with Lottie and Sophie! He/she arrives tomorrow morning!!! Since we don't know much about this gentle giant, we should make some fun of it. We don't even know the sex of our newest rescue!!! Here's what we're going to do! Comment below with your guess - BOY or GIRL?! If you guess correctly, you'll be entered into a giveaway for a @miomojo_italia handbag in which the winner will be picked randomly!!! We'll do the gender reveal tomorrow!!! ⭐️ Note: If you want to donate toward this rescue, please PayPal or Venmo BOOCHACES or visit ⭐️ EVERY PENNY HELPS!!!


It's that time of the day - Flick gets CRAY!!! ❤️😭


Peanut, Britney Spears, Pepito, Bibble!!!!!! ⭐️



Smile, Craig. 🖤


Someone sent Dragonlord his very own couch!!!! Thank you so much to the kind soul who decided to do this. Too sweet!!!!


My arms are sore today. Where do I begin? Yesterday, the three once slaughter-bound babies from Colorado arrived at the quarantine facility that we utilize right down the street from our farm. Ashley @afelice16, Leanne @goatsofanarchy and myself were out in the rain all day long trying to get these babies on the right track. We ran into multiple issues - the storm, the halters not fitting (which were only on due to the babies needing to see a vet and farrier immediately - we don't normally keep our horses' halters on once they are turned out), the babies being 100x more feral than we expected (after some patience and time, we were able to coral them into a corner), the realization that these babies needed to stay in a small pen - rather than a huge field - so we had to go out and buy panels last minute, etc. At the end of this very long and expensive day, we all felt so accomplished and proud because each baby got a physical, vaccinated and dosed with antibiotic due to them running high fevers. Even though it was in their best interest to see our amazing vet within hours of unloading from the trailer, these foals are probably more terrified of us now than they were before. We will do everything to gain their trust before they are sent to @little_brook_farm and @summer_lbf for training on March 2nd. That in itself will be an epic journey. Don't worry. You will all be coming on the ride with us. These three babies are prime examples of one type of horse that gets sent to slaughter daily - untouched and wild. Twist of Fate, Goats of Anarchy and Rancho Relaxo all have the time, patience and funds to help these foals. But do you think the majority of horse folk are going to want to deal with feral animals like these three? No. So, they get shipped to Canada and Mexico to be butchered. So many people are unaware of this practice. This is a huge reason why we rescue - to educate and spread awareness. ❤️ To donate toward our mission, PayPal or visit ❤️❤️❤️



Oh, muddy day... 😳 Michael has decided to chill on this straw pile all day.


(SWIPE LEFT TO READ THE EMAIL I JUST RECEIVED FROM DOCTOR POPE!) As most of you know, Douglas Fir took a turn for the worse over the weekend. He stopped responding to antibiotics. He has pneumonia on top of ecoli/crypto. For a baby, this combination can be fatal. Heck - even for an adult, this combination can be fatal. There is one drug used in horses that the doctor wanted to try but we would have to sign release papers that state we would not be processing Douglas for food at a later date due to this drug being so potent and staying in the system for years after it is administered. Doctor Pope knows Rancho Relaxo - and she knows that there would be nothing to worry about. Douglas Fir will grow old with us if he makes it through this. The more extreme medication was administered over 24 hours ago and he is already looking better. This picture was taken today. It is of Andy and Douglas. Andy is Douglas Fir's assigned medical student who has formed an extreme bond with him. Beautiful. As you can see, Andy is wearing full quarantine attire since Douglas is still so contagious. Originally, we did believe that Douglas would be coming home a week after Christmas but it seems as though he will be admitted for much longer. I believe the last I checked, our bill reached $2,000 - and it grows everyday. Without donations and support from all of you, none of what we do for the animals would be possible. Veterinary care - especially at exquisite hospitals like @newboltoncenter - is very expensive. Thank you. So much. To donate toward Douglas Fir's hospital bill, PayPal or visit 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️


This crew is too much for me to handle. Wait for it ...



Summit - 2 / Caitlin - 0


Flick is the funniest.


Day 5 of official training with Miakoda. I finally have her hooked! When I move, she follows. Whenever she gets hesitant and steps back, so do I. A predator would never step away - so my reaction makes her a lot more comfortable to proceed with a friendship. I just love this girl so much already and her presence alone brings me to tears at times. This experience has been other worldly for me - in a good way. Miakoda's soul is so wise and old that it brings my soul to another place and time. It is a very spiritual thing. I hope you guys enjoy these clips from today! This went on for an hour. ❤️ #miakodamustang


Craig and Michael bonded right away. Cutest pair. 🖤 #michaeltheguardian


Do you guys remember the feedlot foals we were trying to rescue? Thanks to all of your support, we have been beyond successful in rescuing six babies from going to slaughter. We are taking in one (first picture). @goatsofanarchy is taking in one. @afelice16 is taking in one. And @nikkireed helped in placing the final three. We are in shock over the love and support shown toward these once slaughter-bound souls. Here's what's happening! Three babies are currently on the trailer, headed to the quarantine facility we are using in New Jersey! They will arrive tomorrow morning. Once quarantine is over, they will be going to @summer_lbf and @little_brook_farm for training! The other three are going to be transported to a gorgeous farm in California. We are still working on a hauler for them. @nikkireed is going to send me some pictures once they do arrive there. All of the costs are covered except for the transportation for the last three foals. If you would like to contribute toward this rescue mission, you can visit (link in bio) and donate any amount. You can also note that your donation is for the rescued feedlot foals! Thank you guys. For everything. As always. ❤️


If you are a patron, you already know about this rescue (join Patreon by clicking the link in @hispees bio). A few days ago, I received a message from someone who had a friend - and their friend bought a goat, not really understanding the fact that goats belong outside and with other goats. Because of how destructive she became, she had to spend time in a dog crate. I am so grateful that the friend reached out to me because we were able to get this little goat surrendered to us!!! I don't believe there were any ill intentions at all - just ignorance when it comes to taking care of a goat. I want to give a huge shoutout to Katie @kathleenfitzharris for transporting our newest rescue all the way down to our offsite property in an ice storm and Karen @slimbp13 for waiting up way past her bedtime to do this little goat's intake. Troopers! Swipe left to see a picture of her freedom ride and her first steps in the snow at Rancho Relaxo! I personally can't wait until she meets another goat for the first time!


My beautiful girl. I cannot wait to get those knots out of your mane. ❤️ Miakoda. #miakodamustang


Potato and Chester - brothers for life. ❤️


I know you have all missed Susan's shenanigans. 😭😭😭❤️ Enjoy.


Here are two exit surveys from two people who backed out of donating monthly to our mission. This is all due to the previous post here on my Instagram feed. The video I posted was not graphic at all. Here is everyone's warning. I will always be unwilling to bend when it comes to advocating for the animals. I will always stick up for them. I will never back down. I will lose followers and gain followers as a result. That is fine with me because I am here for every innocent being who suffers at the hands of mankind. I ate more meat than anyone I know and I LOVED it. McDonald's #2 - everyday for lunch. I am not judging a single person and I never will - because I WAS IN THEIR SHOES FOR A LONG TIME. But I am going to shine light on the truth of the dairy/meat industry. It is impossible for anyone to make another person feel guilt. Guilt comes from within. If you are not guilty, no matter what anyone says, you will not feel guilty. If, deep down, you are doing something that goes against your heart - you will feel guilty when it is pointed out. Please remember that. I am not talking about victims of abuse here. Conditioning and brainwashing can make you feel guilty when you are not - but that is not what I am referring to. I am speaking of truths being told that stir up guilt that comes from within. You are either guilty or you are not. I love every person who follows our mission equally. Vegan, nonvegan - equal. If you do not realize that, then you are missing the point. ❤️ To help Rancho Relaxo make up for those who backed out of their pledges today, JOIN PATREON FOR THE ANIMALS!!!! Click the link in @hispees bio or visit and follow the Patreon button. ❤️❤️❤️ NOTE: WE ARE A SMALL RESCUE. VERY SMALL - compared to a lot of the farm sanctuaries out there. To try to knock me down because I have a few PERSONAL friends who are "famous" is just so sad.


Please. Go vegan. 🙏 (If you love Flick, you should love them too.)


The most progress we have made together!!!!! Today was Miakoda's 4th official day of training. I spent close to an hour with her. It is important not to burn her out. If you push push push, you will end up taking steps backward. Miakoda allowed me to give her shoulder, neck and chest scratches. She also let me put pressure on her identification tag for the very first time!!!!! It was a remarkable moment for me. I still do not feel comfortable going anywhere near her with scissors, so the tag will stay until I get a halter on her. ❤️❤️❤️ When she backs away from me, I back away and face the opposite direction. This alleviates the pressure she feels from me being so close to her. The fact that she follows me when I walk away, and licks and chews while doing so, tells me that she does not want me to leave and she is retaining these lessons I am giving her. YOU GO GIRL. #miakodamustang