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"It's a busy week for birthdays.. I also want to wish a super happy birthday to my lil brother OAKLEY who just turned 7! Sorry I couldn't be with you today buddy.. cuz I'm in Florida 😎" ~ Crusoe


"Wishing my one-and-only Mum a super happy birthday today! Now, pretty sure I saw a cake hiding somewhere..." ~ Crusoe


“Practicing for #springbreak” ~ Crusoe

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“So, what do you think, should I keep the dreads?” ~ Crusoe


“Why you shouldn’t play with matches... 🤣🔥” ~ Crusoe

Clip from recent episode where I visit St. Lucia, which u can watch via link in my profile!)


“Dog Marley is back with a new episode - St Lucia Part 2 - go check it out on Facebook or Youtube via links in my profile!!” ~ Crusoe
#TheCrusoeShow #DogMarley #StLucia



“Hey, pass me my beer over there, will ya?” ~ Crusoe

Stay tuned for St. Lucia Episode Part 2, coming this Sunday! If you missed Part 1, watch via links in my profile

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“No one can flex like I can, but Mum, I gotta say, I’m impressed! 💪” ~ Crusoe

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“Yes hello? Hi, I would like to cancel Mum and Dad’s restaurant reservations for tonight.. They’ve decided to stay in. Thanks!” ~ Crusoe

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“Not sure why, but I always get a LOT of compliments from the ladies on my swimming trunks..” ~ Crusoe

Pic from my latest episode where I visit the Caribbean island of St. Lucia! Go watch episode via link in my profile if you didn’t already! 😁


“If your dog were to win an #AcademyAward, what would it be for?! 😆 Me, “hunkiest wiener” for sure 😝” ~ Crusoe


“Episode 5 of #TheCrusoeShow is here, where I visit the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia! Check it out via links in my profile and lemme kno what you think - and if you’d bring your pup on vacay the same way! 😉😝” ~ Crusoe



"#TheCrusoeShow returns TOMORROW with my first 'TRAVEL' episode where I visit the beautiful Caribbean island of #StLucia! Who's watching?!" ~ Crusoe


“It’ll hit them in 3...2.....” ~ Crusoe 😬😝 Any other pups good at stinkies?!


“Alright, everybody smile 😁😬🤣” ~ Crusoe



“It’s like riding a bike..” ~ Crusoe

Who else “never forgets”?!


“Is it obvious I’m happy to be in Florida?! 😛” ~ Crusoe


“Even the best of us forget occasionally.. Happy #nationalpancakeday ~ Crusoe

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"Today is @cupcakedayca, and here is a video summary of my recent Meet & Greet/Fundraiser event in Toronto where we helped raise over $2200 for dogs in need ❤️" Add your own contribution via link in my profile!
Support us & shelter dogs with Oakley's t-shirt: ~ Crusoe

Thanks to for the video.


“Surprise! Mum and Dad felt bad not bringing me to Hawaii, so they’re bringing me to Florida!! (I may or may not have insisted on it) 😆😎👍” ~ Crusoe


“They’re home! They brought me a squeaky ball and some goodies, but a good squeak and them are all I need ❤️😝” ~ Crusoe


“Today’s the day Mum and Dad come back home! Altho I’m not unlocking the front door until I see they’ve brought me something good!” ~ Crusoe


“Enjoy my pupcake episode? Find my pupcake recipe, including how you can make a donation in Crusoe’s name to the @ontariospca (we would be so grateful) via link in my profile. Thanks!” ~ Crusoe

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“I’m always after the chicks 😎” ~ Crusoe


“Pupcake party anyone?! Clip from episode 4 of my show which just came out Sunday! Go watch via link in my profile if you didn’t already! 😝” ~ Crusoe


“I think I would have done well in Hawaii.. 😝” ~ Crusoe (Mum and Dad are there now but I couldnt come!)


“New episode of #TheCrusoeShow is here!!! Go find out if Oakley gets his cupcake via links in my profile and then let me know how you like it in the comments here!! ~ Crusoe

Also, with this 4th episode we’ll now be taking a little mid-season break but will be back in a couple weeks with new episodes 😊😘


“Oakley and I return tomorrow for an all new episode of #TheCrusoeShow, where we host a CUPCAKE PARTY. Will Oakley get a cupcake?? Who’s watchin’ to find out?! 😝” ~ Crusoe


"It's Crusoe vs Oakley in the first-ever WIENER 500!!" 🏎️🏁 We're hoping to get invited to #Daytona500 😉😝 ~ Crusoe
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“Mum and Dad are in Hawaii without me (their first trip without me in 6 years!), so I’m trying to prove that I’m not jealous 😝