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@oceangoingmonkey riding a heavy granite swell. #sunrisesession #heavyset #3000ftoverhead


Note to self - Need to schedule an appointment w @dr.huckinstuff


The Shark’s Fin
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You never know where you’ll end up as a photographer... Never a dull moment w this guy...
@travisrice #Kamchatka #Russia


Dreaming of far away places....


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Monday mountain meditation...


@alexhonnold and I will be at SXSW speaking on a panel tomorrow 3/10, “Without a Rope: Lessons of Risk and Reward” We will discuss how risk and reward plays into our friendship, working relationship and how we deal with balancing the two in life and passion beyond the sport. See event details here: https://schedule.sxsw.com/2018/events/PP74068 Link is also in my bio.


New York New York



Possibly the best climb in NYC...lots of exposure, 360 views of Manhattan and easy 5.5 jugs to the highest point in the city. Certainly a classic route but access can be a bit tricky.... From a @nytmag cover shoot a while back on @oneworldtrade.











Never a dull day w the samurai...





“A sense of uncertainty that is potentially fatal is what makes climbing an adventure. Anything less is just working out.”
— Jim Bridwell 1944-2018
It was an honor to know you sir. You’re an absolute legend. Climb on Jim. To see the @nytimes write up on Jim - link in bio.
Photo : Jim Bridwell Collection
Bill Westbay, Jim Bridwell, John Long after the first one day ascent of the Nose on El Cap. Yosemite Valley. #legend #stonemasters



Always nice to be home....evening soul session w the boys did not disappoint. Surf’s up in the Tetons! Thanks for the 📸 @jxnfigs.


Thank you to @timmyoneill for the words and @pablo_durana for the photo. That was all time...
There are summits all along the path.
Opportunities to gain perspective and adjust to the way ahead.
The summit is a mindset as much as a location.
As it’s crucial to know when you’ve arrived, even if you never get there.
And it’s always time to celebrate a summit moment, so we shouted “Hello” to Doug into the gusting Patagonia winds, as a tribal greeting within his #soulgarden of Parque Patagonia.
Its part of a 10.3 million acre wilderness victory for Chilean Natl Parks and people that took almost three decades of vision, belief and hard work. #wow
We return to our sacred places, and we protect and preserve them now, and in the future.
Thanks for the #forward thought and providing big ideas and bold actions to everyone at @conservacionpatagonica #yesiprocity


As the late Doug Tompkins once said “If anything can save the world, I’d put my money on beauty.” And with this intention, Doug and Kris have fought tirelessly to save the beauty embodied in the millions of acres successfully protected this last week as part of Patagonia National Park. Saving these wild landscapes for their intrinsic value is clearly important but Kris and Doug’s idea of building national parks for future generations to explore and find beauty will in the long term bring to bear even greater acts of conservation - because people protect what they love. We are all incredibly fortunate to have people in the world with the vision and commitment to do great things, not for profit, but for the greater good of the planet.

@kristine_tompkins overlooking part of the newly decreed Patagonia National Park.


No shortage of extraordinary between these two amazing beings... Morning brew w @kristine_tompkins and @rickridgeway. Thank you for all you two do to make this world a better place...


@kristine_tompkins celebrating life, love, beauty...and 10.3 million acres of newly decreed Chilean National Parks during a much needed walk into the wild after the signing w President Bachellet. The magnitude and scale of what Doug, Kris and a small group of committed friends have accomplished is almost impossible to entirely comprehend and might only be truly understood over a few generations. In awe of their vision, their audacious dream and their fortitude to realize it. To learn more, read Kris’ recent @nytimes Op Ed.
Link in my bio. Yes...be inspired...the new Patagonia National Park, Chile.
@tompkins_conservation @pablo_durana @daguzf @rickridgeway @timmyoneill


Back to the basics w Dagoberto Guzmán, @timmyoneill, @RickRidgeway & @kristine_tompkins at Cafe de la Risa. @tompkins_conservation Parque Patagonia, Chile


What do the forests mean to you?
Director @tetonjon teaming up with @nationalforests to remind you that #ItsAllYours. Go Play.


Thanks for the shout out @outsidemagazine / @graysonschaffer and for the portrait @_claytonboyd_ . Just finally saw the 40th Anniversary Icons piece... Love that my good bud @Brady_Robinson is still called a Yosemite Big Wall rat and not the Executive Director of the @accessfund. We are all still climbing bums at heart...Kudos and much respect to @stephaniegilmore @kellyslater @alexhonnold @jebcorliss @lindseyvonn @lairdhamiltonsurf @mariannevosofficial. To see the article, head to https://www.outsideonline.com/2163041/40th-anniversary-icons or check the link in bio.


If your looking for some good news this week...Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and @kristine_tompkins , President and CEO of @tompkins_conservation , signed the decrees creating Pumalín National Park and Patagonia National Park Chile. The one million acres and world-class infrastructure they contain have been billed as the largest donation of land from a private entity to a country.
This marks the culmination of the pledge that President Michelle Bachelet and Kristine McDivitt Tompkins signed in March 2017 to create a network of five new national parks in Chile and the expansion of three others. Together, they are adding a total of more than 10 million acres of new national parklands to Chile, with one million acres of land from Tompkins Conservation and an additional 9 million acres of federal land from Chile. For scale, that is more than three times the size of Yosemite and Yellowstone combined, or approximately the size of the country of Switzerland.
Check the link in my bio to learn more...
I’ve always looked up to Doug and @kristine_tompkins for their work, vision and approach to life. It’s incredibly moving to see them realize their 25 year dream. True heroes of our time...Here is a photo from Parque Corcovado, one of the National Parks created and protected by the their efforts. Headed down this week to celebrate w the crew...


Well that last storm produced....
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Photo by @jxnfigs


@conrad_anker sizing up the very sizable North Face of Ulvetanna. Look for him....he’s in there somewhere...Also great view of the epic mile long northwest ridge (left skyline) that @leo_houlding and his crew made the first ascent of a few years ago chronicled in the beautiful film “The Last Great Climb.” @thenorthface #tnfantarctica17


Speed junkie @dave_barnett getting his fix... @jacksonhole #iphoneglory