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The FIRST Cakenis™ shawl innovation : Broochless Just-Hook. Latest collection : #CakenisSignature #CakenisKL #CakenisIstanbul

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Spending some ‘me time’ with one of my favourite reads before I head to bed. I have lots to share with you these coming weeks so stay tuned for my updates Cakenisans! Goodnight! #CakenisPRGirl


The only reading and counting I’ve been doing all day-stock check. You’re right, Cakenisans. What came this morning were the new Cakenis Lush Satin shawls! I’m going head over heels in love with all the colours. Hands up if you can’t wait to see them!🙋🏻‍♀️ #CakenisPRGirl


Good morning girls! Guess what just arrived at our warehouse this morning? The last few cartons are being unloaded right now and I can’t wait to show you what’s inside! #CakenisPRGirl



My colleagues told me about when we first launched the #CakenisLushSatin and how this Pink & Champagne duo became such a big hit with all the other 4 duos they launched with. Among the 5 duos, which is your favourite? #CakenisPRGirl


@dianasyaqina is looking so comfortable yet so chic in her Cakenis. Our heavy chiffon shawls are opaque but still breezy making them suitable to be worn in our hot tropical Malaysian weather #CakenisPRGirl


I have GOOD NEWS! All these boxes are freshly-packed and ready to go online soon. A lot of our stocks were sold out within hours of going live! Turn on post notifications so you won’t miss the big drop, Cakenisans! #CakenisPRGirl



Back at work today and it’s time I take a look at our #CakenisLushSatin before I reveal what’s coming next. It didn’t take me long to remember the colors of this series, and seen in this photo are Navy and Violet. Do you think you can name the other 8? #CakenisPRGirl


Hanis’ post on women really touched me yesterday. She described women in ways that made me feel strong and beautiful. Doesn’t it make you feel the same way too? #CakenisPRGirl
Why are women always associated with softness & being gentle. Because the nature of something soft is its flexibility. And the nature of something flexible is resilience.
Because by being gentle & kind, we are able to adapt to the needs of any circumstance. We can be prudent in bringing up our family. We can be humble in supporting and obeying our partner. We can be firm in guiding children. We are able to blend in and support our families. We have empathy in friendships and at the workplace. Hence we are able to succeed in every struggle with the wisdom of being gentle and kind.
Look for strength in softness & you will find it. May we all be rewarded. Happy Women’s Day to all women! Love, Keknis.
#WomenAndStrengthInSoftness #CakenisLushSatin


@elyshxhussain is definitely rocking Cendol-the perfect pastel green hue. I’ve had some of you asking where else to get our Cakenis Comeback collections. Get in touch with our stockists because some of them might still have what you’re looking for! #CakenisPRGirl
(SEL) @jemarimalaika 0122910576
(SEL) @aidasyazlin 0129068803
(SEL) @cakenis.kynaclassic 0182835758
(SEL) @by_mamaadam 0103713170
(SEL) @cakenis_setapak 0174238685
(KL) @cakenis_shadedough.mesya 0129070003
(KL) @thecosmeticsmy 0172344337
(KL) @cakenis_ampangpark_kl 0126349524
(Kl) Erine 01131050800
(PUTRAJAYA)@cakenis_divaletops 0162777790
(MEL) @byneo_hijabs 0176833434
(JHR) @grandeur_my 0197262321
(JHR) @cakenisjb 0187761600
(JHR) @cakenis.chicrush 0123345956
(SRWK) @cakenis_by_2wentysixteen 0192733356
(SG) @sarah_marguerita +6582338640
(SG) @simplified_fashion +6597890285
(SG) @ritzydee +6591281197



While we work on our next collection, don’t forget to enter our year long #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear contest! .
If you’d like to stand a chance to win 2018’s GRAND PRIZE, here’s all you need to do:
1) Post any photo with Cakenis in it (OOTD, flatlay, anything!)
2) Tag @cakenis in your photo, and #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear in your caption.
3) Selected photos which we repost on our page will automatically be in the running to win 2018’s grand prize
4) Don’t forget to have your profile set to public.
5) Contest ends 31st December 2018
1) Only photos reposted on @cakenis in 2018 will be eligible
2) Contest is open to all Malaysians, Bruneians, and Singaporeans
3) You will need to bring your Cakenis upon gift redemption
4) Multiple entries definitely allowed and encouraged!
5) Winner will be announced early 2019


Who would’ve thought @syafiqahamirfirdaus ‘s first Cakenis landed her #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear . Hanis told me she wanted to personally deliver the prize and wanted it to be a surprise! Her reaction was priceless❤️ #CakenisPRGirl


Our FINAL batch of Cakenis Comeback was dropped on ZALORA this morning and we can’t thank you enough because they are completely sold out within hours! #CakenisPRGirl



Our FINAL batch of Cakenis Comeback was dropped on ZALORA this morning and we can’t thank you enough because they are completely sold out within hours! #CakenisPRGirl


Our FINAL batch of Cakenis Comeback was dropped on ZALORA this morning and we can’t thank you enough because they are completely sold out within hours! #CakenisPRGirl


It’s that time of the week again. I always take extra care when hand-washing my Cakenis shawls. Wash them separately with mild detergent and do not tumble dry! #CakenisPRGirl



@izwaniee_ looks bright, bold, and absolutely beautiful in the Red Lush Satin 😍 Still available on both FashionValet & ZALORA! Who here has the same colour? #CakenisPRGirl


Each of these labels will be part of every Cakenis shawl you purchase. I secretly jump with joy every single time I see these labels on Cakenisans wherever I go. Can’t wait to tell you what collection these labels are going to! #CakenisPRGirl


Now on @fashionvaletcom !
Cakenis Kuala Lumpur - Cendol, Gading, Bougainvillea #CakenisPRGirl



Now on @fashionvaletcom !
Cakenis Istanbul - Marina Green, Iznik Blue, Sky #CakenisPRGirl


Now on @fashionvaletcom !
Cakenis Signature - Olive, Black, Dusty Pink. #CakenisPRGirl


I’ll just sort these colours according to their tones while the girls finalise the colours for our next series. They think I have OCD 😅 Tag a friend who would probably do the same thing #CakenisPRGirl


In need of a gift for a loved one? Get them a box of Cakenis and @shadedough lipbaits arranged beautifully in this premium box from @flores.kl ! Can you see, the arrangement has chocolates too! #CakenisPRGirl


The colour of this rich Emerald has just enough sheen leaving @yasmin_khaleeda looking so elegant and beautiful on her trip to Austria. This Lush Satin series is still available on FashionValet, ZALORA, and from our stockists. #CakenisPRGirl #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear


Finally back at the office today after a long weekend. I spent most of my time eating and eating at open houses and gatherings 😂 ! What did you girls do over the weekend? #CakenisPRGirl


I was almost late for work today (I thought my long weekend has started!) so I grabbed the easiest colour I knew could match whatever outfit I had on. Another personal favourite, Gading from #CakenisKL


If you’re wondering where to get our Cakenis Lush Satin series, they’re individually available on FashionValet and ZALORA! Some have sold out already so hurry and add to cart 🛒 #CakenisPRGirl


Clean and modest styling of Cakenis I aspire to achieve one day. Love this @eqacikdin ! #CakenisPRGirl


Taking 5 from our day long meeting with the team picking out your next favourite series. Any specific colours you’d like to see more of? #CakenisPRGirl


This is a beautiful twist to the usual #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear!@cxctusz still managed to let Cakenis shine even in darkness. I love it!😍 #CakenisPRGirl


Packing this up for you @fatimaharifah because you’re our lucky winner! Congratulations! Everyone seems to have such strong and supportive friends and I can’t help but relate. Have you told your #squad how much you love them today? #CakenisPRGirl