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I photographed these two muskox bulls during a blizzard in Arctic Alaska. With the wind chill the 30 below felt more like -60. For the muskox however, the cold did not seem to matter at all. The more time I spent with the muskox the more I learnt how perfectly they are adapted to this environment: Their wool is 8 time warmer then sheep wool and they can survive on small lichen in this frozen world. Muskox have fascinated me ever since I saw them for the first time in the coastal plains of the Arctic Refuge some 18 years ago. With their long guard hair they seem out of this world, resembling creatures out of a fairy tale. Follow me @florianschulzvisuals for more from the wild and get a behind the scenes look @florianschulzproductions @natgeo #arctic #alaska #savethearctic #wildlifephotography #wildlifeplanet #earthpix #winter #muskox #nikonphotography


There is hardly a greater wildlife spectacle left in North American than the massive caribou migration of the Porcupine Caribou Herd. Every year about 200 000 caribou migrate to the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to give birth to their young. Migrating close to 3000 miles it is the longest migration route of any land mammal. The reason: The caribou are dependent on the nutrient-rich vegetation that the coastal plain provides. The current GOP tax bill would allow oil drilling in this pristine wilderness. Opening up the Refuge has often been attempted by drilling supporters but never received congressional approval. This time around the situation is different. As the measure is tied to the budget process the bill only needs 51 votes – not the usual 60. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge could become a reality, destroying one of the greatest wild places in the country that has often been called the Serengeti of the north. In my work, I specialize in the last wild place on the planet and those become increasingly rare. I think it would be devastating to see one of the greatest wilderness gems be destroyed over a few months worth of the nation’s oil. #Followme @florianschulzvisuals to see more of the wild planet. @florianschulzproductions @audubonsociety @reddigitalcinema @patagonia @ilcp_photographers #savethearctic #endangered #publiclands #alaska #shotonred #wilderness #leonardodicaprio


When I look at this beautiful bald eagle, I see so much character and pride. No wonder it was made the national bird of the United States all the way back in 1782. It just has such an majestic look. I photographed this eagle in Alaska, where you find some of the largest eagles and the greatest abundance in the US. For a while bald eagles were not doing so well and were on the brink of extinction.At the end of the 20th century
there were only 400 breeding pairs left in the lower 48. The widely used pesticide DDT accumulated in eagles and caused them to lay eggs with
thinner shells that often broke, decimating the eagle population. Bald eagles received protection under the early version of the Endangered Species Act. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered a ban of the general use of DDT in 1972 and with several conservation efforts in parallel, bald eagles recovered until they were delisted in 2007 with around 10 000 breeding pairs. It is so important
that federal agencies like the EPA take environmental threats seriously and have the tools to protect wildlife and our environment. It is wonderful to see stories where we can turn things around! @natgeo@florianschulzvisuals@florianschulzproductions #conservation#EPA
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During the summer months the sun never set in the Arctic. I photographed this caribou calf just after midnight when the sun was the lowest and flooded the landscape with its golden light. #alaskawildlife #savethearctic #caribou #alaska #wildlifephotography #nikonphotography


The snowy owl is one of the most iconic birds in the Arctic and one of more than 200 birds species that call the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge their home. Many of the birds of the refuge migrate to and from all fifty states and six continents to feed and rear their young. During the summer months, nature flourishes under the never-setting arctic sun, allowing birds to raise their young quickly in the short season. When winter sets in, many birds leave. The snowy owl is one of the birds that can deal with the harsh arctic conditions, in certain winters, however, when lemming populations plummet, even the snowy owl is forced to migrate south. In so-called irruption years, they then can even be found in the northern states of the lower 48, where I photographed this bird along the Oregon shore. @florianschulzproductions #wildlifephotography #arcticrefuge #savethearctic #oregon #alaska #nikon #florianschulzphotography #birdofprey #wildlifeplanet #keepitwild


With excitement I photographed these two polar bears greeting each other on the newly formed sea ice in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. About 25 000 polar bears are spread across the arctic region of the glob – some 4700 enter Alaska. Whenever there is enough ice covering the sea, bears patrol the arctic ocean in hunt for seals. Once the sea ice disappears bears are forced to land, where they go hungry until the sea ice returns in the fall.
During the summer months many bears come to shore along the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They are stranded there until the ice returns. I am very worried by the recent political developments.
The U.S. Senate has passed a Republican tax-reform package that contains a provision to authorize oil drilling on the coastal plain of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, exactly the place where pregnant mother bears return to den in large snow drifts during winter time and give birth to their young.
Unless the drilling provision is stripped from the legislation during upcoming negotiations with the House, it will be part of the final tax bill that goes to President Trump for his signature, and the fragile coastal plain would be auctioned off to the oil industry. We cannot let this happen! Call your representative to speak up! @florianschulzproductions @patagonia @audubonsociety @ilcp_photographers #alaskawildlife #alaska #arctic #ArcticRefuge #ilcp #arcticnationalwildliferefuge #polarbears #wildlifeplanet #conservation #climatechange #savethearctic #shotonred #red #wildlifephotography



Back home in Baja California - at least for a few days. Nothing like being greeted with a morning like this, as the sun filters through the clouds and illuminates part of La Paz, BCS. It does something to the soul when the eyes can wander into the distance across the landscape. @emil_herreraschulz @florianschulzproductions #gratitude #home #bajacalifornia #light #magic #view #sunrise #desert #morning #nikon #mexico #happyplace


Looking back at a wonderful speaking tour in Germany and Switzerland this past month. Now happy to be back home in Mexico - at least for a few days. @exploraevents @wunderweltenfotofestival @markusmauthe #jägerdeslichts #nikon #photography #heidelberg


It was so much fun to present 3 nights in a row with #natgeolive in #seattle at sold-out @benaroyahall. So great to have the two boys and @emil_herreraschulz there also. The Seattle audience was just amazing! We love you! Thanks for the laughs, cheers and intermittent applause - you created an atmosphere that made it easy to be myself and present my show "Into The Arctic Kingdom!" It was work from over 10 years in the #arctic , including some previews of our new film work. Thanks for helping spread the conservation message to protect the #ArcticRefuge ! Photo by Robert Wade #natgeo #seattle #presenter #live #conservation #family #savethearctic #nikon @braidedriver @florianschulzproductions #shotonred @reddigitalcinema



This is not the Serengeti - this is the Arctic National Wildilfe Refuge in Northern Alaska. I have been filming there over the last 4 year and with every year I have fallen more in love with the place. Hundreds of thousands of caribou move across the landscape, polar bears come to shore, it is home to muskox, wolves and grizzly bears and the nesting ground for myriads of birds. Now, with a single senate vote this area could be opened up to oil drilling. Please speak up! Reach out to your elected officials. Tell them to #ProtectTheArctic now. We must act NOW to protect the Arctic Refuge! #Arctic #ArcticNationalWildlifeRefuge #Alaska #TheLastWilderness #Wilderness #Caribou #WildlifePlanet #Conservation #FlorianSchulzPhotography #TheArcticRefuge #ilcp #FlorianSchulzProductions #ourwild #publicland #nikon @florianschulzproductions


I am excited to start a series of National Geographic Live talks this October in Washington D.C. on the 17th and in Seattle's Benaroya Hall from Oct. 22-24th. The audience will get an intimate look at a multi-year quest to explore the arctic wilderness. Travel alongside Inuit hunters, camp on the pack-ice with polar bears and watch the epic migration of hundreds of thousands of caribou in Alaska's Arctic Refuge. Personal experiences are mixed with stunning images. Hope to see you there! #Arctic #ArcticRefuge #naturephotography #LIVE #polarbears #natgeo #natgeolive #Seattle #WashingtonDC #Adventure @braidedriver @benaroyahall @natgeolive


A serene morning on the outer coast of the Great Bear Rainforest. Through the night we could hear the wolves howling in the distance as the wind had completely died down. We explored the area on several sailing expeditions with our little trimaran and were rewarded with wonderful wildlife encounters each time. In 2010 I was part of the @ilcp_photographers Great Bear Rainforest RAVE with the outcome of a Nat Geo Story: "Pipeline Through Paradise". We need to keep fighting for those last wild places! A big Thank You also to @iantmcallister for all his work. #florianschulzphotography #greatbearrainforest #ilcp #conservation #solitude #sailboat #adventure #natgeo #expedition #nikon_photography



Being in the presence of wolves is such special feeling. They are such smart animals and give the landscape another dimension of wildness. There is little chance to sneak up to a wolf. To get good images one has to spend the time, win their trust and let them come to you. If one were to succeed to sneak close, they realize you are there sooner or later, set off a few short barks and it is the last you have seen of them for a while. Shane more describes this kind of scenario beautifully in his recent film Ghost of the Mountain about his pursuit of a snow leopard family. For that very reason it sometimes make sense to let the animals learn that you are part of the landscape and not a threat to them. @iantmcallister of course has done the most amazing work of wolves in the Great Bear. Check out his books. #wild #wolves #wildlifephotography #wilderness #florianschulzphotography #BritishColumbia #GreatBearRainforest #InstaAnimal #gratitude #nikon #earthpix #wildlifeplanet #natgeo


These beautiful prints were left by a full grown wolf in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia in Canada. It is so much fun to follow such tracks on a beach because you know that the wolf has just passed along the very same spot you are standing on. And somewhere at the end of these tracks is the wolf. Soon the high tide will wash the tracks away again. I used a strong wide-angle lens to show the tracks part of the landscape. Even though these are not human foot prints, this image makes me think of the National Parks slogan: "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints." What is so special about the Great Bear Rainforest is, that there are no permanent tracks by humans - like roads leading into it. Access is by boat only. We sailed there with our little 27 ft trimaran. #florianschulzphotography #florianschulzproduction #wilderness #wolf #tracks #tracking #greatbearrainforest #wild #conservation #nikon #freedomtoroam @florianschulzvisuals


I do not believe in game farms and in my career as a wildlife photographer it has taken me a along time to take the first photograph of a wild wolf. They are such elusive animals and unfortunately still get persecuted in so many corners of this planet as vicious and dangerous animals. It kills me that so called predator control is promoted. The population regulates itself.
By now I had the wonderful opportunity to be in the presence of wolves, sometimes weeks at a time. Never have I ever encountered an aggressive or dangerous wolf. The contrary is the case. Wolves rather avoid humans. I had to be very cautious and win their trust over time. In this image I purposely used an longer shutter speed of about 1/15 sec. to blur the background to add motion which created a more dynamic image. #florianschulzphotography #florianschulzvisuals #nikon #nikonnofilter #Alaska #wildlifephotography #natgeo #wolf #wild #instaanimal #gratitude #respect #wildlifephotography #bethechange #wildlifelovers #earthcapture



Snowy owls are probably one of my most favorite birds. Their piercing yellow eyes just give me chills and their pure white feather coat is just spectacular. I generally find the owls in the coastal plains near the arctic ocean of the #ArcticRefuge or further west in very flat terrain that is often quite wet. Between the wet tundra areas there are drier mounts that the owls use for nesting and as their perch to search for lemmings. I spent 72 hours in a blind before everything came together for this shot: at midnight, the sun broke through the coastal fog out and I was able to get this shot of a female owl. The males are generally even whiter. You can read more about my experience with the #snowyowls in my #TOTHEARCTICBOOK . #Alaska #Arctic #snowyowl #birding #raptor #wildlifephotography #nikon #patience #wild #birdphotography #florianschulzphoto #instaanimal #FlorianSchulzPhotography @audubonsociety #earthcapture


Aerial filming under the midnight sun in the arctic. We are excited to work with our Alaska pilot friends and amazing tools like @cineflex or @shotovercamera to create work with unique perspectives and motion. The caribou sequences we are editing now are a dream! We are shooting the production mainly in 8k to capture nature as closely to the real thing as we can at this time. @reddigitalcinema #alaska #arctic #cinematography #aerial #aerialcinematography #aerialphotography #cineflex #shotonred #8k #wildlifefilmmaker


Fall in Alaska is one of my most favorite times. The air gets crisp, the first frost starts to change the colors, mosquitoes disappear and many animals get even more active before the long winter. In my photography of enjoy showing animals as part of the landscape. It is the wild places that surround them that they need to survive. This grizzly mother with her two cubs was feeding on berries and digging up roots, a much harder way to survive then feeding on salmon, as the coastal brown bears do. #Alaska #Wilderness #NationalParks #bears #fall #wild #Wildlifephotography #nikon #denali #FlorianSchulzPhotography



What will the world look like in 30 or 40 years? We have little idea. I want my children to see it now with their own eyes so that they have a reference in their memory for the future. If you have never seen it, heard it, smelled it, felt it - how would you ever know it existed.
This summer our two boys spent weeks with my wife and I in the wild of the Arctic Regfuge. As we always strive for the magical light we had to turn day and night around. For the two it was just part of what we did. It never got dark anyways. They played searched for treasures like caribou antlers, observed birds and bears, saw a lone wolf and watched 100 000 caribou stream across the land.
I hope the Arctic Refuge is still this pristine place when they will have grown up! #alaska #wilderness #protectthearcticrefuge #outdoorfamilies #outdoorkids #thelastwilderness #midnightmemories #midnightsun #nikon #grateful #gratitude #arctic #outside #family


The Arctic Refuge is one of the most pristine and vast wilderness areas left in North America. From the Arctic Ocean a prairie-like tundra landscape leads up to the Brooks Range. Every year the Porcupine caribou migrate to this specific spot to calf. 200 000 caribou flood the landscape. This magical wilderness is under threat again as the Trump administration wants to allow oil development in the very coastal plane that plays such a vital role for caribou, muskox, wolves and a myriad of migratory birds. We need to speak up to protect these last wilderness gems. Please spread the word and follow me for more impressions on the Arctic Refuge. #arcticrefuge #alaska #conservation #wilderness #protectthearcticrefuge #publicland #thelastwilderness #florianschulzphotography #nikon #conservationphotography #wildlifephotography #caribou


Fall in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I took this image last year during late August while working on a documentary on this incredible wilderness areas hoping for its permanent protection. The past 2 weeks I floated down the Canning River with my brother. This year however, it has been unusually wet, sleeting and raining almost every day and progress has been difficult. #Alaska #ArcticRefuge #Wilderness #Arctic #Nikon #conservation #protectthearctic @wildernesssociety @patagonia @audubonsociety @sierraclub


As the ice on the arctic ocean melts away during the summer months polar bears are gradually forced on land. This bear is traveling between ice floes, jumping from floe to floe far of the coast of Alaska. In the coming weeks I will spend time up north once again, to document polar bears along the coast of the Arctic Refuge. Many bears will seek refuge along the shore of this spectacular wildlife refuge. We need to ensure that the Arctic Refuge remains protect from oil and gas development! #ArcticRefuge #polarbear #seaice #conservation #savethearctic #TheArcticRefuge #arcticnationalwildliferefuge #Nikon @wildernesssociety @audubon @keepalaskawild @sierraclub


Within the last few weeks the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge came alive with the birth of countless caribou calves. The Porcupine caribou herd is over 200 000 animals strong and they depend on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as their birthing ground. Politicians often referred to it as the 1002 area - the place the Trump administration proposes for oil development. We cannot allow this to happen. Future generations need to have the chance to see what wilderness looks like. Let's fight for the Arctic Refuge! #Alaska #Arcticrefuge #wildlifeconservation #wilderness #caribou #Arctic #conservation #nikonphotography #ourwild #publiclands #tothearcticbook


Caribou by the tens of thousands are moving across the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge during these days. I just have returned myself to continue my documentary work on this magnificent place and Freedom To Roam. Caribou fill the plains to the mountains. It is the greatest wildlife spectacle in the far north. President Trump pushes for opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling in his budget proposal. Opening the Refuge for oil drilling however requires an act of congress. We all need to speak up and make our voices heard to preserve one of the greatest wild places in America! Please pass on and follow me for further updates on the Refuge. I will be in the Refuge for months to come! #ArcticRefuge #ArcticNationalWildlifeRefuge#Caribou #1002Area #WildlifeSpectacle #migration#underthreat #wilderness #oildevelopment#publiclands #wildliferefuge #conservation#freedomtoroam #Alaska #Arctic #wildlifeplanet #wildlifeconservation #wildlifephotography #nikonphotography


Grey Whales are now on their epic journey north into arctic waters. They will swim for over 6000 miles along the west coast and can often be seen close to shore. The whales undertake this massive migration because of the abundance of food found in the cold waters of North-Western Alaska. In winter they return to Baja to have their young and to mate. I will be in here again waiting for them to return .... #freedomtoroam #nikon #whales #GreyWhale #ocean #migration #bajacalifornia #california #florianschulzphotography #alaska #journey


Earthday in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Two musk ox bulls fight over their ranks. With full speed they run at each other crushing their heads together. In April one still encounters winter conditions but the light is returning. I shot this with my brother Salomon while camping out for many weeks in the Refuge. We are working on a film to help with the permanent protection of this magical place. Happy Earthday! I hope you are having a wonderful EarthdayCelebration! #Earthday #Arctic #MuskOx #ArcticRefuge #Wilderness #Alaska #reddigitalcinema #protectourwinters #protectourplanet #florianschulzphotography #earthcapture


Thinking back to my expedition to Svalbard with my wife into the Arctic landscape of Svalbard in April a few years back. We were exploring the fast ice around the archipelago searching for polar bears. It is strange to think of this frozen world while we are in southern Baja exploring the oceans at 90+F / 32°C degrees - same time of year - same planet. #arctic #exploration #polarbears #climate #gratitude #ilovemyjob


On the "International Polar Bear Day" we celebrate these amazing creatures that have found a way to thrive in one of the world's harshest environments. Their lives depend on the cold and the sea ice that forms every year. Global warming is now severely impacting their home, reducing summer sea-ice in an ever increasing rate. Even a few years ago scientist still talked about an ice free arctic ocean at the end of the century - today we see new headlines warning of an ice free arctic ocean for the first time in 100 000 years already as soon as this year. Please fight for our climate, call for a carbon tax. The planet needs it, not just the polar bears! Please Share! #polarbear #climate #conservation #carbontax #arctic #internationalpolarbearday #savethearctic #florianschulzphotography #nikon #earthcapture


We had a number of beautiful frosty and cold days in Germany. It reminded me of the special days photographing the wildlife of the high Arctic. For this little Arctic Fox image I had to climb up onto a steep mountain side. The fox was perfectly camouflaged in the white world. It only gave itself away by occasional little barks when it was announcing the border of its territory to rivals in the area. @florianschulzvisuals @florianschulzproductions #arcticwildlife #arctic #florianschulzphotography #snow #arcticfox #nikonphotography #nikon


It has just been announced by NOAA and NASA that 2016 was the hottest year on record - EVER - since modern record-keeping began in 1880! The big melt will continue and it will have massive consequences for all of us. I photographed the Greenland ice shield during late winter as this arctic world was deeply frozen. On average 1.2 miles ( 2000 m ) of ice rest on Greenland reaching 1.9 miles ( 3000 m) of thickness in the center. If the warming trend continues and the entire Greenland Ice Sheet were to melt, we would see a sea level rise of over 24 ft. ( 7 m). Such sea level rise would inundate just about all large coastal cities in the world. The world would see hundreds of millions of climate refuges. #climate, #arctic, #florianschulzphotography, #globalwarmingisreal, #globalwarming, #greenland, #nikon, #ice ,