Calista the Pit Bull

Once a victim, Calista is now a happy, earflapless, rescued pittipotamus! Please adopt, foster, volunteer or donate to an amazing organization.

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So, this happened. 😂😂😂 Watch until the end and turn your volume me. 🙈#whoarethey? #iliterallycannotdeal #lovethemsomuch #dontbullymybreed #inherentlygood #pibbles #bestbigbrotherever


Good big brothers let their little sisters drum on their head. 🥁 #fact #inherentlygood #dontbullymybreed #lovethemsomuch #alwayshappy


Just a baby seal trying to steal Mom's vitamins. #cutestever #ateverythingshedoes


BUFFALO!!!! Tomorrow is the @standupforpitsfoundation event!!! Come meet these baby hippos and more! Tickets are still available at


Just a lazy sitting baby seal, whose face melts my heart. 😍😍😍#dogsareagift


We need some Calista-style support tonight, as we celebrate the life of our dear friends' dog Zuka. Our hearts are broken by her sudden passing and we would truly appreciate if you would share words of encouragement and love to her family. She was an amazingly sweet girl who loved her parents, her human baby sister, and her puppy cousin. We are so grateful that her last days were as enjoyable as her first. Her spirit will live on in the hearts of her loved ones. To her family, we love you. Cancer sucks and dogs should live forever. Today will always be Zuka's. ❤️❤️❤️


She is literally too cute to handle. #alwayshappy


This baby hippo will be at the RALEIGH @standupforpitsfoundation event tomorrow!!!! Last I heard, there were ten tickets left!!! Trust us, there is no better way to spend your Sunday!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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We are 10 tickets from selling out RALEIGH Stand Up For Pits this Sunday!!! Grab em while you still can at and help save lives. DARLA is counting on it!
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🐾Darla is excited to be a part @standupforpitsfoundation adoption event from 4-7pm this Sunday!! Darla and other sweet Pitties will be up for adoption from 4-7pm.So come out and show your support, you may find your forever friend. Tickets to the show are limited so grab one while you have time by visiting!
@rebeccacorry @standupforpitsfoundation
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The most gentle girl on earth. 🐞 #makingfriendswithbugs #hihowareyou? #wannabefriends? #hmmmokay #maybenot


The striped hyena embodying a bunny rabbit while eating wheatgrass. 😂🌱🐶🐰 #hahahaha #babyboy


A baby seal eating wheatgrass. 🌱 #inherentlygood #alwayshappy #kickingcancersass #calistastrong


She is always happy and always drumming. 🥁🐶❤️ #ilovehersomuch #somanylessonstoteach #resilient #taildrumming #pittipotamus


When your butt scratcher is so good, you eat her arm. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #Icanteven #frenchie #honorary #pitbull #volumeup #shesababy #pig #haha


I think we could end violence if we bottled up her joy and shared it with the universe. ❤️😊❤️ #happy #pittipotamus #dontbullymybreed


NEW YORK COURTESY POST!!! Because, he looks like a hippo crossed with a hyena who just wants to be smothered in kisses. Someone get this baby!!!! Share/tag all the New Yorkers you know!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #Repost @wagaware (@get_repost)
NEW YORK AREA RESIDENT: George has spent 421 days at the shelter as of today. That’s a staggering number for a 2 year old pup. But we don’t give up on long-timers, instead we shine a spotlight until the right person finds them and falls in love. Tags and reposts can make that happen. Just ask Thor, Kyla, Buddy, Ruby and Buster - all alumni of this page, all adored in their forever homes. #nevergiveup #daretoshare #adoptgeorge
Wantagh, NY: George is gorgeous brindle pit mix, about 2 years old. He was extremely thin when he arrived, with bite marks on his face and legs that were likely from another dog. Understandably, George does not always test well with dogs and needs to be the only dog in the home. He would really love a fenced back yard where he can run and play.
Despite a rough start, George is an incredibly sweet young dog who can be a shy at first but super cute and loving. Please share!
George needs to be the only dog.
NO CATS for George
Approved for kids 13+
Meet and greet REQUIRED at the shelter
Appx 2 year old pittie mix
Serious inquiries only please DM @adoptabledog
Hempstead Animal Shelter
3320 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh, NY
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Wait for it..... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #mydogs #makemelaugh #heliterallyalmostfell


Coconut butter adventures. 😍❤️ #hippo #and #hyena #lovethem #taildrummer #and #mouthjammer? #hahahahaha


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These two are the most apathetic models on earth.
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Good morning from this happy hippo. ❤️ And, San Diego people, please look at our post right before this one! We need your help!!!!


San Diego people, we need your help!!! The min pin in the second photo has been running loose in North Park in full panic, with no regard for traffic. A professional trapper (volunteer) has gotten involved to assist in catching this baby. If you live in San Diego, please share this post or tag as many people as you know. We need two things...1. Please text all sightings to 619-249-2221, the dog has varied its path and every piece of information is helpful. 2. We need to find the owner. A homeless person in the NP Comm Park told the trapper that the minpin jumped out of a RED Mercedes. The guy looked for the dog but couldn't find it. Since then, the dog has been going back and forth from that park to Morley Field looking for his human. 😢 If you see the dog, do NOT approach. Text the number and watch.
This has been a two part mission and the other dog, a pit bull type dog named Ivy (in the first photo) was reunited with her owner today. Her owner had unsuccessfully searched for her and ended up having to move out of state. He came back to town this weekend to search for her and connected with the rescue effort that was occurring simultaneously. At the recommendation of the trapper, he drove his van around and Ivy heard it and started looking for him!!!! In Ivy's search, she was saved by a good samaritan and returned today!!! The photo is of their happy reunion. Can you even?!?! So, one dog is home and we want to see the same for the other!! We are helping the trapper and are hoping we can network and get the word out. We need your help!


To everyone concerned about Calista's weight...she has cancer, and we are actively kicking it's ass. What I haven't shared, because of my own emotional process, is that shortly after her surgery, a major MCT (golf ball sized) showed up in an inoperable area on her leg. I'm sorry I didn't share it, but I couldn't. I wasn't ready. I needed to process it and figure out a game plan. She is my heart and I am not ready to lose her. So, with that, we got really aggressive in terms of holistic treatment. She is now eating 100% human grade, homemade food, and every single ingredient is designed to support her health, while fighting cancer. She is on a crap load of supplements, we talked to an animal communicator, and we are looking into holistic vets. We are pouring our soul into helping her heal, but we are also making sure to celebrate her life. I don't want her to be remembered for her cancer. I want her remembered for her joy, her resilience, her courage, her determination, and her love of life. So, that's what I am trying to do. The good news is, the golf ball sized tumor disappeared. The less than good news is that about 5 other tumors popped up too. We are fighting them all, and will continue doing everything to help her heal. Anyway, back to her weight...when we switched her diet, she lost a considerable amount of weight. It's actually crazy because the quantity of food was the same, but the quality increased and the weight fell off. It really lends credence to these whole food diets. 😂 We are adding food (she is eating 3x more than she used to) and will have her back up to weight in no time, but it's a process, so if she looks thinner, that's why!!!


Dream on...❤️❤️❤️ #masterofbegging #velveteenpittipotamus


Raleigh (9/17), Buffalo (9/24), and St. Louis (10/15) @standupforpitsfoundation is coming to you!!! Get your tickets today before they sell out!!! You are guaranteed to cry from laughing, be covered in pibble kisses, and leave feeling more inspired than you could have imagined. Bring donations for the local shelters, bid on silent auctions to support the local rescues, and meet incredible likeminded advocates in your area! You don't want to miss it!! #StandUpForPits


Just found this gem on my phone. My little girl exploring the water in Georgia. She is definitely a land seal. ❤️❤️❤️


COLORADO PEOPLE, this dog needs help! Roofus is a 7-year-old, healthy, pit bull type dog whose father relapsed on drugs. He was left with someone who cannot care for him due to her age and life circumstances and he is about to be turned into the shelter. According to the woman who has him, he is an absolute love. Her assessment of his behavior is conflicting, likely due to her ignorance about dog behavior. Given this, it would be best if he were an only dog to start, but it is expected he will be fine with other animals since he lives with one now. He is in Denver, which means if he is turned into the shelter he will be euthanized. He needs an out and quickly. If you are interested in helping him, please email our friend Megan at [email protected] If you cannot help, please share him, or tag people in the comments below.


The sweetest tail drummer in all the land. #babyrockstar #loveher #somuch #pitbull #drummer #alwayswagging


Throwback to one of my all time favorite videos. 😍😍😍#Repost @calistathepitbull (@get_repost)
Nightly ear nub rub with a ridiculously cute kiss for the striped hyena at the end. 😍😍😍 PS-While it may appear I own few clothes other than my @standupforpitsfoundation onesie, that's not the truth. I just love it, and wear it A LOT. 😂😂😂 #earflaplesspittipotamus #lovesher #earnubrubs #andher #brudder #they #meltmyheart #dontbullymybreed #my #pitbulls #aremyfamily #and #wewillalways #standupforpits


The earflapless pittipotamus met ANOTHER earflapless pittipotamus named @ivythelovebug!!!! They were so cute together, they were nearly impossible to catch on camera. They shared stories, talked about their resilience and courage, and discussed how to be incredible ambassadors. Well, not really, but they could have!! 😂😂😂 In reality, they ate cookies, jumped in circles, gave and received tons of kisses, and became fast friends. ❤️❤️❤️ Lol. Thanks @mimiandred #twins #babies #earflaplesspittipotamus #earflaplesspittipotami #lol #inherentlygood


Please share far and wide. Dog fighting continues to occur nationwide, in all communities. This bust has not received the attention it should. The general public often doesn't realize dogfighting still exists. Truly, I can't count the number of times I have heard, "That still happens?!?!?!" It still happens. Every day. And there are ways you can help! Thank you to @standupforpitsfoundation for taking action in this case and advocating for these babies.
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It never fucking ends and yet every single time, it makes me just as sick to my stomach as the time before.

The day before yesterday in Polk County, Georgia upwards of 70 dogs were rescued from a dogfighting operation. I was just told it is the largest bust ever in Polk County.

Officers are still out in the field recovering these precious little souls and I will be emailing the chief to offer the support of the @standupforpitsfoundation. Once we get accurate details, we will post how you all can help.

If you are on Facebook, go to the Polk County Police Department FB page. They are posting up to the minute live videos of the rescue. These dogs are so sweet. Tails wagging and filled with love, even after knowing nothing but hell at the hands of monsters. There are monsters among us. How anyone could do this to innocent, voiceless beings, is beyond comprehension.

This bust has not gotten any coverage at all. Please share this!!!! Dogfighting can no longer be ignored.
Ending dogfighting is up to people in communities to speak up and take action. Law enforcement cannot do it alone, nor can the ASPCA or the Humane Society. Dogfighting is an underground world made up of the biggest cowards on earth and it is up to us to report them.
To report dogfighting in LOS ANGELES COUNTY call 1-877-777-2585.
Always report anything you suspect or see to your local authorities. #betheirvoice #enddogfighting #standupforpits


Emergency in Texas! Go to @dallasdogrrr for updates.
REAL TIME UPDATE FROM HOUSTON- THE BOATS HAVE TURNED AROUND AND WE NEED MORE BOATS. Our dogs are there and Kat & Kevin Need our help now. They have lost everything. Boats arrived and then turned around once they heard they were saving cats and dogs!!!!! Their lives matter too!! Our Rescue Partners in Houston have never EVER turned their back on any animals in need and today they have been disgraced when the boats turned around and refused to help all of the animals in the Medical boarding compound. Any time we have ever called Kat to get a dog from the euth list or on the streets, she has ALWAYS gone within 5 minutes. As of this moment Kat was able to remove 100 dogs from the compound and get them on a field in crates. 30 dogs and cats remain at the compound and Kat has been forcibly removed from the property and the emergency crew would not take the rest of the dogs. These dogs will not survive unless we get the word out now. Mcbeth our dog is one of those 30 dogs and Harlin is out in the field in the crate. Emergency personnel is threatening to turn every dog loose. This is it. PLEASE DO NOT BASH ANYONE ON HERE. PLEASE TAG AND SHARE--We need boats to get to Kats now! Break down the damn door break the windows ram through the gates and help save lives PLEASE. We are offering a $3,000 reward if you can get the dogs out PLEASE HELP. These dogs will be dead in the next few hours

Donate at: dallasdogrrr.ORG/DONATE

To foster or adopt a HARVEY RELEIF DOG and you live within 4 hrs of nyc please fill out an app at

If you are withing 3 hours of Dallas Ft Worth fill the app out at our texas branch partners of :

413 Speights Loop Road
Hankamer, TX 77560
Please share, we need help and we need it NOW!!!
We have been in contact with her since Friday they have been fine and out of the danger zone she is not in the mandatory evacuation area. They order certain areas that needed to be mandatory again she was not in those areas she has been out of the danger zone. She was actually taking evacuees dogs. she woke up to all this water after they opened 3 dams.