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From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU - to anyone and everyone who has purchased a shirt to become a member of Miakoda’s herd. I know this sounds silly - but when I looked at the stats and it reflected that 224 of you have purchased a shirt for Mia, I almost cried. This little horse was sitting in a government holding pen for close to five years of her life. Wild. Untouched. Trapped. She ran through numerous adoption events and no one wanted her because she had an “ugly face” or she was “too small.” She is the coolest, most badass beast who nature has ever unleashed and I am LUCKY and honored to simply be in her presence. Our bonding sessions have become the absolute best parts of my days as of late. She is just so special. I can barely put it into words. From wild and crazy and unwanted to wild and crazy and deeply loved... ❤️ Here are a few clips from our play date today. We had a very intense training (pampering) session, so today was all fun and games while we awaited this massive snowstorm. To order a Miakoda shirt, click the link in @jandrelevich bio!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #miakodamustang


Miakoda and I grooming each other. Oh, and Malachi getting in on the action too - only he is not grooming me. He is simply eating my shirt. Guys! There is one week left to order your “I AM IN MIAKODA’S HERD” shirts! We have sold 206 which is incredible. Our original goal for the entire fundraiser was 300. I do not know if we can hit that but we can try. To support Miakoda’s journey and order your own shirt, click the link in @jandrelevich bio!!!!


Freyja chases Chief down. Leeroy Jenkins impersonates me. This video is hilarious. 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️



I spent an hour grooming Miakoda today. She loved every second of it. 🖤😭 #miakodamustang #fancy P.S. Go support Miakoda’s journey by buying a shirt!!!! Click the link in @jandrelevich bio!!!!


If you are a contributor of $1 per month or more on Patreon, you already know about this potential rescue. PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A PATON FOR RANCHO RELAXO BY CLICKING THE LINK IN @hispees BIO! Anyway. We were contacted by our friend @wildrootshomestead @our.wild.roots about a Newfoundland puppy who was facing euthanasia due to a congenital issue that makes her lose all feeling in her hind end. She basically urinates and defecates randomly - never realizing she has to relieve herself in the first place. The breeder actually contacted our friend about this puppy, hoping that she knew someone to take her. If she wasn’t placed immediately, she was going to be humanely euthanized. This little pup needs a surgery that will cost approximately $3,000. Newfoundlands make great farm dogs but they also make great family dogs. I have no idea what our plans for her will be but we want to save her. We want to get her help. One step at a time. We want to even see if the surgery will be successful before we start planning things for her life. Please consider making a tax deductible donation toward this puppy’s life saving surgery and transport to Rancho Relaxo. PayPal / Venmo boochaces / 🖤🙏


183 sold!!! Can we hit 200 by Monday morning?!?! You asked for it!!! Thanks to your fun idea and @albaparis art, we launched a fundraiser!!! Click the link in @jandrelevich bio to order your very own Miakoda’s herd shirt!!! Available for 9 MORE DAYS ONLY!!!!!! ❤️ Miakoda is a wild mustang who was kept in a government holding pen for five years of her life after her mother was rounded up by helicopters while pregnant. That’s right. Miakoda has never even tasted freedom. The whereabouts of her mother, who gave birth to her in captivity, are unknown. This little mare went through three separate adoption events and no one wanted her. Some said she was “too small!” Others said she was “ugly!” She was then marked as a three strike horse after the government realized no one wanted her. Three strike horses are most at risk of being sent to slaughter due to there being minimal regulations setup for them compared to the adoptable mustangs in holding. This is when Rancho Relaxo comes in. With the mission to save a life in mind, as well as the goal to educate the public about what is happening to America’s wild horses, Caitlin Cimini, President and Founder of Rancho Relaxo, asked for the horse who was most at risk and most in need of safe haven. The first number out of the government official’s mouth “#6365!” Caitlin has been spending hours with Miakoda, gaining her trust and forming a strong bond. So many have been touched by Miakoda’s willingness to love humans - even after everything she’s been through. Everyone at Rancho Relaxo has come together, with the help of artist Alba Paris, to ask you to join Miakoda’s herd. In wearing this shirt, you too can educate the public about wild mustangs and spread the word about Miakoda’s journey. #miakodamustang



Here are a few clips of @summer_lbf from @little_brook_farm gentling the three wild foals who were rescued by us - Rancho Relaxo, Twist of Fate and Goats of Anarchy. I personally chose Summer to train Yeti because she uses the least invasive techniques and truly has a gift when it comes to wild horses (horses in general). I have witnessed Summer train three mustangs now and she continues to blow me away with her natural ability to [literally] talk to horses. These three horses were untouchable - completely feral. Because I have been dedicating my free time to training Miakoda, there was no way I would have been able to train another wild horse in between. So we all - @afelice16 @goatsofanarchy - decided to send the babies to Summer!!! She is doing such an amazing job with them. Go follow @little_brook_farm for updates. Please check out the link in their bio too. I wrote an open letter to the world asking for help for them.


I have been receiving a lot of messages from Rancho Relaxo’s supporters asking what we do in different situations to care for our animals and I have also been getting screenshots from so many of you of other “farm rescues” caring for their animals in questionable ways. So I am starting a series on social media that will explain some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to providing for farm animals within a sanctuary setting - such as proper shelter or fencing, health care, etc. I will share information that I have been gathering since I was 8 years old - the age at which I started taking horse handling lessons. I hope to take in new information from some of you and learn myself (I love tips and tricks) as well as spread awareness and potentially help others better the lives of the animals under their care. I am always asking my fellow rescue colleagues advice and exchanging experiences with them. Within this series, I will even be quoting some of my dearest friends within the rescue world! If you ask a rescue farm a question about their practices and receive a vague answer such as, “Our animals are happy. That’s all that matters.” ... then you obviously learn nothing from it and the rescue who answers this way seemingly does not know how to truly go about responding - which could mean they are ignorant themselves. So many of you ask questions in the comment sections of photos and posts and I wish I had the time to answer. I would never answer with, “Because I said so!” When I am able to respond, I do my best to educate. So, I do hope that this little series will be interesting to all of you and I hope it provides you with some knowledge about the world of caring for farm animals - because there is way more to it than taking pictures and videos of cute animals to post on the internet. There is an endless list of things that I personally have to think about daily to keep the animals at Rancho Relaxo safe, heathy and happy. Stay tuned. #ranchorelaxo101


Grandpa Pancakes met his two new babes, Starlea and Willie, today! He is very pleased with his new pasture-mates. 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ All three were saved from slaughter. Note: Pepito gets frisky after watching the three horses gallop around. Haha. The noises he makes are hilarious.



Taking a quick break in the sun with Chester in between farm chores. 🖤


Boyd’s smirk is ridiculous. ❤️ (Photo by @veganwanderlost)


SUSAN!!!!!!!! And fluff ball Freyja in the background. 🖤



24 hours later... a friendship is forming. 🖤 Flick, Boyd and Byron!!!!


Summit and Halona! Your donations allow us to get necessary things for the animals. Our most recent purchase ended up costing quite a bit but the horses are loving them! Hay feeders! Since it has been so muddy, a lot of the hay we were feeding kept falling in the mud and getting yucky - which could lead to dangerous issues like sand colic. Each horse paddock has one now! We need three more though. One for the future cow field and two for the HUGE 10 acre horse field. They are $300 each. To donate toward our mission, please visit (link in bio) or PayPal or Venmo boochaces ❤️❤️❤️


Byron and Boyd are home! Flick has calmed down and is currently sleeping 5 feet away from his new brothers! Massive improvement from earlier. Bringing an animal home from the hospital or quarantine is always a very special moment to witness. It marks a very imperative milestone. It represents the ACTUAL AND TRUE start to a new, happy life. Cheers to Byron and Boyd!!! Thank you all for being so supportive of our mission. Thank you to @goatsofanarchy @sfisherx and @afelice16 for being there the day that they were rescued from the depths of hell. Thank you to @ryanwithane for bringing them home from the hospital and snapping this photo tonight as they settled in. Thank you.



BOYD AND BYRON ARE HOME!!!!! Over one month in the hospital and $4,000 later, they are home and healthy. Byron was slammed onto the ground by a livestock auction worker in front of us - he was knocked unconscious. Boyd was trampled by a herd of large goats and sheep. I truly believed Byron, especially, had permanent neurological damage. He is doing much better and is almost 100% back to normal! I know a lot of you requested this video of Flick meeting his new brothers for the first time. Well. Here you go. He is terrified - just as we expected him to be. We will sit in here with him so he settles down. 😭😭😭 To help us rescue more animals in need and expand our organization even further, please consider making a tax deductible donation or signing up as a monthly donor: PayPal / Venmo boochaces / (link in bio) / (link in @hispees bio) 🖤 THANK YOU to @ryanwithane for transporting today!!!!!


Double trouble. A bond is forming. Willie & Starlea! ❤️ #savedfromslaughter #meangirls


Horses are most vulnerable while lying down and they do enjoy it when they are able to - but they have to feel 100% comfortable in order to relax enough to sink down onto the ground. Miakoda has been lying down lately but whenever I opened her stall door, she would pop up. Today, something very special happened. I was able to crouch down next to her and stroke her face without her getting up. She really loves me. She truly trusts me. I almost broke down, it was such a beautiful experience. 😭😭😭 Thank you all so much for supporting Miakoda’s fundraiser. Our goal is to sell 300 pieces or so and we have already sold 67 in one day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please join Miakoda’s herd!!! Buy a top (designed by @albaparis) by clicking the link in @jandrelevich bio!!! 100% of all proceeds go directly to Rancho Relaxo!!! #miakodamustang



Flick being hilarious. 🖤


#miakodamustang stole my @goatsofanarchy hat. Psssht.


Dragonlord taking up not one, but two cat beds. Must be nice. Living that life.


HAY NOW!!! It’s hump day. And we just had to order more hay. A single bale currently costs $7! Can we do a hay drive all day today?! If you donate $7, you singlehandedly pay for one bale of hay. We ordered 120 bales this week! Can we raise $840 today to cover the cost?! ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! PayPal / Venmo boochaces / ❤️❤️❤️


Willie is home from quarantine!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! She will never be a number again. 😭


Bob is just another reason why I fell so in love with @little_brook_farm years ago. The first few pictures are from two weeks ago and the rest were taken over the years of me visiting Little Brook Farm (swipe left). The minute I met him, I knew we would be friends forever. This man is so gentle, so compassionate and has a beautiful way with horses. He wears a cowboy hat but is far from an actual cowboy. He told me he thinks he looks handsome in a cowboy hat and I do agree. I have watched this man - who is 81 years old, by the way - spend hours on end just feeding the horses treats and teaching them how to open mailboxes and do various other silly tricks. He even spends extra time with the abused and untouchable horses. Some people might think Bob and I are an odd couple but he is one of the only people I can relate to. He loves animals unconditionally - just like I do. Bob is a huge part of why I started a campaign to raise funds for Little Brook Farm. Please consider donating by clicking the link in @little_brook_farm bio or visiting GOFUNDME.COM/HELPLBF


So. I was taking a bubble bath for a while. It seemed a little too quiet in the house. As soon as I got out, this is what I saw from the second floor. Shrimp is so bonded to @hispees, it is ridiculous. Len has to sit with him by the hay in order for him to eat. I am a lucky lady to have such an amazing, compassionate husband. Never settle for less, gals and guys. Whoever you deserve and will compliment you exists. DO NOT SETTLE. ❤️🙏


Besties - Chester & Toast! 🖤


Every 1st of the month, we lose a lot of patrons on Patreon due to expired credit cards and/or people backing out not realizing they signed up for monthly donations. Patreon is a place where exclusive photos are shared and news about Rancho Relaxo breaks first. It has become a really amazing community. We rely on monthly donations a great deal. It is the only way we can budget for everything that we have to pay for - including any future growth! You do not have to donate $20 per month. You can donate $1 per month and make a huge difference. Just imagine if every single one of our social media supporters donated $1 per month. Imagine! Talk about take over mode. We could have a Rancho Relaxo in every state. 😭😄 So, please consider pledging over at Rancho Relaxo’s Patreon! Click the link in @hispees bio or visit and click the Patreon button! ❤️ This amazing picture of Orla was taken by @sfisherx ❤️


I had to post this video. Grandpa Pancakes and Miakoda had a play date today! And Grandpapa started cantering!!! Ahhhhhh!!! He has a long way to go still but his weight is improving - along with his energy level. I just love this old man. ❤️ #miakodamustang


@hispees desensitizing Miakoda to the halter. ❤️ #miakodamustang #sundayvibes


If Rancho Relaxo had a yearbook, Reava would get voted “Prettiest Eyes” for sure. She is such a majestic creature!!! ❤️