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“May this year be a good one full of new adventures” writes @r5er_marley


“This weather is a bit chilly willy” writes @sheepish_addie with @doodleandthehound and @indythegoldendoodle



“Blizard? What is a Blizard?” writes @chantal_and_gulliver



Frenchie sees his human drowning and goes in to save the day! 😂 | Send us your funny videos via the link in our bio


“Just trying to stay warm in Texas” writes @porter_the_vizsla


STORY TAKEOVER! “Wanna join my pajama party?” Writes @gusgusinthecity | follow his adventures in today’s Story as he escapes the Minnesota cold in sunny California! 📷 by @StudioTwelve52



“Nothing brings me more joy than watching this guy have the time of his life in the snow.” writes @lifeofkovu


“Stay Cozy” writes @pooch_a_roo


“ My dad recently fell in love with someone. I was really upset because his woman moved in and everything. She took over my spots with her things. She even got to share movie time with him. This woman began taking me a long runs and to the dog park though. She even bought me high quality treats. I fell in love with her also and accepted when Dad popped the question.” writes @sir_olliethepuggle



“Look deep into my eyes..... 🌀 Now feed me all the treats!” writes @coop_and_capo


“Brotherly love” writes @goldilocksandthewolf | Checkout more snowy photography from these adorable brothers on our story, today! ❄️🌨️


“The moment you realize your daughter doesn’t look like you” writes @podarroz_weimaraner



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“Looking back to his puppy days, I think his head has been the same size his whole life...” writes @rawbarks


“There is nothing better than resting your head on a freezing log while looking in the camera.
Luckily I got a treat after this !😄” writes @bokehdog



Meet Marlow from @marlowandmaci


SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs has a sweet guy for you. 8 year old Highway was found (along a highway in Tennessee) after being hit by a car. At the vet, it was discovered he was also filled with many metal pellets, clearly someone had been shooting at him. (Ugh!) Highway has been through a lot, but he remains to be the sweetest of souls. The spirit of a dog can be truly amazing, especially when it comes to human cruelty.
Highway is now fully healed and has been on the search for his forever family since last July. He truly deserves to find the best of the best and is hoping an adopter comes inquiring about him soon. He has been with many dogs at the shelter, as well as in his foster home, and he is very easy to get along with. (However, he is better without a super rambunctious playmate.) He is perfectly housetrained and a good boy when left home alone. Although, he doesn't like to be in small crates, and doesn't need to be crated.
Highway is a ‘velcro’ dog, meaning he just loves to be near people! He also enjoys having his coat brushed and to be petted. Because of his various injuries from his past, he would do best in a quiet household. He weighs about 55 pounds is already neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccines. A fenced-in yard is required. Highway is ready to go home today!
To adopt Highway, please email @fayettefcar animal shelter by emailing with any questions and to submit an application.
Fayette County Animal Rescue is located at 555 Clement Drive, Rossville, TN.


“Taking a quick break from making snow angels ❄️😇” writes @lifewithcollies | Checkout more “Bomb Cyclone” coverage on our Story, today!



“Willow says Hello” writes @maverickandwillow


Plaid is rad! @twodapperdoods in the Parker Bandana from


“Spaniel snuggles” writes @thespottyspaniels


“Like her namesake, Freya is an unapologetic goddess who
lives to rock everyone’s world. Squeaky ball obsessed,
quick to give kisses and a wiggle of her bum, this lil’ diva
never fails to put the sunshine back in a rainy day.

Coming from horrific beginnings, Freya was found with
her family abandoned in an LA auto shed yard. Infested
with ticks, worms, scars and a fear of everything, Freya
has shown her strength by overcoming it all and becoming
the confident, happy dog she is today. Not only is Freya the
ultimate badass bitch (pun intended), she has also helped
many fosters adjust to their second chances at life and is
a testament to what fantastic dogs a rescue can be.

Fast to pose for the camera, throw a derpy face or demand
butt scratchies, Freya is one to wear her emotions on her sleeve and let you know exactly what she thinks. At around
2 years old, this pocket sized Boxer/English Bulldog mutt
isn’t slowing down any time soon!” writes @freya.the.boxer


“Maybe you didn’t hear me the first time, I’m not getting out of bed. You can’t make me.” writes @elliott.the_great_dane


“Charlie the chocolate Boston Terrier” writes @tx_bostons


“The *when I grow up, I want to be like you* look captured in a picture” writes @heisenaussie


🌟 Happy New Year! 🌟” writes @chessonchairs


SENIOR SUNDAY! @susiesseniordogs wants you to meet a special lady - help her find a home in 2018! 11 year old Yolanda has been looking for a forever home for almost one whole year. She never guessed in her wildest dreams that come 2018 she'd still be on the search for her forever partner. It's not uncommon for older dogs to have a hard time finding an adopter, but Yolanda is the perfect companion for all seasons. Whether it's snuggles on the couch in the winter or slow walks in the woods in the summer, Yolanda is the best friend you've always wanted!
Yolanda loves food, sleeping, playing with toys, more sleeping, and some more food! She is house trained, and left alone for about 8 hours a day, and she is perfectly content to sleep after a few minutes of settling down. At night, she sleeps in a crate with the door open. She doesn't get on furniture without being granted permission, but she does love to curl up next to you!
If Yolanda could describe her ideal home, she'd like to be queen of her castle, with no cats or other dogs please. She would also like to live without children and maybe in a rural area! Why all these goals you ask? While Yolanda snoozes a lot of her day away, she does have some preferences that would make a rural home without any other children or fur-children, just perfect for her.
Yolanda is located in Rochester, NY. An adopter would need to meet her in person to adopt but otherwise there are no limitations on radius.

To adopt Yolanda, please email Yolanda's foster at with any questions.


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“Tired after a long day of nothing” writes @erikailliamolson



“ Bear 🐻 & 🐺 Wolf are 14 m/o german shepherd puppies—litter mates, brothers who play together and MMA all day, quick to give a kiss and even faster to cuddle—they can be seen roaming the Bowery in NYC” writes @bearwolfinc
#dogsofinstagram | 📸 @thedogist