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A closer look at the shiny acetate bomber with contrast color sleeves and new leather
#GucciJewelry with feline heads and studs, part of #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele.


In detail: brogue shoes and boots embroidered with allover gold bees and stars enriched with a grosgrain detail featuring the House Web, from #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele.


A felt blouson with patch details worn over a wool suit and tie with wolf head details, from the #GucciCruise18 collection by #AlessandroMichele.



Sterling silver rings with patterned colored enamel details and feline head motifs and a #LeMarchédesMerveilles watch with bee detail, an archival code first introduced in Gucci ready-to-wear in the 70s. #GucciCruise18 #AlessandroMichele #GucciTimepieces


Part of the # GucciTimepieces timeless collection from which it gets its name, new G-Timeless watches feature a moth combined with the number 25 and a bee at the center of the dial—codes that have become synonymous with the House. #GucciCruise18 #AlessandroMichele


From #GucciCruise18, a lineup of aged gold rings with crystals and a #LeMarchédesMerveilles watch with House Web strap and wolf head embroidered dial. #GucciTimepieces #AlessandroMichele



In detail: an antique gold metal leaves headband, crystal GG cuff bracelets and the new #GucciTotem shoulder bag with House Web and butterfly detail, from #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele.


Printed dresses from #GucciCruise18 worn with new Gucci jacquard stripe belts featuring crystal encrusted buckles. #AlessandroMichele


From #GucciCruise18, a lurex and GG velvet skirt worn with a printed silk shirt and a #GucciTotem shoulder bag featuring a crystal pierced heart, the House Web detail and a jacquard shoulder strap.



Inspired by an archival metal lock closure, the feline head appears on a leather belt with enameled details and crystal eyes. Rings and handcuffs that extend across the palm feature a crystal-encrusted butterfly, from #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele. #GucciJewelry


A look at the #GucciTotem bag featuring a butterfly motif encrusted with sparkling crystal, the House Web and a Gucci jacquard stripe shoulder strap, from #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele.


Part of #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele, new rings embellished with pearls, a gold-toned handcuff with bow detail and a Double G crystal-encrusted belt. #GucciJewelry



Photographs by @elaine_constantine depicting the #GucciCruise18 collection by #AlessandroMichele amongst the ancient pools and ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli. The images are part of ‘Antinoeion’, a book named for Emperor Adriano’s young Greek lover and is exclusively available in the store of the newly opened #GucciGarden in Florence.


Looking at ‘Antinoeion’, a book shot by @elaine_constantine, capturing the looks of #GucciCruise18 by #AlessandroMichele amongst the classical Greek architecture ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, built by Emperor Adriano in the 2nd century A.D. ‘Antinoeion’—named for the Emperor’s young Greek lover Antinous—is exclusively available in the store of the newly opened #GucciGarden in Florence.


Presenting ‘Antinoeion’, a book photographed by @elaine_constantine featuring the #GucciCruise18 collection by #AlessandroMichele. The images were shot in Villa Adriana in Tivoli, an ancient country home of Roman emperor Adriano, and the book is named after his young Greek lover Antinous. ‘Antinoeion’ is exclusively available in the store of the newly opened #GucciGarden in Florence.



Set in Giardino Torrigiani in Florence, an image for the #GucciCruise18 lookbook. A lurex top, velvet GG skirt with lacquered buttons, leopard turban, GG lurex stockings, #GucciTotem bag with enameled butterfly and T-strap pump with a textured buckle with pearl.


Photographed in Giardino Torrigiani in Florence, an image from the #GucciCruise18 lookbook featuring a wool silk piped belted dress, #GucciOphidia chain strap bag and boots featuring an embroidered dragon.


Giardino Torrigiani in Florence, a private garden dating from the 16th century which features a villa, antique greenhouse, and a neo-Gothic tower is the setting for the women’s #GucciCruise18 lookbook. The look features a lurex jacquard horsebit cardigan, polo and pants, the #GGMarmont belt bag and the #GucciTotem top handle bag and T-strap sandal.



A tote from the #GucciCruise18 collection is portrayed in an image by @elaine_constantine for the
lookbook set in Villa Adriana in Tivoli. The look also includes a long check shirt and tech athletic pants.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


“The inspiration was really Villa Adriana and the contrast between the muted grandeur of these ancient ruins and the bold colors and designs of the collection,”@elaine_constantine, the photographer behind the #GucciCruise18 lookbook which was shot around the gardens and ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli. Pictured here, a jacket in Flora Snake printed on canvas—an evolution of the emblematic print designed by artist Vittorio Acconero in the 60s.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


Portraits of the #GucciCruise18 men’s collection captured by @elaine_constantine for the
collection’s lookbook are set in Villa Adriana in Tivoli and feature animals including goats, rabbits and geese.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


A gold laurel crown, worn by the models in the #GucciCruise18 fashion show, is among the new accessories of the collection, shot by @elaine_constantine at Villa Adriana in Tivoli. Also pictured are a GG motif document holder with feline head detail, jacket with insignia bearing Florence’s old name Florentia, a leather messenger with painted animal motifs and a silk satin evening jacket
embroidered with flowers.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


“Villa Adriana, in many ways, looks like the classic fashion setting but I wanted to subvert things by having the models appear as though they were casually hanging out on their own street corner,” @elaine_constantine who photographed the men’s
#GucciCruise18 collection in the ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


Looking at pieces from the men’s #GucciCruise18 collection shot by @elaine_constantine at Villa Adriana in Tivoli. New accessories and ready-to-wear, vintage-looking #GucciRhyton sneaker, a patched and embroidered denim jacket with wool lining, a bomber jacket featuring #Guccification on the back, a hat embellished with a butterfly motif and the belt bag printed with a vintage-inspired House logo.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


Geese wander in an image by @elaine_constantine for the #GucciCruise18 lookbook, featuring a men’s check jacket with plush collar, athletic pant, boots with dragon appliqué and check tote. The setting is Villa Adriana in Tivoli built by Emperor Adriano in the 2nd century A.D. — the Roman emperor famous for his peaceful reign and championing the arts and philosophy.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


Standing amongst the ruins of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, a men’s patterned suit from the #GucciCruise18 collection, captured by @elaine_constantine for the lookbook.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


Presenting images from the #GucciCruise18 lookbook shot by @elaine_constantine. The collection’s looks—including this men’s jacquard knit vest, wool check pant with bee motif and cape—are captured at Villa Adriana in Tivoli, outside of Rome. Built by Emperor Adriano as a country home with classical Greek architecture, gardens, pools and columns that now form elegant ruins.
Creative director: #AlessandroMichele
Art director: @christophersimmonds


Part of the #GucciGarden Galleria curated by Maria Luisa Frisa (@lafrisa), ‘Ephemera’: the House retraces its steps to the present day via documents, videos, memorabilia and selected products that compare and contrast with each other to recount the fascinating, ever-changing Gucci story. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele
Gucci Garden Galleria opening hours: ‪10.00 – 19.30‬


Part of the #GucciGarden Galleria in Florence is ‘Cinema da camera’, a small, red-velvet tented cinema auditorium where the audience can watch experimental films. The first on show will be a preview of Zeus Machine/Phoenix, a short film by the ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup, which is the second episode of a film cycle, dedicated to Hercules, which started in 2016. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele
Gucci Garden Galleria opening hours: ‪10.00 – 19.30‬


On the second floor of the #GucciGarden Galleria ‘De Rerum Natura’, two rooms that more than anything resemble museums of natural history, explore #AlessandroMichele’s penchant for the iconography of animals and gardens. The displays of clothing, accessories and objects show how his interest has been fuelled by the fact that these motifs have been part of the Gucci narrative since its inception, and how they have always informed the design pendulum at the House, expressed in a manner that swings between the natural and the hyper-artificial. Nature bursts out in these rooms, as seen with the 1960s drawings of Vittorio Accornero showing dense floral bouquets and insects, just like with the modern #GucciTian motif. Discover more through link in bio. #AlessandroMichele
Gucci Garden Galleria opening hours: ‪10.00 – 19.30‬