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Michael and Dragonlord hit it off so well yesterday. It was amazing to watch. ❤️ #michaeltheguardian


SWIPE LEFT! Yesterday was really lovely. Rancho Relaxo hosted a yoga day at our home base and a pumpkin picking day at our offsite property. It was so nice seeing some of you again and so very nice meeting some of you for the first time. I personally hope you all had a good time. Thank you to @briele_l for donating her time to yoga instruct for the day and helping with the organization of the event. Thank you to @thenamewasmills for organizing the pumpkin picking day!!! Thank you to @ilovebathrobes @ryanwithane and @slimbp13 for helping with the pumpkin picking. Thank you to @hispees for helping at both!!!! Thank you all for coming out to spend time with the animals. It means a lot. Happy birthday to @sarahelizabethdrew - one of our biggest supporters who drove down to hug Alba yesterday. Yay!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ We raised $2,100!!!!


Alba had the best day today. She got to meet a few of you! She also made friends with our local law enforcement official, Jennifer. 🖤


New trio forming?... Michael, Chester and Dragonlord!


This goes out to all of the animal advocates, rescuers, sanctuaries, activists, etc. who spend half of their time judging others within the movement. Our friend @moby could not have said it better. We love you, Moby. I am personally so grateful to have three best friends who support me in my mission just like I support them in theirs - even though we operate differently - @goatsofanarchy @freedomfarm_animalrescue @afelice16 ❤️❤️❤️RepostBy @moby: "Dear activists, every minute you spend criticizing one another and in-fighting is a minute lost trying to make the world a better place. We don't have much time, and we don't have many resources, so if you care about your activism you will stop criticizing one another and stop in-fighting and take your activism seriously and fix the world."


Susan decided to take over as yoga instructor today. Sorry @briele_l ! 😂❤️


Dragonlord's new "thing" - and he's so proud too. 😂


A quarter of the tickets have already sold! HOTEL INFO IS POSTED IN EVENT DESCRIPTION! DECEMBER 9TH!!!! Tickets are available for our very first holiday dinner event at @appelfarmarts in Southern NJ. @kiirstinmarilyn and @canyonride will be performing!!! Vegan handbags were donated by @miomojo_italia @woodstockreveries and @dollskill to win during the silent auction!!! Dancing, vegan food, fun, laughter, love!!!! All proceeds go directly to @freedomfarm_animalrescue @afelice16 @goatsofanarchy and Rancho Relaxo. You can purchase by clicking the link in @afelice16 bio!!! (Design by @albaparis)


Equality for all. 🙏


🔴🔴🔴IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY VULGAR LANGUAGE IN SONGS AND THE MOUTHING OF SAID TERMONOLOGY, do not watch this video. 🔴🔴🔴 ALL IN GOOD FUN, guys. If you have used the term "bacon seed" at any point and continue to do so, enjoy viewing. This one is for you, @correctnames ❤️ Meanies!!!!! #GoVegan #baconseed


Happy birthday to the only human on the planet who talks more than me, @hispees ❤️ My life would be much harder without you in it.


My biggest pet peeve at the moment is when people comment "bacon seed" underneath pictures and videos of baby piglets. Dragonlord is even more annoyed than me. Stop being corny. 👌 #vegan #govegan #friendsnotfood #donteatthehomies #pigsofinstagram


I posted a shot of Orla last night! Now it is time to post her sister, Jora! Once again, these girls were surrendered to Rancho Relaxo by a dairy farmer who had a change of heart. Instead of taking the route which would land some money in her pocket for Orla and Jora's meat, she opted to allow them to live out their lives peacefully and happily here with us. 🙏🖤 (📷 @sfisherx)


Beautiful Orla! Her and her sister, Jora, have settled in beautifully. As most of you know, these two angels were surrendered by a dairy farmer who had a change of heart. Instead of sending these girls to auction to make a quick buck from the price of their meat, she asked sanctuaries to take them in. We are truly so grateful to have been able to give them safe haven that will last the rest of their lives. @freedomfarm_animalrescue and @afelice16 took in the other sisters who needed homes. Thank you to @sfisherx for capturing Orla so perfectly. ❤️ #govegan #vegan #stopeatinganimals #friendsnotfood #donteatthehomies


Malachi and Ron - CRAZY EYES!!! 😂


Clarabelle loves her swing and Chewie. 🖤


You guys know I love Halloween! Please see previous post for explanation. #jumpscare #halloween #horror #horrormovies


Dragonlord needed a quick bath because he rolled in his own poo. He actually loved the warm water. The only problem? He kept eating the suds and was not happy when I took him out of his happy place. Relax, kiddo. 😳😳😳


Toasty baby. This little guy has been such a miracle. To go from being paralyzed, to fighting hard, to prancing around like all of the other goats is just such an amazing victory. ❤️ I feel so honored to be a part of his journey.


Dragonlord is exploring. ❤️


Exploring the [official] locations of The Blair Witch Project. Swipe left. 🖤 @ryanwithane @ilovebathrobes @gustavestewart #senecacreekstatepark #theblairwitchproject #horror #october


Um, Gabriel. Chester is not an extra large puppy. You can say 'hello' a different way. ❤️


@pennhurstasylum last night. You know wherever we go, we always have to involve animal advocacy. Yes. I stapled a $5 bill to a performer's neck and he allowed it to spread awareness about how cruel factory farming is. Swipe left! Team 14! @alannaxftw @xkevinx @sfisherx @reavegan @hispees @ilovebathrobes @ennui_matisse @laurrenlock @freedomfarm_animalrescue @afelice16 @ryanwithane 🖤


Ron is sooooo sweet. Thank you to @hispees for working with him every single day. He has come such a long way!!!!! From escaping slaughter and terrorizing a neighborhood to being a love bug at Rancho Relaxo. 🖤


The nanny goat who was rescued from the hoarding case (and her little friend with the broken leg) are at Rancho Relaxo's offsite property! BABY WATCH... We actually think she is in labor right now. I am going to head over there to get her into a stall. If she seems too skittish, I will just let her be. I am stressin'!


Next month will mark one year since Chewie and Clarabelle were rescued. That rescue mission changed my life. I looked the devil in the face that day. SOUL SISTERS FOR LIFE!!!!


It's that time of year!!! If you didn't snag a GOAST hoodie or t-shirt last year, now's your chance! SWIPE LEFT TO SEE ANOTHER MERCH DESIGN OF OURS!!! To order, click the link in my bio, scroll to the bottom and follow the merch link!!!


One of my favorite humans got interviewed by @thedodo and the video turned out so beautifully, I had to post it. HAD TO. @afelice16 YOU ARE AMAZING AND DEACON IS A LITTLE HERO. Go follow @afelice16 if you don't already. We do joint rescues often. Also, @ellenthedodo we love you too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Neglected hooves while pregnant. Our newest rescue, a nanny goat from a hoarding situation, is finally feeling some relief. Her and the little boy with the broken leg have arrived at Rancho Relaxo after being in the hospital for a few days! @freedomfarm_animalrescue is here trimming away with @hispees @slimbp13 and @gt681 🙏❤️ This is why we always push forward. To help as many animals in need and to educate anyone who is willing to listen about the cruelties of animal agriculture. 🙏 To donate toward our mission, PayPal or visit


Wait for it. 😳