Cakenis™ Broochless Just-Hook

The FIRST Cakenis™ shawl innovation : Broochless Just-Hook. #LilyCake available through our stockists 💋

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I can’t move on from Lily Cake, especially when you keep tagging me pretty photos of it! I know a lot of you are looking for other colours to complete your collection (sorry everything is gone!), the most feedbacks I got is how the material is to-die-for! What about you, what do you like about our first LE the Lily Cake? #CakenisPRGirl . Photo by: @qlh25


Hanis gave me a big assignment today after being on leave for a while and we’re thinking if there should be a #CakenisComeback. I’m still in midst of studying all the previous colours and collections, do you have any suggestions, Cakenisan? #CakenisPRGirl


Sorry for the sudden hiatus Cakenisan. I’ve been a little under the weather, catching the virus that’s been going around town so I’ve been spending the past few days at Mom’s. How are you girls feeling? I hope none of you caught the bug I caught 🤧 #CakenisPRGirl



I was so thrilled seeing this photo of @naninanadiaaa wearing #LilyCake on her graduation day! Keep tagging us in your photos, Cakenisan because we love them ❤️ #CakenisPRGirl


Final prep at the office while the team and I fold these boxes for tomorrow! I just knew that Cakenis Carnival is our Event Edition box, where you get to mix and match any 3 colours of our available plain chiffon shawls from previous series (probably why these boxes are so colourful!). Come drop by @karnivalteratakglam tomorrow for our Year End Sale deals, ok girls! #CakenisPRGirl


I had fun pairing the colours of the #cakenislushsatin yesterday. Okay, I didn’t just pair them, I spent hours trying them on and styling them with the girls at the office! My favourite pair is Navy and Peach. See all our duo pairs tomorrow at @karnivalteratakglam ! #CakenisPRGirl



Here are the 10 colours of our Lush Satin series, some are still available on ZALORA and FashionValet. I need to sort them with their respective pairs to prep for this weekend. Any ideas where we’ll be? #CakenisPRGirl #CakenisLushSatin


Our final Lily Cake restock on @fashionvaletcom was sold out within a few hours of going live! The past few weeks have been amazing and I can’t be happier. Can’t wait to share what we have in store for you next! #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #MassiveThankYouCakenisan


I had so much fun watching a shawl styling session (of over 6 styles!) we had at @fashionvaletpavilion last week. I never knew Cakenis shawls could be styled in so many ways! Which shawl style would you like me to share a tutorial of? #CakenisPRGirl



Good news girls! There’s been a stock shift in the warehouse in very limited quantities so please do not miss it this time as there will be no reprints. Sending these packed boxes out today so turn on post notifications to get immediate updates! #CakenisPRGirl


Looks like one Lily Cake has made its way to its new home with @ilafn. The best part of my day is always seeing all the photos you tag us in. It’s a joyful but calming feeling seeing Cakenis being worn and loved by so many of you! ❤️ #CakenisPRGirl


I have not had the chance to post this Lily Cake List before our Fashion Valet batch was sold out! But I think this list would be useful for those who have yet to get their hands on Lily Cake! Do you know why? #CakenisPRGirl



The team had a long weekend off (thank you, Hanis!) after a week of events and the big launch of #LilyCake. It was worth all the sweat and tears seeing that every piece of Lily Cake has now found a new home with existing and new Cakenisan. This is the first collection I had to work on for Cakenis and I’m so happy contributing to it being sold out after just a few hours of it being launched! Couldn’t have done it without your prayers and support❤️ Now, back to work. #CakenisPRGirl


I love the Pink Lily Cake and Grey Lily Cake on @putreeo & @princessmeenie ! If you’re taking your Cakenis for a Sunday day out today, be sure to tag me! #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake


I hope our new friends are learning all the tricks around Cakenis’ hooks & rings! Did you manage to catch all Ian Sham’s tutorials? Maybe I can upload some here! #CakenisPRGirl



This Orange Lily Cake is sold out everywhere. But please do check with our exclusive stockists! #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #MassiveThankYouCakenisan


I kept refreshing this too. We were completely SOLD OUT online within first few hours after the store launch! I hope you managed to secure your very first Cakenis LE! #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #MassiveThankYouCakenisan


We had @haniszalikha and @vivyyusof during our event launch earlier and I was in awe just looking at how they donned the #LilyCake 😍 #CakenisPRGirl



The secret is out. #LilyCake will be on tomorrow. #CakenisPRGirl


I am nervous! Tomorrow not only we will meet more Cakenisan, we will even get to meet some new friends that might not even know how to Cakenis! While these cards have been helping you with your Cakenis, a live tutorial on every hooks & rings would be even better right? Remember our date tomorrow at 11am, Fashion Valet Pavilion KL. #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #FreeYourFriday


I got you the video you asked for! Thanks to for this. So you have seen our little intimate celebration of #Cakenis2Years #LilyCakeLaunchEvent . Let’s make some sweet memories together too for our first ever public launch at @fashionvaletpavilion tomorrow morning! See you at 11am! #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #FreeYourFriday


I am so excited that so many of you will be attending our CAKENISxFV store launch and guess what, we have a special in-store offer valid tomorrow at @fashionvaletpavilion only! Show of hands who will I see tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♀️ #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #ChoosingTheOne #CAKENISxFV


Everybody loved our hedge wall of Lily Cake boxes & orange carpet. Should we bring this too tomorrow? #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #FreeYourFriday


I guess you’ve heard! #FreeYourFriday to meet Lily Cake at @fashionvaletcom Pavilion! Tag your bestfriends and start making plan! #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake


The team and I made more goodie bags today at the office. Do you know why? #CakenisPRGirl #LilyCake #FreeYourFriday


I hardly see Nadiya Nisaa in prints but will you look at that! She’s definitely rocking our Grey Lily Cake #CakenisPRGirl #ChoosingTheOne #LilyCake #LilyCakeLaunchEvent


May I know who have grabbed this White Lily Cake? 🙋🏻 #CakenisPRGirl #ChoosingTheOne #LilyCake #WhiteLilyCake


Cakenis Lily Cake Exclusive Stockists: (SEL)@jemarimalaika 0122910576
(SEL) @cakenis.kynaclassic 0182835758
(SEL)@by_mamaadam 0103713170
(SEL) @cakenis_setapak 0174238685
(KL) @thecosmeticsmy 0172344337
(MEL)@byneo_hijabs 0176833434
(JHR)@cakenisjb 0187761600
(JHR) @cakenis.chicrush 0123345956
(SRWK)@cakenis_by_2wentysixteen 0192733356

(SG)@sarah_marguerita +6582338640
(SG)@ritzydee +6591281197


Yes that’s right, the Pink Lily Cake was missing from our celebrities photo and @fatinnazwa was the lucky one that got it right! One goodie bag for you, please get in touch with us! #CakenisPRGirl #ChoosingTheOne #LilyCake #PinkLilyCake


Look at the Orange Lily Cake on Hanis. She was preparing her speech when I snapped this. Or was it checking out our guests instastories? Hehe #CakenisPRGirl #ChoosingTheOne #LilyCake #LilyCakeLaunchEvent